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Jul 17, 2020

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Just a humble writer with humble beginnings. Just looking to improve my writing

Tessa_Renalds · Author · May 11, 2021

I got 20 plus chapters on Backlog.clear.png it’ll be nice to get more down under my belt! I might take a week or two off for vacation, but that’s probably gonna be in the first week of June. Hope everyone is doing well! 

Assurbanipal_II · Apr 24, 2021

clear.png I found you on

Tessa_Renalds · Author · Apr 25, 2021

I was planning to have a spin off at some point with the original characters interacting with new stuff that they'd deal with that doesn't interfere with the main content in the main story. Maybe to take a break in ARR I may start it so that it's all new content following the 8 in the free company

Assurbanipal_II · Apr 25, 2021

clear.png That sounds interesting. Also character interactions. If the warrior of light said something and commented that would be already much progress. They are a rather taciturn character after all.

Tessa_Renalds · Author · Apr 26, 2021

Oh yeah, Azlyn and her friends have quite a bit of dialogue added into the story. I think the only thing I may not have added much of the new characters into was the cutscenes in which you’re shown a scene that has already transpired—but even then I tended to ignore most of the ones that wouldn’t make sense. Like all the imperial ones on the sides, yeah I didn’t include that. 

Assurbanipal_II · Apr 26, 2021


CadmarLegend · Apr 23, 2021

Anyone? Profile seems very inactive?

CadmarLegend · Apr 23, 2021

Wow.... I've never even written 500k words.... only about 49k. But, I have translated 130k words!

Tessa_Renalds · Author · Apr 23, 2021

That’s still an accomplishment! I can’t translate anything to save my life. What series have you translated before? That’s so cool! 

CadmarLegend · Apr 23, 2021

2 series. On my profile. 

Tessa_Renalds · Author · Apr 23, 2021

I’ll definitely check them out! clear.png

Scribbler · Apr 21, 2021


Scribbler · Apr 21, 2021

Well, idk if we have a lot in common, but you like RPGs and D&D and I like RPGs and D&D, so I've enjoyed our little chat. Thank you for your time.

Tessa_Renalds · Author · Apr 21, 2021

Min-maxing is my bad habit in rpgs. Hahaaaaa clear.png I like being super overpowered and then wiping the floor with the bosses. I do enjoy some challenging fights, but I also wish to avoid long combat. I never know if I need to get off quickly or not. Back when I was playing rpgs daily I was so time conscientious so that I wouldn’t miss important meetings or when I had work. I worked like 5 jobs at one point. Never again. 

Tessa_Renalds · Author · Apr 21, 2021

clear.png I enjoyed our chat as well! I hope you have a great day and enjoy yourself! Feel free to say hi anytime! :)

Scribbler · Apr 21, 2021

Idk, I'm sure we could talk more, but I've mostly already asked you everything I was curious about. Could I get your discord though?

Tessa_Renalds · Author · Apr 20, 2021

I went back and re wrote the first four chapters of Traveler... and now I need to redo ALL of the chapters I posted. I’m wondering how best to do that... clear.png

Scribbler · Apr 19, 2021


Tessa_Renalds · Author · Apr 20, 2021

Hiya! clear.png

Tessa_Renalds · Author · Apr 1, 2021

I’m still wondering how best to tackle the hundred quest chapters of doom to Heavensward. Not to mention all the level 50 dungeons... I suppose I could focus on MSQ in the main story, and write a spin off that solely deals with the dungeons and class quests. I also have to introduce the level 50 classes: Samurai, Red Mage, & Blue Mage. 

Assurbanipal_II · Apr 1, 2021

clear.png I just say sweat.

Tessa_Renalds · Author · Apr 1, 2021

clear.png *intensively cries* 

Tessa_Renalds · Author · Mar 25, 2021

Unrelated to story progress, but... I got my first dose to the Covid Vaccine! My arm is still sore. I get my second (and last) dose in a couple weeks. clear.png

Tessa_Renalds · Author · Mar 13, 2021

I did it... 100 chapters. I wrote all of ARR. Now I can existentially dread the quests between A Realm Reborn and Heavensward.   clear.png

Tessa_Renalds · Author · Mar 4, 2021

clear.png VIA LA STONE VIGIL! 

Assurbanipal_II · Mar 4, 2021


Tessa_Renalds · Author · Feb 25, 2021

Updated Glossary for Characters in Traveler. Gonna have to get their images in there sooner, rather than later... clear.png

I counted my backlog, and to answer my earlier question on Praetorium before chapter 100–haha that’s funny. It probably won’t happen that soon. Who was I kidding. We still have all of Mor Dhona to get through, and SMN class quests LOLs. 

Tessa_Renalds · Author · Feb 21, 2021

I wonder if I can get to Praetorium before chapter 100? Probably not, since there’s still a ton of quests after Garuda that lead into Operation Archon. But I hope it will be exciting. :)

Tessa_Renalds · Author · Jan 29, 2021

I’m pretty happy with my general progress. Slowly getting to Garuda, but I’ve finally got the 8th member of the full Alliance Raid introduced in my latest unpublished chapter! I can’t wait until we get to the Alliance content!! 

Tessa_Renalds · Author · Jan 24, 2021

One of these days I’ll write the 21st chapter to Origin... it’s about time I undust that old relic and get back into the swing of things clear.png

If I can crank over 300,000 words in several months for a new fan fiction—I sure as hell can for my original content. 

Tessa_Renalds · Author · Jan 11, 2021

I think after Chapter 70 I’ll start doing bi-weekly updates instead of daily updates. clear.png The new schedule will be every Wednesday and Thursday, just so I can re-build my backlog. When I get 70 [+] chapters saved, I’ll consider daily updates. 

If there’s something in ARR that would be cool to see, hit me up here or in the chapters. I know [Traveler] is a retelling of the game, but I try to throw in some curve balls with character development. Hope it’s to everyone’s liking! clear.png

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    Just a humble writer with humble beginnings. Just looking to improve my writing

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