B018 – Roaming in the Town
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Warning: About the first part of this chapter.

There is male-to-male sexual aggression for an off-screen characters.
You can think something like that is "exist" as one of the dark side of that world, but will not be deeply written.
You can be rest assured that this is a novel about loli, and not about ghey people.


Another POV.


This escort mission was a hell from Hisui's standpoint.

Hisui (Lv50), a Rogue class Werefox, was one of the two unlucky Solo Players that shared the same carriage as the party called Barazoku Iron Muscles.

This party which were the source of his fear, was consisted of three muscled men.

    • Deborah (Lv52), a Human Bard, an effeminate burly man with a disastrous make up.
    • Barton (Lv53), a Human Monk who likes to be topless and showcasing his muscles.  
    • Benetnasch (Lv55), a Human Crusader with a perverted personality.

The first two people were scary but they were still bearable. Although their behavior were somewhat quirky, but at least, they could maintain civilized behavior when interacting with Hisui.

It was the last person, Benetnasch who was really dangerous. At first, he looked like a kind brother who like to give advice to his juniors, but when there was a chance, he would give Hisui a dirty look while secretly caresses his fox tail.

Realizing the danger, he quickly acted as if he had motion sickness. Then, he asked the other solo Player who was near the outside to change seats. When the convoy stopped to camp, Hisui immediately logged off without a second thought.

As for the fate of the other Player, Hisui didn't know what carnage he had gone through after that.

At the beginning of the journey, he was a healthy and cheerful young man, but upon arriving at Calmen Town, his eyes looked empty and dead. He looked traumatized and left as soon as he touched the Save-Crystal, not even bothered to report his quest.

Thinking about it, Hisui couldn't help but shudder.

Fortunately, this game has something called Ethic Code, or else he might unable to maintain his virtue.

For maintaining the societal harmony and everyone's healthy mind, the details of their experience will be left unsaid.
(× Forgive me, but I just don't want to write ghey moments, and I doubt you want to see it...)


And that was not the main problem.

Actually, Hisui had another quest besides this one. He had accepted a quest to intercept Georg's convoy and retrieve something that he took from the Croissa Kingdom. His client was the commander of the Wolf Army, an army of Natives who possessed the Beastmaster class in the Croissa Kingdom.

The client doesn't say what Georg stole from them, but only hinted that he'll know once he sees it for himself.

And so, Hisui arranged with several of the client's subordinates to ambush the convoy. Then, during the chaos he would ransack the item carriage... or so that was the plan.

'DAMM IT! DAMMMM!! This is because of that -ing rain...!'

Hisui could only gritted his teeth in frustration.

Due to the mysterious rain, all of the wolves were killed, except for one.  Hisui had to compensate the army who lost their beasts or else his favorability and contribution points would decrease. His plan was ruined from the start and the losses were immeasurable.

Not to mention, the convoy has successfully entered the territory of the Gemmerio Empire. Crossing borders without drawing attention to their security is no easy task.

Fortunately the quest has not been declared a failure, but the difficulty level of the quest was raised from C to A.

Quest Updated!
Retrieve something that Georg stole.
Rank: A
Quest Details:
Georg's convoy had already arrived at Calmen Town, the Empire's territory.
You must retrieve what Georg stole from the Croissa Kingdom before
he can arrive at the capital city of Solstreus.
Due to the mysterious attack, the Wolf Army is currently crippled
and unable to provide you any assistance.
This quest can be shared.

Time limit: 25 days.
Quest Failure:
Georg reaches the capital city of Solstreus with the stolen item.
The stolen item is destroyed.
Time over.
Failure Penalty:
Your relationship with Croissa Kingdom will turn sour.
Depends on the result.

Hisui could only be depressed after looking at the updated quest window.

'Ugh, the wolf army is paralyzed and the security here is no joke... I don't know what the target of the quest is, but even if I can steal it, I doubt I'll be able to cross the border safely... What should I do to complete this quest?'

This sudden increase in the difficulty of two ranks left him dumbfounded.

As for the option of abandoning the quest, he did not dare. Not after he saw the quest failure penalty. The failure of this quest meant he would lose everything that he had built in the Croissa Kingdom until now.

He could only feel scammed by this development.

The original C-rank quest with the minimum requirement of Lv40 tier-2 classes suddenly turned into an A-rank quest which had the minimum requirement of Lv40 tier-3 classes. Although they have the same level requirements, the difference in strength between tier-2 and tier-3 classes was huge. Moreover, the scale of A-rank quests cannot be compared to lower rank quests.

Each of those quests has the effect to change the overall fate of the continent!

'Dammit! Was that something that I don't know what it is, so important to them? If that's the case, why give the quest to me, a mere low-leveled Player? There is something wrong with this game!'

Hisui panicked.

Now that it comes to this, he had no choice but to continue the journey as the escort group. He could only hope that he would not have to meet those three again. Of the many Players he had met until now, they were the ones he wanted to avoid.

"Well, the next trip is 3 days later, huh? What do you think?" (Benetnasch)

"That's fine with me." (Barton)

"Hmm, I guess I don't have any problem with it." (Deborah)

Speaking of the devil, he found them chatting not far from where he was. His fox ears twitched after listening to the conversation of the three of them.

'Hieek! That perverted group again... I don't want to share a same carriage with them anymore!'

He could only despair. Being with them could bring his sanity down!

At this time, Hisui noticed the existence of Touya's party in the other direction. He had acquainted with Touya before and even joined party together on a few occasions. Coincidentally, it seems that one of their member(?) was about to leave.

A petite and adorable girl with blue-colored hair and eyes.

"Well then everyone, let's meet again another time." (Blue-haired loli)

"Yeah, let's meet again, Hecate-chan!" (Draconid girl)

Hisui looked at her leaving back in a dazzle. He couldn't help but be mesmerized by such a cute girl. After spending a lot of time in hell accompanied by three burly men, an adorable loli like her was like an oasis for his mind. It was a pity that she left too soon.

For some reason he felt like he had seen this loli somewhere, but he couldn't remember where it was.

'Hmm, Hecate...? Where have I heard that name before?'

However, he quickly shook his head. He has more important matters to do.

Because that girl left their group, that meant they would have one empty seat. It would be far better for him to sit with them than with those three disgusting men. Besides, he also in need of some manpower for his quest.

'Oh well, this isn't the time to be playing around. Even though the difficulty of the quest has increased, this is also an opportunity. I heard that the rewards from A-rank quests give at least 1m EXP and  coin_1fa99.png500,000...'

The quest itself can also be shared for multiple Players to complete. Although by doing so, the quest rewards also needed to be divided equally. But, even if the reward was divided into five, it was still a lot for him.

With that thinking, Hisui approached Touya's party.

"Yo, Touya-kun! Minami-chan!"



Back to Hecate's POV.


Hecate roamed the town after leaving the building.

With her newly enchanted shoes, she found that her walking speed seemed to have increased slightly. Not only that, now she could even stand on any vertical wall as if she were standing on the ground without having to activate any skill. And so, she climbed to the top of the clock tower, the tallest building on the town, by 'walking' in its wall.

At the top of the tower, Hecate enjoyed the beautiful scenery in front of her.

'What a beautiful sight.'

The view of the lush forest that she had passed earlier in the south. The setting sun over the mountains in the west. The wide river in the east. And the complex terrain in the north.

In the current era, the beauty of nature was something that was hard to be seen on the real world.

Urbanization, Pollution, Global warming...

In the last few decades, the destruction of nature has increased along with technological advances. Many forests have been turned into either human settlements or industrial districts. Various artificial islands are scattered in the sea and pollute the water with waste. Even the stars in the sky were no longer visible from the ground.

Now, the function of the forest that purifies the air has been replaced with something called the Purifier Tower. Many of them can be seen everywhere especially in the places where there are a lot of people.

But that's for another chapter.

'It would be a pity to not record this scenery into video...
Oh wait, I can also use this opportunity to gather information for the guild too.'

Hecate quickly activates the recording function, quietly recording everything she had seen into video.

She also planned to share the video with the guild as intel for the Empire's current situation. Of course, after she edited the video first, to make sure none of her secret were shown.

Then, she turned her gaze downwards.

Every corner of the city was within her range of vision. The tense patrolling knights, the somewhat gloomy market, or the gathering of Players in the town square. She even saw the escort group she was riding in earlier heading to the inn.

The town was still lively even though it was night time.

'Now that reminds me, a week has passed and Mana Explosion's cooldown has long ended.
Heh, I wonder what will happen if I unleash this lovely spell to them

Hecate grinned. She suddenly had the urge to be mischievous.

A week has passed since she fired off Mana Explosion from her +9 Eldrich Bone Wand. Which means, the skill cooldown has ended and she could cast the skill again with the wand.

Of course, using attack skills was impossible inside the Safe Area.

'Just kidding... Even if it were possible, I wouldn't do something so stupid.'

She shook her head.

'Well, instead of thinking about useless things, I'd better go now.'

And so, with her recording still on, Hecate jumped down.

Leap of Faith!

The clock tower Hecate jumped on was about 10 meters high. If this was the real world, anyone jumping from such a height would only result in broken bones or even death. But fortunately, this was not the real world. With her Flexible Body Lv8, she could manipulate her movement to reduce her fall damage.

Hecate chose an inconspicuous place as her landing spot.

From there, she went to the place marked with the Auction Hall's crest on her minimap. As a Player with Acrobatics subclass, her jump power and maneuverability was excellent. There was no need for her to use the road, so she just did parkour all the way to her destination.

A few minutes later at Calmen Town's Auction Hall building.

Hecate spent nearly coin_1fa99.png17.5 million to buy 5 Amnesia Stones. She also spent nearly coin_1fa99.png30 million to buy 10 Soul Enchant Cores. With this, she was left with coin_1fa99.png2.5 million which was more than enough for activating Teleportation Gate.

Calmen Town also has Church of Light. But unfortunately, when Hecate got there, she found that there was no Pope assigned to it. She had no choice but to postpone her skill reset until she arrived at the capital city.

Hecate roamed the town for about two hours, filming scenes of the city's daily life on video. And when she was satisfied, she went to the Teleportation Gate in the Town Square.

"Well, it's the time for me to go. Gate open: Solstreus City!"

She stretched out her hand to the gate and activated it.

You have selected Solstreus City as the destination!
Pay coin_1fa99.png 1,000,000 to activate the Teleportation Gate?
► Yes ◄              No
You have paid coin_1fa99.png 1,000,000 to activate the Teleportation Gate.
Teleportation Gate successfully activated!

Right after the message window popped up, the dormant Teleportation Gate started to shine and the portal quickly opened.

Without further ado, Hecate walked to the gate.


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