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Jan 23, 2019

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Rising Author
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Joined: Jan 23, 2019
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I enjoy reading quite a bit. Along with that I am currently writing so that is a thing. Also I am a dragon, *roar*

JCountry · Oct 17, 2019


Akhier · Author · Oct 17, 2019

Hello to you as well

Reader · Jun 6, 2019

I like your book, and please make the rabbit stay, it is so cute

Akhier · Author · Jun 6, 2019

The rabbit is not going anywhere. She is going to be his pet/companion from now on.

Superloner · Feb 11, 2019

For whatever reason, some of your chapters on neorealm have unreadable section s because of your status table. This is just a heads up since I can't seem to post a comment on chapters.

Akhier · Author · Feb 13, 2019

Dang nabbit, I was afraid of that and tried to keep a handle on it. Guess I will be going back and checking all the chapters. Luckily I have somewhat avoided using tables for this very reason. Anyway thank you for notifying me despite the troubles doing so.

Edit: Just looked it over and I found what went wrong. Apparently Google Docs had tables in tables which messes up on some screen sizes and mobile. Meh

Hopetoread · Jan 25, 2019

Please contact @Justderpin for a possible customized cover to be made for your novel if interested or look up on the forum for details on the page "I've got you covered"

Hopetoread · Mar 13, 2019

Please consider

Hopetoread · Jan 24, 2019


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    I enjoy reading quite a bit. Along with that I am currently writing so that is a thing. Also I am a dragon, *roar*

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