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Sep 24, 2019

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Joined: Sep 24, 2019
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Hello! I'm mirroring my webnovel The Jade Veterinarian (Yu Shou Yi Shi) here. I publish once a week on Thursdays. The main page is

tigerine · Author · 9 hours ago

It's been a while! A lot has gone on for me in my life with health issues, family (especially with multiple people getting covid and going to the hospital) and other personal things. I'm still working on the next chapters, so I hope you can forgive me for taking a break to breathe and recover <3

Ame-Tora · 7 hours ago

It's okay, take your time~ clear.png

tigerine · Author · Jan 9, 2021

A friend of mine commissioned an R18 art of Yue Fengjian and Lian Zhidiao; I posted it on twitter in the hashtag #yushouyishi if you want to see it!

tigerine · Author · Jan 7, 2021

I posted about this on twitter last week, but I just wanted to let everyone know I'm taking this week off to focus on writing an R18 scene. Everyone stay safe out there <3

Ame-Tora · Jan 7, 2021

Very interesting! ~~ xD

tigerine · Author · Dec 24, 2020

Merikuri, everyone! 

summervaca99 · Dec 24, 2020


Ame-Tora · Dec 25, 2020

Merry Christmas too! 

tigerine · Author · Dec 13, 2020

As a reminder, if you want updates or information about ysys, you can check the hashtag on twitter, which is where I post basically everything:

tigerine · Author · Dec 9, 2020

I had a medical emergency with my cat this week and he's required a lot of nursing so I haven't had time to write. I won't be posting a chapter this week, but should be back to normal next week. Thank you for understanding ;;;;

fuzzyraccoon · Dec 10, 2020

Take care of yourself and your little guy! clear.png

tigerine · Author · Nov 23, 2020

My novel will be going R18 soon... Writing porn is arguably what I'm best at, and yet I feel so nervous about writing original characters doing it orz 

tigerine · Author · Oct 12, 2020

It's so disheartening to see people say they won't read BL just because it's BL, or say that they like queer romance but not BL/yaoi. clear.png

Queenfisher · Oct 12, 2020


Just saw this in the lounge +_+. I feel for you...

Maybe you could make a thread on the forum? I think it's an important topic to discuss, honestly, and maybe other BL lovers can pitch their thoughts in there, too... Because I have been thinking about the same thing recently yet couldn't sort out my feelings about it. Both sides make so many different arguments that can sway me so I feel like a weathercock, but I really want to know what others think... clear.png

tigerine · Author · Oct 13, 2020

Most people that don't like yaoi/BL have already made their minds up about it, and I'm not going to get into an involved discussion with them, since I have better things to do, but boy does it make me feel frustrated :(

Queenfisher · Oct 13, 2020

I meant people who are on the fence. Many have no opinion about it or mix it up with BL-adjacent genres. Plus I wondered about BL-lover thoughts, as I feel there are splits *within* the community as well clear.png.

Like queer romance vs BL/yaoi difference you said above. On some sites (Webnovel, SH) there's no official genre distinction between them, but on other sites -- like tapas, there is... I always found that interesting. And frustrating, too. But mainly just confusing.

fuzzyraccoon · Oct 14, 2020

It is disheartening, it especially sucks because your writing is awesome! clear.png

I know their arguments but it’s not like queer romance is especially good at fixing it’s own bad tropes soooo... anyway, BL is great! clear.png

tigerine · Author · Aug 26, 2020

I have a hurricane bearing down on my community, so I am posting this week's chapter early so you won't miss it in case I lose power or something. Next week, the chapter will be posted on Thursday. Thank you for reading! 

LimaBean · Aug 26, 2020

Stay safe!!!

coeurdedemon · Aug 27, 2020

Thanks you

tigerine · Author · Aug 20, 2020

I have posted an official design for my main character, Lian Zhidiao, over on my novel's main website:

Ruyi · Aug 23, 2020

Oh, so lovely! Great commission!

LimaBean · Aug 26, 2020

The drawing is top teir and the design is lovely!!! Lian Zhidiao is so elegant and so handsome!!!

tigerine · Author · Aug 2, 2020

An Extra from Yue Fengjian's POV is now up on my novel's main website:

coeurdedemon · Jul 17, 2020

your writting skills are so good ,do you know writters with that level of writting skills ? (sorry for my broken english )clear.pngclear.png

tigerine · Author · Jul 20, 2020

In my opinion, the best way to become a better writer is to read. The best way to read is to find something that interests you. I rarely have "favorite authors" but really enjoy Tanizaki Junichirou and HP Lovecraft!

tigerine · Author · Jul 20, 2020

Years ago, some people compared my writing to Ursula K LeGuin; I haven't read her so I can't speak as to the similarity, but if you want something similar to mine, you might try her? (My writing has changed a lot since then, though... so who knows?) 

tigerine · Author · Jun 14, 2020

Posting of Yu Shou Yi Shi (The Jade Veterinarian) will resume on June 18, 2020! Thank you for being patient <3

coeurdedemon · May 13, 2020

Hello I would like to know if you have Book recommandation on this site or AO3 or wattpad please ( sorry for my Bad english im not a native speaker)

tigerine · Author · May 16, 2020

I don't actually read very much, since I spend so much of my time writing, but the forums typically have recommendations, I think...clear.png

tigerine · Author · May 2, 2020

An update: I have finished a chapter and should be able to upload one soon. I'm going to try to stay with weekly updates (especially as we head into more exciting arcs), barring any sudden changes in my life situation. Thank you for waiting. 

Amarathia · May 30, 2020

I am still patiently waiting clear.png 

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    Hello! I'm mirroring my webnovel The Jade Veterinarian (Yu Shou Yi Shi) here. I publish once a week on Thursdays. The main page is

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