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Rising Author
Jul 23, 2019

Rising Author
Joined: Jul 23, 2019
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Venusaur26 · Dec 25, 2021

Are you alive?

Megel454 · Author · Mar 16, 2020

First chapter of the second part of RMGV should be done soon. A small preview for you.

Megel454 · Author · Mar 16, 2020

Whooosh! The Boxes went up in flame with no problem. Maybe a little too well actually. The vans window shattered outward and the flames reached a good five feet into the air.

"I think I'll pass on warming myself by that fire," Tulp said pinching her nose shut. "That stinks."
"Yeah, it does." I agreed, waving my hand in front of my face in a vain attempt to send the stench away.
"Don't these vehicle contraptions normally explode when lit on fire?" Tulip asked.
Megel454 · Author · Dec 5, 2019

To my few followers. 

I'm back!

Sincerely me.

Yorda · Nov 16, 2019

Ohhhhh. You're story was on the trending list.

Megel454 · Author · Nov 16, 2019

Its the Hallelujah Chorus

Megel454 · Author · Nov 17, 2019

Awwww I'm not sure when it stopped but my story's not trending anymore.

Yorda · Nov 17, 2019

The way trending works has changed. In the past there would be a few stories that would monopolize the trending and because they were trending they would get more views and keep trending for a long time. Because of this slightly broken system it was changed.

Yorda · Nov 17, 2019

Now trending stories sort of get rotated I think. So that stories don't stay trending for 2 or multiple days in a row. This is so that many more stories get a chance, rather than just a few stories hog the trending.

mrsimple · Oct 17, 2019

Forgive me for appearing as a heckle, it is not intentional, but the summary of "We" looks familiar. I don't have a healthy mind anymore and it is degrading, so I can't recollect where I might have ran across a story with these similarities. Did you upload "We" elsewhere before here?

Yorda · Oct 26, 2019

@Yorda "They instead had to do some shitty CN crab god cultivation adventurers' guild escort quest magical girl tournament BS."

@Megel "The Magical Girl Tournament is over. They're in high school now! If you haven't read that far I'm not kidding."

Does high school make this any better =O

JCountry · Oct 26, 2019

Nope not at all. Fiction still isn't worth the considerable time investment, and good morning.

Megel454 · Author · Oct 26, 2019

Does Hight School make it better? I wish.

I'm also glad you believe in me. Thank You.

mrsimple · Oct 26, 2019

"OH WOW! You people sure had fun, didn't you? I feel like I just got home to find someone broke in and had a party."

Yep. Thank ya for hosting the after-party. ;)

"@mrsimple I'm sorry for not pointing this out sooner.I kind feel bad about it now."

It's all cool. Now we all know and all is well. I hope ya continue to have fun writing this novel on up from that premise. :D

Yorda · Oct 13, 2019

I, your follower, have heard the herald.

Megel454 · Author · Oct 13, 2019

You got the message good of you to come special agent Yorda. What do you think?

Yorda · Oct 13, 2019

I'm currently under severe pressure while hacking into the computer systems. They wanted to keep it hidden in the dark, but this information is something that humanity needs to know; humanity deserves to know.

Megel454 · Author · Oct 13, 2019

But seriously I meant about the preview below.

Yorda · Oct 13, 2019

Underwear is overrated and the MC sounds like a Dullahan or some kind of zombie. I try not to judge premises because it's really the execution that makes a story good or bad.

more stories, more writing, = more good better excellent superb fantastic wonderful

Megel454 · Author · Oct 13, 2019

So an announcement, to my 4 current followers. I have a new story! Kind of had a brainstorm and just had to get writing before I forgot details or just became disinterested.

Megel454 · Author · Oct 13, 2019

It wasn't too far of a reach. I had to grab it with my foot, but I got it. I had to bend and twist my legs in a way it wasn't designed to bend, but I managed to deliver the knife to my hands tied behind the poll. Knives still made me nervous, but this wasn't the time for that.

I cut and cut and cut and... Finally, I was free!

Megel454 · Author · Oct 13, 2019

I rushed to my own side. Cutting the rope that bound me to the table. I rolled myself over, placing an ear to my own chest.

Thump Thump, Thump Thump

A heartbeat! I WAS ALIVE!

Even if this part of me did die. I could just go on as this me, right? Then why am I so happy? I guess no matter how you slice it, me is me. I wanted to live in one (two) piece. Nothing you can do about that, just survival instinct.

Preview End:

Megel454 · Author · Oct 13, 2019

Now I understand if some of that may have been confusing, but I hope it wets your appetite for more. I'll likely start publishing after I reach the end of where my brain storm left off, before figuring out where else to go from there.

Don't worry there will still be at least one chapter of Magical Girl Vigilante this week.

Megel454 · Author · Oct 13, 2019

LOL, Bonus Preview figure this out without its context.

Right now to get me and myself out of here! Starting with pants! The last thing I wanted to do was run to safety half-naked!

I found my pants! Nothing I could do for my underwear, however. RIP underwear.

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