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Jun 29, 2019

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Overdrive2800 · May 8, 2023

When is the next update for the Outlands?

Fighterman481 · Author · May 8, 2023

Whenever I get off of this Swarming Sovereignty kick. I don't want to force myself to write a chapter when I really want to be writing something else, I think it'll dip the quality of both and I just don't want that.

Fighterman481 · Author · May 8, 2023

Something a little different - I mentioned on Discord that chapters are going to slow while I do a bunch of work preparing for the next arc of my D&D campaign, and got a bit of interest in it. It's not up online, if I put it up on Patreon, how many of you would be interested in looking it over/using it? More info on Discord, but here's a poll

Fighterman481 · Author · Apr 1, 2023

Hey folks, a quick update - I already mentioned this on discord, but I'm going on vacation out of state the next week, starting tomorrow, so don't expect chapters or long comments for a while - all I'll have is my phone and that's not great for typing anything long lol

Asha314 · Apr 1, 2023

Thanks for the heads up. I hope your vacation goes well

Asatur · Apr 1, 2023

Rest and relax, those are the better part of work. Recharge your creativity, we can wait.

Octocat · Apr 1, 2023

Have fun clear.png

Irlina · Apr 2, 2023

Good luck and have fun!

aidan_lo · Mar 14, 2023

top 5 in trending for swarming! congrats!

Fighterman481 · Author · Mar 12, 2023

Uh, so, I'm gonna guess some of you saw something like this coming, but I think I'm going to put The Outlands on a temporary hiatus. This is mostly because I've been having an unbelievable amount of fun writing Swarming Sovereignty and I want to keep the pace up. (1/2)

Indream · Mar 12, 2023

Have fun! Swarm is great.

Asatur · Mar 12, 2023

Don't worry, do what you think is best for your worlds. I can wait for more Outlandish shenanigans, I like it to see the swarm grow!

S1nZ · Mar 12, 2023

I got no issues with that, really loving Swarm, but binge reading your other works while i wait for new chapters. Almost done with New Chimera

ElymMoon · Mar 15, 2023

All this Swarming has been great, I think it's my favourite of your books, though outlands is a very close second

aidan_lo · Feb 27, 2023

Loved the most recent chapter for swarming! I think you wrote out the fight scene pretty darn well, far better than even most light novels lol. 

Can't wait to see how the humans will react to the loss of their hero!

can't wait to see how the power balance changes among the gods, since the gods are already taking sides regarding the swarm!

And I can't wait for another chapter! Keep up the great work! Have a great day!

Fighterman481 · Author · Feb 27, 2023

Thank you for the kind words! It really makes my day when I see people invested in the stories I write, so stuff like this really means a lot to me, thanks!

Fighterman481 · Author · Feb 24, 2023

Hey folks, I'm pushing this week's chapter of The Outlands out to...either next week or the week after, depending on how fast I end up getting things done. As you may have noticed, I've been going hard at writing Swarming Sovereignty and writing it is basically all I want to do at the moment lol. (1/2)

Fighterman481 · Author · Feb 24, 2023

Between that and the fact that I want to get these next chapters out to everyone ASAP, I felt pushing the chapter back was better than forcing it. Sorry to those of you that were looking forward to it, I'll try not to make a habit of this. (2/2)

Asha314 · Feb 24, 2023

Do what you enjoy most. I’ve been enjoying the swarming sovereignty chaps lately so more of that is fine by me

Indream · Feb 24, 2023

Do what you enjoy. And Swarming Sovereignty is great. Really enjoying it.

Octocat · Feb 24, 2023

Swarming Sovereignity is nice so no complaints from my side 

Fighterman481 · Author · Dec 17, 2022

Hey folks, I know I said no delays, but at the end of the week I caught a cold that has left me feeling very fuzzy in the head. As such, I'm going to be pushing back this week's chapter at least 2 days, maybe more depending on how long I'm out of it. I'll update more on tuesday

Irlina · Dec 17, 2022

Good luck and hope you get better soon!

Octocat · Dec 17, 2022

I hope you're not feeling too bad. My situation isn't that different tho. It's the second time I've caught a cold in three weeks... Immune system is down 

K1Playz · Dec 18, 2022

I'm sick too

I feel your pain 

Asatur · Dec 18, 2022

That's OK, take your time, health first, the rest can come later.

Fighterman481 · Author · Dec 7, 2022

A note on holiday scheduling -  I'm planning to have a chapter of The Outlands on the 18th as per normal. The next couple of weeks...well, I'm going to play it by ear a bit, but like last year, I'm going to be doing a holiday special. Unlike last year, it's going to be...bigger. Probably. I already have ~4k words written from back when I was doing my break earlier in the year, but it's not quite a standalone thing yet (1/?)

Fighterman481 · Author · Dec 7, 2022

My current plan is to flesh it out a bit more, and break it out into two chapters. One on the 25th, one on the 1st. Again, like last year, I'll have different PoVs for each of the main characters of my stories, but they're going to be mostly similar, so I recommend reading one, and skimming the rest if you're interested. (2/3)

Fighterman481 · Author · Dec 7, 2022

Particularly a couple of sections which I think would differ a more significant amount than the others (which I imagine would be pretty obvious once you read it). Depending on how that goes, the second part of the holiday special will either delay or replace the regular chapter for that week, we'll see once the week is closer. (3/3)

Fighterman481 · Author · Nov 22, 2022

Hey folks, realized I totally spaced out and forgot to mention: I am out of town all this week visiting family for the holidays and will be away from my computer, so I won't be able to write. As such, the chapter will come out next week instead of this week. I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving has a happy and safe holiday, take care!

Fighterman481 · Author · Nov 5, 2022

Update on things mentioned last week: I'm stilling pushing through this, but things are getting better. However, I started new medication in Wednesday after going in to a psychiatrist, and one of the side-effects for the first week or two is brain fog. This has mostly manifested in forgetfulness, but even just casual messages to my friends have shown that my writing skills are...incredibly lacking at the moment  (1/3)

Fighterman481 · Author · Nov 5, 2022

... at least in terms of grammar, word choice, and flat out forgetting important things, and that almost certainly translates to "actual" writing, so I'll be taking this week off too. I'll try and write in bits and pieces next week when I'm feeling the most cognizant, but be aware that, for you patreon folk (and five chapters later for you not patreon folk) (2/3)

Fighterman481 · Author · Nov 5, 2022

there's a good chance this next chapter will probably have slightly more mistakes than usual. I'm going to try my best, but I can't guarantee anything. Thanks for your patience! (3/3)

gothicshark · Nov 5, 2022

take your time. Brain fog is no laughing matter. One of my meds did that to me, and I've yet to recover fully. Fortunately, the new med doesn't have that side effect, and it's getting better, but 10 years of brain fog due to one med will take me a while to recover from. 

Fighterman481 · Author · Nov 11, 2022

Thank you for the kind words! I know this is a rather late reply, but I haven't been super online this past week and everything has sort of piled up lol.

On the bright side, the last couple of days I've felt notably better in terms of brain fog, so I'm pretty confident I'll be at full capacity around when they estimated I would be. This week's chapter is mostly written, too, so...yeah, things are looking up!

Fighterman481 · Author · Oct 28, 2022

Um, so...sorry to do this, but I'm pushing this week's chapter back to next week for mental health reasons. Things have gotten very stressful at work and I can't bring myself to write anything of a remotely acceptable quality. We might have to go back a week more too, depending on how things are this next week, but we'll see then

Asatur · Oct 28, 2022

No problem, health comes first!

Fighterman481 · Author · Sep 30, 2022

Hey folks, I've decided to take today off and not do any writing since it's my birthday, so this week's chapter will be coming out on Monday the 3rd instead of Sunday the 2nd. Thanks for your patience!

Irlina · Sep 30, 2022

Well happy birthday then! Take your time and enjoy your day to the best of your abilities!

Asatur · Sep 30, 2022

Happy Bday, may you be blessed with health and happiness!

Fighterman481 · Author · Sep 12, 2022

It was just brought to my attention that The Outlands was being pirated and sold on Amazon as another title. If you have read any of my works anywhere other than here, RoyalRoad, or Patreon, please let me know, because they have been stolen! 

Theredscare77 · Sep 12, 2022

Holy that sucks. Best of luck taking care of that. 

Fighterman481 · Author · Sep 14, 2022

As a quick update, the problem has been dealt with and the pirated copy has been taken down. The process was far less painful than expected, I basically just submitted all the evidence to Amazon and they took it down pretty quickly.

Fighterman481 · Author · Jun 27, 2022

After some deliberation on my end, I've decided to take a 2-month break, during which time I will not be putting out any content. Now, I won't be ceasing entirely, if I do end up writing stuff (or coding) over the break, I'm essentially going to save it up for use as a backlog. Uh...well, unless it's Swarming Sovereignty, in which case it'll be posted all at once as soon as my break is over. Don't hold your breath, though. (1/2)

Fighterman481 · Author · Jun 27, 2022

That being said, I'll be coming back the first Sunday in September, so I'll see you all then, thanks for your understanding! (2/2)

Irlina · Jun 27, 2022

Good luck and hope it goes well for you!

Missivist · Jul 4, 2022

I imagine it might be hard to write the next chapter of The New Chimera: the story seems to have reached a natural conclusion.  If you just added a  bit of "happily ever after" and marked it Completed, I would call that fair.  Move on, and no worries!  It's a big multiverse, anyway...

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