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May 12, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Alchemist princess & emotional support catgirl!

Taxouck · · Author · Apr 3, 2021

So what's been happening? Nothing's been happening. I'm having near daily breakdowns due to pandemic & quarantine stress. I can't make any writing progress at all. Consider this a notice of indefinite hiatus until my mental health does a lot better. I'll try to get on adhd medication in late May -- hopefully if the quarantine doesn't get better by then, this at least will help.

Novellover · Apr 3, 2021

No probs! Try Some Relaxing Music or Just Straight ASMR stream in these trying time

Taxouck · Author · Apr 3, 2021

haha I don't think there's a single relaxing nintendo music mix I haven't listened to on youtube, and that's saying something with how many there are...

blackrockshooter · Apr 3, 2021

Hopefully you feel better soon.

oatmealia · Apr 4, 2021

I'm so sorry :((((
I hope you feel better as soon as you can <3

Taxouck · Author · Apr 5, 2021

Took me a moment to notice, but A Wish Made Real finally made its way to the scribblehub anthology! You can now read it here:

Taxouck · Author · Mar 6, 2021

Writing update, for those interested: currently next on my list is Ranma 2 in 1 and a one shot I've had in my head for a month or two. Not sure which of the two will come out first.

Novellover · Mar 13, 2021


Taxouck · Author · Feb 17, 2021

Butterfly Affect, my newest story, is here! This is a project from 2018 that is now finally complete. The second chapter will arrive in four days, then a new chapter will be published every two days, until all seven chapters are uploaded! I hope you enjoy the ride :) Don’t hesitate to support me on Patreon if you can spare the money!

Taxouck · Author · Feb 11, 2021

Hello everyone! Over the course of the month of December, many trans gender bender scribblehub authors including yours truly participated in a secret santa event, where we each wrote stories based on one another's prompts! Starting today, these short stories will be uploaded here at the rhythm of one every other day! You can check them out by following this link:

Taxouck · Author · Feb 11, 2021

And if you feel like you can't wait, you can get access to them all right now for $5 on itchio!

Mine is the one mentioned a couple posts below, so it's not like it's not already available for free -- but a $20 donation was a worthy cause :) Still, this means it'll make its way to scribblehub soon enough. Please, enjoy everyone's fluffy writing <3

Taxouck · Author · Jan 28, 2021

New Ranma 2 in 1 chapter is up!! Sorry for the six months long wait.

Taxouck · Author · Jan 7, 2021

I forgot to mention! I've got a new short story for you all! This story is a secret santa gift to my friend Mae, who had requested “a fluffy monstergirl/egg romance about them falling in love and one of them cracking”. (1/2)

Taxouck · Author · Jan 7, 2021

 Pretty exceptionally the story is currently exclusive to, seeing as thanks to a donation drive it translated into a $20 donation to a transgender charity :) it’ll make its way to scribblehub soon, but for now I’m paying them back with a little bit of traffic.

Please, enjoy the short read ❤️
Taxouck · Author · Dec 25, 2020

Sorry for the radio silence and the lack of new stuff lately. I wish you all merry holidays, and hopefully we'll be back in 2021 with new chapters of my ongoing stories and interesting one-shots :)

CelesteSD · Dec 25, 2020

Honestly I'm just glad to know you haven't abandoned writing altogether! You're a really good author, but definitely take the time to make sure you're good first

Taxouck · Author · Dec 25, 2020

I've still been writing here and there, just no single project that could actually be posted, heh. I wrote part of a short story, almost completed another, a few words on portal problems, a few pages of Ranma 2 in 1, a non-zero amount of words for Miaoh's journey, it's just been a mess.

Taxouck · Author · Oct 26, 2020

news update: gonna try getting on ADHD meds soon and see if they help. It's always been kinda bad, but it's skyrocketed into utterly bonkers levels of dysfunctional lately.

SylkWeaver · Oct 26, 2020

Hope they help! Not feeling functional can really suck. <3

Taxouck · Author · Oct 3, 2020

Longing for the days I used to be more productive.

Going back to studying in two days. Patreon is obviously not panning out and I need a job soon. Writing rate will likely plummet even further. Sorry.

DKnight · Oct 3, 2020

Have you tried posting on other sites and seeing if you can build a following on there?

emmasspace35 · Oct 3, 2020

Oh no! hoping you can find a pace and story you are happy with!! i'm sure many will be here and happy to support you!! i know i will!

Taxouck · Author · Sep 24, 2020

Changing the way my short stories are organized. All Mad God related short stories exist now as their own series, and the old short story collection has been repurposed to only host short stories and one shots that are completely unrelated to anything else.

Taxouck · Author · Sep 24, 2020

I've also used this opportunity to upload here two short stories that until now had been stuck on TGST: Taking it to the office, and Dr Parker's audiologs. Enjoy!

Taxouck · Author · Sep 6, 2020

Status update: writing continues to be extremely slow. Starting to have more fleshed out ideas for episode 2 of Miaoh, portal problems stuck in limbo as I am very unsatisfied with the way I'm handling a scene change and it's bothering my brain, Ranma 2 in 1 making slow yet steady progress at around two pages per week (average chapter being ten pages).

Taxouck · Author · Aug 6, 2020

The new chapter of 2 in 1 will arrive five minutes after midnight GMT! Hope you'll enjoy :)

Taxouck · Author · Aug 2, 2020

New patreon post about the lack of updates during the month of July.

Taxouck · Author · Jul 22, 2020

Sorry for being silent lately. I don't have any new writing to present at this date and I would like to apologize for this, this dry spell is being longer than usual I'm afraid. It's as good an excuse as any to reread older stuff, though! I hope to have something to present in the near future but I can't guarantee anything.

TheOneWho · Jul 22, 2020

That's fine, your older works are great anyways.

Raleon · Jul 25, 2020

Hope you are okay and I wish you well. And thanks for the words clear.png

Cara · Aug 12, 2020

i've not got through all your books so thats good

Taxouck · Author · Jul 6, 2020

Thank you to all the people from TGST that followed me! Current writing status update: after a few weeks of abysmal productivity, I'm finally managing to write some words down. Not sure which will come first between another 2 in 1 chapter or Portal Problems. I hope you will enjoy either way!

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