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May 12, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: May 12, 2019
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Transgender. Emotional Support Catgirl.

Taxouck · Author · Sep 24, 2020

Changing the way my short stories are organized. All Mad God related short stories exist now as their own series, and the old short story collection has been repurposed to only host short stories and one shots that are completely unrelated to anything else.

Taxouck · Author · Sep 24, 2020

I've also used this opportunity to upload here two short stories that until now had been stuck on TGST: Taking it to the office, and Dr Parker's audiologs. Enjoy!

Taxouck · Author · Sep 6, 2020

Status update: writing continues to be extremely slow. Starting to have more fleshed out ideas for episode 2 of Miaoh, portal problems stuck in limbo as I am very unsatisfied with the way I'm handling a scene change and it's bothering my brain, Ranma 2 in 1 making slow yet steady progress at around two pages per week (average chapter being ten pages).

Taxouck · Author · Aug 6, 2020

The new chapter of 2 in 1 will arrive five minutes after midnight GMT! Hope you'll enjoy :)

Taxouck · Author · Aug 2, 2020

New patreon post about the lack of updates during the month of July.

Taxouck · Author · Jul 22, 2020

Sorry for being silent lately. I don't have any new writing to present at this date and I would like to apologize for this, this dry spell is being longer than usual I'm afraid. It's as good an excuse as any to reread older stuff, though! I hope to have something to present in the near future but I can't guarantee anything.

TheOneWho · Jul 22, 2020

That's fine, your older works are great anyways.

Raleon · Jul 25, 2020

Hope you are okay and I wish you well. And thanks for the words clear.png

Cara · Aug 12, 2020

i've not got through all your books so thats good

Taxouck · Author · Jul 6, 2020

Thank you to all the people from TGST that followed me! Current writing status update: after a few weeks of abysmal productivity, I'm finally managing to write some words down. Not sure which will come first between another 2 in 1 chapter or Portal Problems. I hope you will enjoy either way!

Taxouck · Author · Jun 15, 2020

Next up on my to-do list is probably another 2 in 1 chapter because this is what I currently have the inspiration for. If not that, then maybe portal problems, or one of two short stories I've started during the past month.

Taxouck · Author · Jun 13, 2020

New Ranma 2 in 1 chapter is online!

Taxouck · Author · Jun 5, 2020

How would people feel if I started using this page as a notification system to inform folks of upcoming updates to my stories?

(More consistently, I mean)

Aralunai · Jun 5, 2020

I would be nice we don’t see a notification when new chapter release and have to look ourselves and when you’re reading over 50 different novels at once it hard to keep track of what’s what and when a new chapter is released

MajorKerina · May 26, 2020

Thank you for following and hope you get lots of writing inspiration and have a great day!

PS - Hope you don't mind me posting on here.

Taxouck · Author · May 26, 2020

no problem <3 I appreciate this little message!

Taxouck · Author · May 2, 2020

Next chapter of Ranma 2 in 1 arrives soon.

Taxouck · Author · Apr 13, 2020

Next Miaoh chapter should arrive in an hour - and as always, if you're a patreon follower, you'll have access to two chapters in advance from the general public!

Taxouck · Author · Apr 6, 2020

I think it's gonna be obvious, but writing has been hard lately. Mental health hasn't been the best, and I'm still figuring stuff out with my newest living arrangement with my partners - I still struggle to ask for some alone time where I get to write, and the apartment is too small to properly isolate. Still, the next Maioh chapter should arrive today, currently scheduling it for a release in two hours, but no ETA for other stories.

NicholaSperry · Nov 14, 2019

Hello clear.png

Taxouck · Author · Nov 14, 2019


mrsimple · Oct 29, 2019

'Allo. :)

Taxouck · Author · Oct 29, 2019

Heya MrSimple!

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