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Mar 21, 2020

Joined: Mar 21, 2020
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Gamer #12

And I wrote a thing. Look at it.

Akajaro · Author · Aug 24, 2021

So I'm considering making a second story, both to practice writing a villain protagonist, and also to have something to put out while my brain decides that Reincarnated as a Player needs plot for waaaay down the line, and the literal next line of dialogue is completely unimportant and can wait.

Thing is, I can't figure out what to make it about.

School's also about to start up again which does not bode well for my releases.

Akajaro · Author · Aug 14, 2021

Did I forget to mention that I caught Covid? Yeah, that happened a few days ago. I'm mostly better now but it's a good part of why I don't have a chapter out. They take long enough without a mandatory break. (I'm better at improving ideas than coming up with my own.)

Cossimeri · Aug 14, 2021

Aww, Akajaro.  I'm sending you all the hugs and sugary sweet thoughts I can possibly muster. I hope that your recovery continues on a quick trajectory. clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Akajaro · Author · Aug 14, 2021

I mean, considering I almost forgot about it despite still being confined to my room, I'd say recovery is going well. 

Thanks though. Many appreciation.

Cossimeri · Aug 11, 2021

clear.png It's been 11 days Akajaro, my dear friend. clear.pngclear.png

Akajaro · Author · Aug 11, 2021

The engines are still heating up after they got shut down earlier, just give me a bit


Akajaro · Author · Aug 2, 2021

So I was just looking through my notes and I just realized the battle royale wasn't supposed to happen at all. There was a completely different direction planned, and then I wrote the thing and it sent me elsewhere.

Funny how that goes.

Cossimeri · Aug 2, 2021

If you go back and change the notes now, it'll look like you had planned it all along, lol. 

The first person you must trick is yourself. clear.png

PiRho · Jul 30, 2021

Ahhh...just came across your story and I love it.  Hope you keep writing and thank you!

Akajaro · Author · Jul 30, 2021

Yey! Glad you enjoy it. (I apologize in advance for delays though. Things tend to get in the way.)

PiRho · Jul 30, 2021

No worries.  I've added it to my reading list so I'll see it whenever you post.  Good stories are worth waiting for.   Take care.

Akajaro · Author · Jul 30, 2021

And three days later he finally gets it done. I do not like being so late with all things. Anyway, here chappy.

Akajaro · Author · Jul 27, 2021

Did I say I'd be done after the seventh? I meant that school would decide that I was being too lax and put all the rest of my deadlines back to back a few days later.


Still, I am actually done now. Done with school. 'Till next semester. I'll try to post a chapter later today.

Akajaro · Author · Jul 3, 2021

Thing I have due is due by the seventh, so however this goes, you can expect a chapter soon after that at least.

Just sayin. 

Akajaro · Author · Jun 27, 2021

Just to avoid radio silence, I would like to say that I am having a wee bit of trouble with the next chapter. The fact that I have schoolwork due 3 weeks ago may be a part of that. So, uh..... workin' on it.

Akajaro · Author · Jun 7, 2021

Someone remind me to toss this onto wattpad.

Y'know.... later.

Akajaro · Author · Jun 7, 2021

And you didn't even have to mention it this time. (Honestly feel pretty good about that. I have a tendency, and this feels like I'm, breaking out of it. A little bit.)

Cossimeri · Jun 7, 2021

I thought about harassing you cuz it has been over a week.... but I'm actually in the throws of my own burnout slowing me down, and I didn't want you to retaliate.clear.png

You've done good clear.png Many pats for you

Akajaro · Author · Jun 7, 2021

...I legitimately just noticed that it's been an entire extra week. (Bright side, that's two weeks better than last time! Hahaha...)

GreenHexagon · Jun 8, 2021

More update THEN wattpad

MajorKerina · May 31, 2021

Thank you very much for following me and commenting! Have a great day :-)

Akajaro · Author · May 24, 2021


I mean, like, I did it! It's done! Stuff always seems to pop up whenever I think I have time, and I have to sneak around to even write stuff, much less have fun. But I DID IT! And it is HERE! So take it. Ima go try to actually finish that assignment I still have.

Akajaro · Author · May 12, 2021

I finally finished everything! All my stuff. It's all done. And I managed to get half the chapter done in the interim. Now, hopefully I haven't jinxed myself, and I can finish the rest? (It's been more than a month, and I'm more bothered by this than any wait I've experienced on any other story I've read. Because this one's my fault.)

Cossimeri · May 12, 2021


Rynati · May 13, 2021


Akajaro · Author · May 9, 2021

....Dammit my community service project popped up, and I've been doing it all day for the last week so I can get it out of the way as soon as possible. I just have something to write up now, and it'll be done with.clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Cossimeri · May 9, 2021

clear.png I didn’t say nuffin. Lol 

Community service project tho?  That sounds difficult, I can’t say anything I’ve ever done has been a service to my community.  I was a homebody before the plagues came 

Akajaro · Author · May 9, 2021

Same really. Just helpin out at the police station as part of a college module. I just need to write a report. (Though, as you might tell, writing isn't my strongest ability)

Akajaro · Author · Apr 26, 2021

.......I've only got one assignment left, please wait.....clear.png

Side note, you seem really good at motivation, whether you realize it or not.

Cossimeri · Apr 26, 2021

Teehee~ clear.png 

I’m not good at many things, so if you say I’m good at motivation, I’ll take it.

Good luck on your assignment! clear.png

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    Gamer #12

    And I wrote a thing. Look at it.

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