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Dec 7, 2020

Joined: Dec 7, 2020
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In the moon, thinking of you

Shiromoon · Dec 31, 2021

clear.png happy new year 2022clear.png

I am thinking of creating a story in this yearclear.png

Novellover · Mar 21, 2021

Welcome To SH though This is Probably late...

Friend · Mar 11, 2021

A random drive-by hello incoming...


Shiromoon · Mar 11, 2021

Hello, Friend. I still remember you because your name is friendly, Friend. HELLO! too. Welcome to my profile and thanks for the follow ^^

Friend · Mar 11, 2021


Shiromoon · Mar 1, 2021

clear.pngclear.png I already binge read 5 stories in one day. What a wonderful neet life

DarkGodEM · Mar 1, 2021


Shiromoon · Feb 28, 2021

I am on readingscapade now *rawr*

Readingscapade sounds weird but I am reading stories againclear.png

NotYourTypicalMan · Feb 28, 2021


Give me the third chapter of your novel. NOW! clear.png

Shiromoon · Mar 1, 2021

You post firstclear.png

Yairy · Feb 28, 2021

Thank you for the follow! clear.png

Shiromoon · Feb 28, 2021

clear.png thankies for the story too~

LittleCrow · Feb 18, 2021

*pat pat*

Shiromoon · Jan 24, 2021

Chapter is updated today. One more thing. I will delete the link to my server because now I only use discord to chat with close friends onlyclear.png

Shiromoon · Jan 17, 2021

Chapter 1 editedclear.png.

chapter 2 is coming at 7.00PM GMT+7clear.png

HappyVainGlory · Jan 17, 2021


Shiromoon · Jan 14, 2021


Tired and lack of sleep...

But it is not because of something bad. I am just very, very, very happie. It is like when a child is excited when they are expecting something. It is my birthday today. People have been so sweet to me, especially my loved ones. I am so happy \w/

Farok · Jan 14, 2021

Happy Birthday! clear.pngclear.png

NotYourTypicalMan · Jan 14, 2021

you want candy?

punchew · Jan 14, 2021


Farok · Jan 12, 2021

Okay, so I just read your chapter, and I really recommend posting it in the workshop so that N0thing can give you some great advice.

 I would gladly do that, but I would probably make a fool out of myself due to my inexperience in any form of mentoring. clear.png

Of course, PM me on discord if you want to discuss further. clear.png

Shiromoon · Jan 11, 2021

I have new text divider in my story clear.png

NotYourTypicalMan · Jan 11, 2021

now write!clear.png

Vicky · Jan 11, 2021


CakeEatsNothing · Jan 5, 2021

Yea I do. Haven't read any recently tho.

Shiromoon · Jan 5, 2021

I just found out about Lounge.. I am wondering if people can look at this post via Lounge...

CakeEatsNothing · Jan 5, 2021

Yes. Yes I could. I also just found out about the lounge.

Shiromoon · Jan 5, 2021

Lel. Nice too meet you then. Also, I suppose you like BL. I like it too. clear.png

Shiromoon · Jan 1, 2021

Hm, I just realized there are too many succubus stories in this platform, as if begging me to read them. Should I pick one to read?

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