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Oct 29, 2021

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Joined: Oct 29, 2021
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Just someone who can't finish anything. Don't mind me. Look elsewhere.

BothellRoyal · May 27, 2024

Every time I scroll through my current reading list I get to the bottom and see that Upper Crossed was deleted and I sigh. I would still like to reread it even if it don't post more. 

I hope you are doing well.

WillowTree · May 23, 2024

your stories are wonderful, i am sorry to see them go, i hope you feel ready to repost them, someday, so that people can continue to love what you create

ScaryLapis · May 21, 2024

i understand the pressure of having an uncompleted story, just, sitting there, and wanting to remove it to take the pressure off. i really enjoyed your writing and hope you’re able to get back to it when you can. hope you are doing well. :3

FriendlyPastoralist · May 14, 2024

sending love and light. You need to make the creative decisions you need to make,  and if leaving first draft work up bothers you, thats okay. Just remember that perfection is the enemy of completion, and that you made transfems the world over smile with your work.

Sheramine · May 14, 2024

I am sad to see the stories have been removed. Has anyone saved them? Please, they were comfort reads for me, specially Daughter of Wisdom. And Kat, I hope you feel better to continue writing them. I am sorry to hear you are going through this, please stay safe.

Crissyfox · May 14, 2024

I think taking your stories down did nothing but disincentivize you from actually finishing them. I'm sad to see them go and do truly hope you finish them and bring them back. 

May_Flowers · May 13, 2024

I’m sad to see your stories go! I enjoyed them so much! Seeing you upload a chapter, no matter how rare, always made my day.

Missivist · May 11, 2024

I was reading Meow Mix-Up, each time a new chapter came out; I rated the story 5 stars.  Kind of sad to see it disappear, but if it's necessary, so be it, and thank you!

pandaviking · May 9, 2024

Please upload your stories again? Im used to writers taking long hiatuses, sometmes for like a year. But deleting it and making it impossible to enjoy rereading whats already published is different and doesnt feel nice.

KatSmithWrites · May 13, 2024

I think I will do my best to work on my stories alone and when I feel they are far enough ahead to do so (approaching a conclusion) I can start reposting here. I know that most were not upset by the infrequency of my posts, but I did feel a lot of pressure to keep writing updates even when my brain and body couldn't handle it.

BothellRoyal · May 9, 2024

Upper Crossed was one of my favorites. I was looking forward to rereading it while waiting for another update. It's fine if you put a story on hiatus while taking care of more important things in your life. The most I could expect would be a comment on the story about it currently being infrequently updated.

I never want an author to feel guilty or discouraged when they can't update as often. Take care of yourself first, or you won't be able to do the things you want to add.clear.png

feigningfox · May 8, 2024

What happened to Meow Mix-Up?

It was a really fun read...

KatSmithWrites · May 8, 2024

I will finish it when I can. If I ever successfully finish it, I can repost it. I just don't want to bother anyone with an incomplete story that takes months between chapter updates. 

feigningfox · May 8, 2024

It isn't a bother.

Kharamel · May 8, 2024

I don't know what happened but you should know that i, and many others like me, really enjoy what you are writing. 

I hope you'll come back when you feel ready. For now, i wish you all the best. clear.png

therawmeatball · May 8, 2024

^^ very much this, hope you feel better soon

KatSmithWrites · May 8, 2024

I have a full-time job and obligations throughout the week. It takes forever for me to post a chapter update. Splitting my attention between three stories, no matter how much I love them, doesn't get them done any faster. Rather than bother readers with inconsistent, sporadic updates, I'll just finish the stories offline (someday) and repost them when they're actually finished.

KatSmithWrites · May 8, 2024

Sorry. I'll stop wasting everyone's time. I'm too slow and can't finish anything.

Scamantha_Likely · May 9, 2024

I wish you hadn't deleted your work, and I'm sorry to see you go. I hope you feel better soon- Upper Crossed was one of my favorites on the site. But more than that I hope you're doing well.

Good luck, and love yourself.

BothellRoyal · May 9, 2024

You sure haven't wasted my time. 

Ashendale · May 12, 2024

You didn’t waste anyone’s time with updates, I think - they were more akin to pleasant, interesting and sometimes captivating surprises, in my opinion. But I can understand somewhat, how pressure from work, environment and other people could contribute to feeling like the updates were inherently a bother. Whatever happens - I hope to see these stories again and I wish you well.

BothellRoyal · May 12, 2024

@Ashendale puts it very well. They expressed my thoughts and feelings better than I could. Wishing you the best.clear.png

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    Just someone who can't finish anything. Don't mind me. Look elsewhere.

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