You damn loli, I did not create the Periodic Table for this! (GL / nsfw)
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Plop, plop, plop.

The light, fluffy noise from my animal sneakers echoed in my room.

I just brought two copies of 'The Periodic Table of Elements' from the bookstore.

Big Sis asked me on an errand; I could keep the change for snacks.


I brought extra strong mint candy, it's so exhilarating on my throat. End up finishing it all, before I could share with Big Sis. Oh well, there's always next time.

Of course, she didn't ask me to buy it, cuz she wants to learn Chemistry. I happen to be pretty good at it when I was younger.

...but now, I'm just a clueless loli.

Big Sis was in my room, sitting on my bed. My favorite manga on her hand. She was laughing non-stop while rolling around my bed.


"Oh, you're back, Mirai-chan."

While her antics were borderline autistic and adorable, I could not retort to it. I just gave her the stuff and went to my PC.

The way she quickly reverted to seiza position atop my bed sent me shivers.

" computers for now, m'kay? We're gonna do something really fun with this."


At this point, any notion of learning bores me to death. Big Sis, like she knew what I was thinking, immediately shook her head, "We're just going to make funny sentences using this table. From up to down..."

"I don't think I'm all that creative and funny."

"Aww, come on, my loli! Your life's been so monotonous lately—you're gonna bore yourself to death at this rate."

"Starting from IA period?"

I think I can recite it from the top of my head.

"Period I A: H Li Na K Rb Cs Fr."

"Period II A: Be Mg Cr Sr Ba Ra."

"Period VII A: F Cl Br I At."

...for the forgot.

It's been many years since I learned it.

Big Sis pouted.

"Mou! Like I told you, we're not going to memorize the periodic tables! Uuu..."

No matter what you think about it, Big Sis, I could not form a single funny sentence out of these.

"I really, really have no idea what to make about it. In the first place, Mnemonics aren't my forte. Since you're the one suggesting it, how about you go first?"

"Fine then...but let me get my loli dosage first, ey..." she wrapped her arms around me and my face sunk between her huge chest, in the meantime, she also patted my head and fluffed my hair.

I admit, it feels really nice. Even more, since I love big boobs. Her scent's also's fine if this lasts forever.

After a short moment of acting all Yuri, Big Sis released her embrace and smiled at me. Her face's all flushed red...

"My Mirai...are you in the mood for..."

"You damn lolicon! I thought you're really going to make sentences from the tables!"

"No! What I'm saying...err...uhh...are you in the mood to make new sentences? Who is the pervert here, you lewd loli!"

"You just stuttered a bit, aren't you!"

"Unlike you, I still have a bit of shame! Who's the one who muttered her lewd thoughts to me every night--looking like a defenseless little girl?"


"It has nothing to do with this, alright?"

"...well, that's true. So, what sentence are you going to make using the table, Mirai-chan?"


It went full circle again.

I guess it couldn't be helped. Let's just get this over with.

"Hydrogen, Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Cesium, Fransium."

Unfortunately, Big Sis made things difficult for me.

"Hey...stop fooling around! If you get it wrong again, I will kiss you. The next time again, I will kiss your breasts using my own! And the next time again...ah."

She drolled while clumsily hiding her blatant perversion. While the sight was really damn cute and her nipples went erect again, I really didn't think this occasion was right for lewding.

H, Li, Na, K, Cs, Fr.

Hey, lighten your, I just can't do it.

"I gave up, Big Sis."

...and I handed back the periodic table I scrutinized for a good few minutes.

Turning on my PC, I gazed at her face, seemingly on the verge of tears. My right nonchalantly moved to the door.

"I still haven't kissed my Mirai yet..."

"It only works if I get it wrong. It doesn't apply if I gave up the game right away."

"Uuu...hundreds of lives, sodomizing pointlessly, cocksucking freely."


While I could admire the creativity behind my big sis' words, I couldn't get a good laugh out of it.

"Hey! It's not funny, right? It's your turn to kiss me...please?"

"I never said anything about my part, so...nope."


She threw her back on the floor and went pom pom pom. The periodic table went flying to my desk. annoying. Although, she's so cute when she's all bullied like heart's melting away.

The crying noises went louder; it didn't take long before someone opened the door.

"Onee-sama? So there you are...."

Arriving at the nick of time, Mitsuki dragged Big Sis outside the room.

Finally, some peace of quiet...before Belle came in her pajamas and unkempt hair...and also, another copy of the periodic tables.

Her face was so red; her breathing ragged.

"Onee-chan...can we form perverted sentences using this ta--"


Oh, for goodness sake—why the hell is everyone so obsessed with this table? Does anyone here use it for Chemistry at all?

Old man Mendel Liv would be rolling in his grave right now.

With quiet sniffles, Belle's back looked so lonely and small. I want to embrace and comfort her, but...that would be her cue to do perverted things with me.

Although my worries were unfounded...

"Nn...Belle can ask Onee-sama and Mitsun."

That was fast.

As they won't be bothering me anymore, I only remind Belle the usual.

"Don't forget to clean the stains."

In which she gave a thumbs up.

Even as I was logging in my usual game, I couldn't focus...

H, Li, Na, K, Cs, Fr...

It's bugging me the entire time.

What kind of mnemonic did I use to remember them?


Lightning inside the Northern Alps.

Our Kentucky Chicken Sticks just Froze, recently.


I'm actually even worse than Big Sis.

At that time, I felt like I saw Old Man Mendel Liv laughing while crying. It shortly turned to incessant sobbing.

"You damn loli...I do not create the periodic tables for this."

H, Li, Na, K, Cs, Fr...


Loneliness inside naked arms...

Kept crossing swords with fractured ribcages.

Be, Mg, Cr, Sr, Ba, Ra.

Becoming magnificent, creating raspberries.
Sharing its recipe before all—right after.

B, Al, Ga, In, Ti

Bringing almighty love.
Gathering intimate ties.

C, Si, Ge, Sn, Pb.

Creation of Sin.
Generation of Sinners.
Prolonging bloodshed.

N, P, As, Sb, Bi.

No problems--as the sunlight beams, became insects.

O, S, Se, Te, Po.

Only some selfish tenants, pollute.

F, Cl, Br, I, At.

Forging colorful brooms, inside apartments.

He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe, Rn.

He would never argue with Kendall Ross and his Xperiments—really nice.


I facepalmed a few times...

Let's just stop before I continue with the B groups and prolong Old Mendel Liv's suffering.

Speaking of which...

Belle was the one I should be worried about—she can be really lewd and creative at the same time.

I hope she could spare the old man some slack.