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Dec 23, 2018

Joined: Dec 23, 2018
Followers: 32
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nangamers · Apr 27, 2022

Hiya, just want to thank you for reading Knights of Auran. I'm hoping I can make something out of it.

Sabruness · Author · Apr 27, 2022

how strange. i dont remember putting your novel in any of my lists yet somehow it ended up on one. might have been a bug as i dont read your novel as it's not to my interests.

AbyssRaven · Apr 7, 2022

Thanks for the follow! clear.png

Sabruness · Author · Mar 6, 2021

i really need to get back to writing something orz.

Rellawing · May 25, 2020

Thanks for following me! <3 Cute avatar!

ioriangel · Mar 7, 2020

Come join me on discord

ioriangel · Mar 7, 2020

Chapter 46 is out

Sabruness · Author · Mar 7, 2020

hooray! *parties in celebration*

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Oct 4, 2019

Sabru ? Can you do me a favor ? (also something that can please readers)
Write 18+ in chapter title if there is sex. Angel's Lament. I would really like to read entirely your series but i don't have enough time. So for now i will read the ecchi parts.

Sabruness · Author · Oct 4, 2019

You'll be waiting a while XD I'm still deciding in what parts i'm going to have actual sex scenes as opposed to a 'fade to black' scene. When i do get to them, i will do that anyway :D

WntrDrgn · Aug 27, 2019

Will you be continuing Shattered Horizon?

Sabruness · Author · Aug 27, 2019

Yes, i will. Once i prod myself enough to finish editing Ch 2 and posted, i've now finally got enough of a basic direction for the story that i can start writing more draft chapters.

Denisat · Mar 8, 2019

You are also here? A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

ioriangel · Mar 2, 2019

Heya Sabr! Thanks for following 'ol me

Sabruness · Author · Mar 2, 2019

I follow the yuri and you write great yuri :D
*craves more chaps of Convergence of Fates*

ioriangel · Mar 2, 2019

Soon, soon, Rationing the chapters at the moment. And now that I have gotten Superhuman Princess out, I will write more COF.

· Feb 12, 2019

Thanks for the follow!

Hopetoread · Jan 15, 2019

Please contact @Justderpin for a possible customized cover to be made for your novel if interested or look up on the forum for details on the page "I've got you covered"

Sabruness · Author · Jan 10, 2019

Working hard on Ch 2 of Shattered Horizon :D

Kuro_0ni · Dec 28, 2018

Welcome to Scribble Hub! Enjoy your Reading Experience~

Skullie · Dec 28, 2018

*give sabru a hug*

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