Chapter 119: The God of War!
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***HR. Sol System. Space Sector 2814***

Contained with in the Sol System were eight planets, and over 200 moons. Though what could be considered a moon could be debated. The Sol System was new to the Universe as a whole, or many would like to believe. Though thanks to the big reveal with the Guardians of the Universe. The written history may be less, or more than previously believed. But the truth that Earth was the center of the Universe was only known to a select few of eternal beings. Even then, it was still up for debate.

With in the Sol System was a ship, a star fighter with the logo of Galactic Sheriff security company. The star fighter was crewed by a single sheriff who was on his predetermined patrol threw the system. He, along with his two advanced automated drones that flew as his wing men. Or wing robots? The pilot was a Graxosian, the humans of Earth would think him an elf from the fantasy genre. They had golden skin, pointed ears, lived a long time, and had hyper regeneration. Aside from that, they were mostly human looking.

The Graxosian was named Ryul Fajeon, he had sliver to white hair tied back into a ponytail. A clean shaven face, with piercing green eyes, and his peoples golden skin tone. On his left ear was a collection of metallic rings all along his ear ridge, while his right ear was empty save for a communication earbud to his ship. He had a athletic build that fit into his flight suit. He was approximately 5'10”. Ryul took his job seriously, he worked hard, and played hard on his time off.

Something that Ryul was looking forward to do once he got back to the Watch Tower Station, having time off. Ryul was the current Sheriff on duty at the station. Once his shift would be over he would make the several weeks trip back towards home. Then he would be off for one full month before he would be placed back on rotation. Despite the long journey Ryul volunteered for the assignment. Unfortunately he was not the only one. The pleasure palace on the station was top of the line!

The head mistress as she liked to be called, her name was Shylisa. What a perfect name for a perfect woman. Ryul would never admit it to anyone. But he felt that he may be falling in love with her. Of course that was her job! She ran the pleasure palace in the station. Ryul caught himself imagining what they had done a few nights ago and nearly piloted his ship straight into a asteroid along the belt. He pulled his focus back to the matter at hand.

Ryul had to keep his head out of the clouds. He had to be careful with Shylisa. Especially since she was the grand daughter of his employer. The man or thing that owned the station. Apparently he had dozens of grand children. The guy must have a huge harem of women at his call. Shylisa only ever said his name with the most respect, and love a grand child could give. That made this...Wraith OK in Ryul's book. There to offer support when needed. But lets his grand children be their own people. Ryul wished his own family had been like that.

“Approaching vessel please identify yourself.” Said a synthetic feminine voice over his communication channel.

“Watch Tower Station, this is sheriff Ryul Fajeon coming back from patrol. Sending ID codes now.” Ryul replied, and entered his code.....

“Identification confirmed, welcome back sheriff. Anything to report?” The voice replied.

“Nothing out of the sort. Though I would encourage you to build a mining station on the gas planet you call Jupiter. It would be a great cash grab for you.” Ryul replied to the voice.

“We'll take it under advisement. Please be advised the stations upgrade key has been fed into the system. So we'll be going through some changes for the next few weeks.” The voice said next.

“Already? Anything I should know? I'll send a report back at the next data stream back at corporate.” Ryul asked, as he shifted in his seat as he came around the red planet known as Mars. The station was like a pin prick on his overlay.

“There is a data packet ready for your consumption at the sheriff station on board. Though off the top of my metaphorical head. I would say the FTL Slingshot should be of interest.” The voice replied. Ryul's eyes nearly popped out of his skull.

“Say again, Vici!?” Ryul asked. Ryul heard Vici chuckle lightly over the communication line.

“My creator designed an experimental FTL Slingshot. Magical technology, that can Blink a ship across nearly a dozen star systems. Should make the trip of getting back to corporate from a month to one day....” Vici replied with a hint of pride in her voice.

“Stars above!? That is going to put the station on the travelers map!” Ryul practically shouted over the line.

Ryul's star fighter could jump from start system to star system with his FTL and only need a few days between jumps. But with several systems between him and corporate it made the journey tedious and boring. None of the systems they went through were owned, or paid for by corporate. So there was no need to patrol them. But if the Slingshot worked? Travelers from across the star lanes would show up to shave off travel time. So new shipping lanes. Which would lead to new patrols. Which meant more escorts, and more money!

After a few more minutes, and few more questions for Vici the station's on board VI. Ryul saw that the station had gone through a face lift already. The outer orbital ring, and pylons had been pulled in and merged into the super structure. A skeleton frame had extended out creating a sort of sphere. It looked like it would be several weeks, months, or even years before it was finished. But from the size difference it would definitely be larger.

Ryul came to a gradual stop just outside the perimeter. His ships on board basic VI notified him that dozens of turrets had weapons lock on him. The automated attack craft with him slowed to a stop as well. Three automated drones from the station came out. Tug boats! They created a tractor beam lock and guided them towards the station. A majority of the station was off limits. Save for a small section for the trade hub. Ryul star fighter was pulled into his reserved space, as the automated attack drones of the sheriff corp. were stored for maintenance and refueling.

Ryul received a green light for atmosphere and pulled himself out of his pilots seat. He slipped into his small cargo hold, and opened the door to leave. Fresh, breathable air welcomed him. None of that recycled stuff. Say what you want about universal energy. It always made the impossible, possible. On any other station. Reprocessed air, water, and food would have been his only treat after returning for his shift. Of course not everyone was comfortable with UE. He saw a few traders who had come to recycle and reprocess there trash. They were not happy about using UE fuel and supplies.

Universal Energy had a bad reputation in the Universe as a whole. Not that it wasn't viable. But it was tied to energy what could literally blink out of existence at the casters will. Imagine spending thousands of solar coins on materials, supplies, fuel, and ammo. Then for it all to disappear while you are out in the middle of no where. Then don't even get Ryul started on anti-UE attacks. A well placed missile and suddenly half your ship demateralized.

However, Watch Tower Station found a loop hole that Ryul hadn't thought about. They made the materials first. Then put them through a processing center. Something about creating something out of energy made it more real. They even tested it in front of him. This prevented the two worries that came with UE. The merchants couldn't snap their fingers and remove anything. The materials also couldn't be removed with anti-UE. So, Ryul said as much to the traders assuring them that the materials they got were safe.

“Sheriff!” A man's voice called, Ryul turned around and automatically snapped to attention.

“Lantern sir! How may I help you!” Ryul called out to John Stewart Blue Lantern. The tall human with black skin, shaved hair, and form fitting blue uniform came over with a smile.

“Relax sheriff, I just wanted to let you know we have three new recruits. We also set up a lantern communication hub on the station.” John said as he walked over to him. Ryul's eyes widen just a touch but he didn't relax.

“I'll make sure to notify my superiors. Will our employer be cutting back on our security?” Ryul asked, worried about what the lantern would say. John looked conflicted and shook his head in a clear no. Ryul released a breath he didn't know he was holding.

“No, with the solar system safely in your hands, the lanterns can spend more time out there doing the work.” John replied, and Ryul nodded with just a tiny twitch to his lips for a smile.

“Carry on!” John said, and turned on his heel and left Ryul.

Ryul was tempted to make an obscene gesture towards the lanterns back. But held off on it. There was a rumor that their employer Wraith had created his own lantern corp. in the wake of the Green Lantern corp. imploding. Ryul didn't even want to go into the logistics to making a power ring, let alone a power ring battery core. Despite making the Blue Lantern corp. the employer Wraith continued to use the Galactic Sheriff security company.

The employer paid good money, very good money to have his solar system protected. Ryul made his way towards the Sheriff Hub and stepped inside to a cube building that was inserted into a slot aboard the station. Several notifications waited for his viewing on his desk computer. Several criminal bounties had been captured on the planet...Earth. Needed pick up. Ryul sent their files towards corporate. He received a message that the Sheriff Hub would be getting a size increase due to the station growing larger. Nice! Then came the inclusion of several new station modules that would be working with the Sheriff Hub. Ryul got comfortable and new he had a lot of paper work to do.


(John Stewart aka Blue Lantern)

John was approximately 6'1”, with brown eyes (Blue with the ring on), short black hair cut in a marine style haircut, high and tight. He had an inverted triangle build, wide shoulders. With a line backer body. He wore a JLI mid tier exoskeleton suit, with his Blue Lantern body suit. Why? He had argued that he didn't need a JLI suit. But then he was politely educated on how idiotic that was.

What would happen if his ring ran out of power mid way through the vacuum of space? He would die! What would happen if something happened to the Blue Lantern battery core, and his ring lost power. He would lose his abilities, so the suit would help supplement his issues, etc, etc. After being educated John relented and got a suit. He was loathed to admit it. But the suit made his job really easy. It could even store up excess blue energy for emergencies.

John had just finished speaking to the current Sheriff aboard the station. Ryul Fajeon, John hated him. Well not him personally. Just the Galactic Sheriff corporation. Private security, is all they were. They weren't real cops! They were mercenaries here to make a quick buck! When the fighting started, and it would. The Sheriff's would do the bare minimal. Then quote some bull shit excuse about bodily harm, and leave. Then they would make Wraith pay for the damages!

John squeezed his ring hand into a fist. He tried to calm himself as he walked through the trade hub portion of the station. He spoke to several visiting traders. Arranging escorts back to their homes. Cause the Sheriff's wouldn't do it. Not unless they paid for it. He had mentioned three new lanterns. That was true! Two natives of Earth, and one Martian had obtained a ring from the battery core. John was happy to add them to the roster. Along with the new lantern hub they were able to, 'connect' into the lantern wide communication.

Hundreds of rogue green lanterns requested the use of the blue battery core for a recharge. Or even a blue lantern to come out. They still wanted to work as Green Lanterns. But didn't want to report to the Guardians anymore. Technically the Guardians could pull rings off of anyone they wanted to. John was confused why they hadn't done that? Katma, and Hal were flying out to retrieve a few Green Lanterns and bring them back to the hub.

John left the Trade Hub and made his way into the JLI portion of the station. It was a mad house! But in a good way. Hundreds of JLI members were helping the engineer crew on the inside. While hundreds more were outside helping to build the super structure for the next upgrade. Supposedly they were getting a new energy core that could hold up a larger station. That was great! The station needed a lot more room.

John had been frustrated when he had missed talking to Wraith. He had been aboard the station for a few hours but left just as quickly. Though John's data packet he received from Vici informed him that Wraith needed time off. John didn't get to read all of the report. But five years?! Wraith was gone for five years from his perspective. He got married? She died in a battle and it hit him hard. John took a moment to center himself and find his calm. He'd seen friends in the service go through that. Wraith could take all the time he needed.

“John!” A man's voice called out to him. John turned to look back, then looked up. Hawkman (Karter), and Hawkwoman (Shayera) flew down from a separate level above.

“Hello you two! Is there a problem?” John asked, as they both landed and folded in the their wings. They looked flustered.

“The Thanagarian delegation is due to arrive in two days. They want to meet, Wraith.” Shayera said first, John winced and sighed softly.

“He's suppose to be off for the week. You two read the report right?” John asked, then before Shayera started to reply. Karter stepped up and pulled them to the side out of the foot traffic. He also took out a item that created a sound ring around them.

“Sorry, I thought it best we keep his record private.” Karter said, and Shayera gave her head a smack. So did, John for himself.

“There is another issue...” Karter began and Shayera winced.

“What?” John asked.

“What we are about to say needs to stay between us, alright?” Shayera asked as she removed her helmet to reveal the intensity in her eyes, as did Karter. John nodded in agreement.

“You are aware of Thanagar's history are you not? How we came to power?” Karter asked, and John nodded. It had been brutal. Their high priests had contacted an extra dimensional being and this being taught the young Thanagar culture everything they needed...For a price.

“The delegation also has inquisitors hidden among them. They are here to verify if Wraith's patron is our old god in disguise.” Shayera replied, and John's eyes went wide in shock and a bit of anger.

“They can not be serious! Wraith's patron acts nothing like your old god! Yes, they are a twisted piece of work I'll give you that. But the only one they manipulate is Wraith!” John said in outrage. Karter raised his hands in surrender.

“Yes, we know that! But the delegation want's to create a trade treaty with the Sol System. But they won't do that if Wraith's patron is our old god in disguise. They are being overly protective. It's peculiar. Normally they would deploy spies and gather information before they would send inquisitors. But they are taking a rather up front approach to this.” Karter admitted, as he puzzled over his peoples motives.

“Tell me, if the inquisitors believe that Wraith's patron is your old god. What would happen?” John asked. Karter swallowed audibly and Shayera grew pale.

“Then Thanagar would declare war on him. Along with anything he associated with.” Karter replied.

“So all of us? Including Earth?” John asked, as he clenched his teeth in frustration.

“Yes... Do you see why we need Wraith here to talk to them?” Shayera said next. John rubbed the bridge of his nose.

“The man just lost five years of his life, and a wife! Now he has to stand before religious executioners and explain what his twisted patron is? I'd be surprised if Wraith doesn't eat them alive!” John all but shouted at them.

Fuck! This is not what they needed! A Kryptonian fleet was supposedly on the way being led by a tyrant. Earth was being ripped apart by Rifts. On top of an unstable elements like the metas, escaped alien prisoners, and galactic politics! The JLI was stretched thin across not only the planet Earth. But also across Mars! Death Cults had popped over Mars claiming that Mother Mars must end. Then they had pirates showing up in the system due to trade traffic!

“Shayera, you'll have to head down to get him. He's on Themyscira.” John said after a bit of thought.

“The sooner the better.” Karter said next.

“Diana isn't going to like this.” Shayera said softly.

“I don't think anyone is going to like this.” John added, and turned to go.


***HR. Earth, Themyscira.***

(Warden Erik Lash, Hunter-Saurian aka Agent Wraith)

The Amazon training academy for warriors was a true academic college. With a heavy focus on physical education. Even on the weekend the grounds were full of activity. At the end of every week was a test. If the students passed their test they got the weekend off. If they failed, then they would use the extra time to study, and to train in PE. Yes, it was lighter than their weekly education. Yes, they still got time off. So when Lash galloped in with Diana riding on his back they still caught plenty of attention.

Lash had mentioned this many times before. But he would do so again. Scantily clad females doing exercises was always a sight to behold. Many of the warriors in training wore leather skirts, and leather tops. Some of the more modern day women IE JLI trainee's wore athleisure. (Real word.) While others just wore sports bra, and high and tight gym shorts. All the way to just swim suits. Several trainees and instructors turned to look at them as Diana jumped off his back. Lash stood up in his Transformation state at his full eight foot tall height. Then a purple and pink lightning stream collided straight into him and wrapped her arms around him.

“Rush! What are you doing here!” Lash said in delight as he wrapped all four arms around his companion.

Monika Celeritas aka Rush was a VI Avatar that Lash met a long time ago. (Chapter 62) She was a confirmed JLI member and was a speedster. She stood at approximately 5'6” with electric purple eyes, short cropped black hair to her shoulders, with a runners body. She had a bouncy, up beat attitude, that normally couldn't be nailed down. Made sense with her meta power. Her title was 'Sugar Rush Addict'.

“I was invited to come be an instructor for some of our new speedsters! We are about to run around the island want to come!?” Rush said with a bright smile, her body practically vibrated with excitement. Lash looked down at her and brushed a lock of hair out of her eyes.

“I'm not sure I can keep up.” Lash replied with out a hint of shame. Speedsters, even G grade speedsters were fast.

“We aren't going fast! They are learning to control. They are very accident prone, and injury prone it would be nice having a healer along.” Rush replied as she jumped from his arms and bounced around.

“I don't think it would be that bad, Wraith. Didn't you say you wanted to help train them?” Diana said as she came over and patted Rush on the back. Rush beamed at Diana.

“Clear it with your supervisor, if they say yes bring your students over here I have a boon to grant them before we begin.” Lash suggested and Rush was gone before he finished his sentence.

Less then twenty seconds later Rush had returned with ten other women speedsters. Many of them were young women in their early, or mid twenties. Two of them were in their thirties. Each one had a different color scheme to their speed energy. In the comics the color suggested their overall speed. In the Dream Engine the color was designed as a sort of cosmetic Lash read on the forums.

“Everyone! This is Wraith! The one who caught me way back when I was a pick pocket in Gotham!” Rush said proudly, Lash looked at her in mild confusion then bowed from his waist towards the awaiting women who looked at him with wide eyes.

“Hello everyone, Instructor Rush has informed me that you are going for your run around the island. I have a energizing boon to grant each of you if you will allow me?” Lash asked, as he extended his claws.

Lash currently did not have the grip reaper shroud on. So the trainee speedsters got to see the eight foot armored reptile in all his glory. Lash's mandibles clicked against his snout as he stepped forward to place his clawed hands on the first trainee. She was a little thing compared to Lash and she grew pale in fright as Lash used his Power Stone training boon. The tear drop stone in his skull crest sparked with energy and poured into the trainee.

“WOOOOOAAAAAH!” The trainee squealed in absolute delight and took off on a sprint towards the starting line. She left a green lightning current that was highlighted with purple energy.

“She was our slowest one.” Rush said softly.

“Who's next?” Lash asked as he held ups his clawed hands each one charged with purple power stone energy.


  • Attention User! You have purchased Superhuman Speed for 100 Dream Points.

  • Superhuman Speed: The User can move much faster than the average member of their species, beyond what can be emulated via natural training and with little to no maintaining. Works in tandem with other skills, powers, and even spell craft. (See Tool Tip).

    • Average Speed: Is approximately 120 mph or approximately 193 kph.

Lash sprinted on all six of his limbs as he chased after Rush, and her speedsters. Rush played the role of a pacer. Ensuring that everyone ran at a nice even pace. They were going for distance not speed. Though with Lash's power stone EXP boost. They were quickly obtaining levels, and evolution to their speed powers. Even with Lash's recent acquisition he was the slowest out of all of them. But that worked in his favor.

“Hold still...” Lash said as he came to a stop next to one of the speedsters who's left leg had been broken in four different places.

“You fucking hold still! Fuck! This hurts!” The woman screamed at him. Lash cast Sooth, Nature's Supplement, and Regrowth. He didn't use Nature Kiss because they needed the experience with their own healing abilities.

“FUUCK!” The woman screamed as her bones snapped back to their proper position. But didn't fully heal. But as a speedster she had a Superhuman Healing. So after another minute of cussing up a storm she was fine.

“Go on.” Lash said as he nudged her up with his snout. She didn't need much prodding as she mumbled an apology and started to run. Soon out pacing him. Lash jogged along then took off in a sprint.

Themyscira is a large island. About the size of Southern Australia, 983,482 square kilometres or approximately 379,724 square miles. The speedsters were running the outline of the whole island today, it was already noon by the time Lash and Diana had arrived at the academy. So if they wanted to get back by dinner they had about six hours to finish the whole route. Lash climbed up and over cliff faces, ran across the water with Water Walk.

Rush, and three of the other speedsters could run so fast they could run over the surface of water with out sinking. The rest? Sunk into the water, thankfully Superhuman Speed did translate into swimming faster as well. Lash jogged along the swimmers ensuring they all got to their destination safely. They zipped through the port city and Lash got some Parkour into his work out. As he jumped from roof top, to high wall, down to street level only to climb up another wall.

Lash sprinted the whole way and topped out at about 180 mph even across rough terrain. He had to stop periodically to heal a few injuries but they made excellent time around the island. Eventually they had to call it. There was not enough time in the day, and the distance was exhausting. Normally they would run back across the island. But Lash used Portal Creation and they jumped through the swirling darkness back to the academy. Just in time for supper!

Despite the agonizing journey even the slowest among them still had a bit of energy left. The experience total was huge for many of them. The three slowest speedsters had gone up a whole grade of evolution. While the others had only increased by a numerical value of minus to standard, to plus. All the same it was progress! But the most important thing they obtained was control. The Flash was well known for being able to easily break the sound barrier, and turn on a dime. That was what they came here to learn.

Rush was panting for breath but had a exhausted smile on her face. Runners high was the best description for her. She had a pair of bright pink speedsters shoes on with friction resistant white shorts, and friction resistant black sports bra. Her hair was pulled back into a tail. She was covered in sweat but wasn't dying like some of the other speedsters. When the portal snapped closed behind Lash, Rush zipped over and gave him a hug. He ruffled her hair and she laughed at him.

“Thanks for the run!” Rush said and jogged over to her students. “To the showers!” She said, and her students cheered. Each one took a moment to thank Lash.

Lash waved them off and cast Immaculate on himself and cleaned up nicely. He wondered through the training grounds following the familiar scent of Diana. To find her at the training arena fighting against JLI trainees with Superhuman Strength. One of the biggest issues that come with having Superhuman Strength is control. Even at G grade the power is chaotic. The world becomes incredibly fragile. A lot of people also let the power go to their heads.

Diana effortlessly pushed, pulled, and tripped the women who threw sloppy punches, and nearly no one kicked. The young women screamed in frustration as Diana evaded, ducked, and flipped out of the way. Diana wasn't even trying, this was a light work out. Eventually they all got to exhausted to continue and were swapped out for another batch of trainees. Strength didn't translate into stamina. Diana turned around as Lash walked towards her, a smile grew on her face.

“How was the run?” Diana said as she momentarily stepped out of the ring. Lash cast Immaculate on her and she groaned in satisfaction at being cleaned.

“Eventful, only a few injuries. Though we didn't even get half way around the island. But that wasn't necessarily the purpose of the run.” Lash replied as he stepped forward and began to untie Diana's ponytail. Diana's eyes half closed as she enjoyed the sensation.

Lash gently turned Diana around and with expert ease, and four hands did a french braid of Diana's long black hair. Then secured it to a neck collar she wore when training or in battle. So the braid tail wouldn't swing around and smack into her face. Once that was finished Lash's upper hands worked on her neck, while his lower hands worked on her shoulders. Diana groaned in satisfaction at feeling his clawed hands on her body. Though he was careful not to cut or scratch her skin. Though he was sure she was made out of sterner stuff.

“Brother Wraith, perhaps you would like to step into the ring. Teach the trainees a thing or two?” One of the Amazon instructors called out. Lash turned to look at her, then at the trainees who looked a little shocked at the suggestion.

“Sure.” Lash said after a moment of consideration and stepped away from his massage with Diana who was reluctant to let him go. She rolled her neck, and shoulders and walked over to the ring to watch.

Lash stepped into the middle of the ring and waited as several JLI trainees stepped in as well. Each with Superhuman Strength along with a few additional abilities. Like Superhuman Durability, reflexes, etc, etc. Standing at eight feet tall in his Transformation state he was by far the tallest. The instructor walked into the ring to explain the rules once more.

“Alright brother Wraith your job is simple. Deflect, block, push, and pull them off their feet. Evade, dodge, and move out of the way. Defense only, while they attack you. Questions?” She asked, and Lash shook his head. “Alright....Begin!” She said and stepped out of the ring. No one moved.

“I assure you, Wonder Woman is stronger than I am. So I should be a far easier challenge than her.” Lash said simply, his animalistic voice was rough but not harsh. One of the women eyed him like he was crazy. But soon stepped in and threw all her wait into her punch.

Lash's tail whipped around and tripped her up off her feet. She didn't even finish the punch. But what she started others began. Lash's four tentacles on his back whipped around and pushed two attackers off their feet. They were unbalanced. They leaned in and threw off their weight. He snapped out one of his hands grabbed a foot and pulled her into the arms of another combatant. He stepped to the side in a fluid motion and swept several women off their feet with his bladed tail. Then did a forward somersault that made all the trainees dive out of the way. Lash had far more mass then Diana did.

“There will come a time in your life when you will fight things larger than yourselves. Some will be hostile, some will be neutral, while others will be friendly. Learn control, learn to apply just enough force to knock them down, but not to kill. Training to kill comes later.” Lash said, and their instructor agreed.

Lash reached out his clawed hands towards the sand pit they were in and used Elemental Manipulation. As all of the sand turned into a writhing mass of tentacles. The trainees on the side went wide eyed as the women in the ring started to scream. First round, fight! One brave soul rushed through the sand tentacles to tackle Lash and got about a foot in front of his face before a sand tentacle wrapped around her legs and yanked her back.

“I don't think this is what they had in mind, Wraith!” Diana called out from the outside edge.

“I am technically not attacking them.” Lash said with a grin. Which was true, the sand tentacles were pushing, pulling, and momentarily ensnaring. But none of them out right attacked them.

“No, this works! Part of training is training for the unexpected. Keep going! Wraith is your target!” The instructor called out.

One of the power houses bull dozed through the tentacles. They were made out of sand after all. Once the other trainees saw that. They put all their fight into the tentacles, each one destroyed was one removed. Lash didn't make more, for now. Then he cast Mud Marsh and the whole pit swallowed them to their waists. All the while Lash stood on top like it was nothing. The trainees yelled in frustration.

A trainee jumped from the mud and flung herself at Lash. He slipped past her outstretched arms and pushed her back into the marsh. Her resulting crater caused the mud to splatter across the rest. Then with a snap of his claws the mud turned back into sand. All of the trainees were stuck in the sand up to their waist. One specific trainee was up to her neck. Lash extended a hand out and made a bring it on gesture.

Lash cast an area of effect of Gravitas, it was one of the few times he had actually cast it on anything. It increased or decreased the overall weight of everyone, and everything in the area by about 10%. (Chapter 70) It wasn't much, but it was enough to be noticed. Great muscle training! It of course didn't effect him at all. He used Elemental Manipulation in combination with Earth Swim and glided across the sand pit. The trainees then spent the next ten minutes chasing him.

“Alright that's enough!” The instructor called out. The trainees were gasping for air. They had barely touched Lash the whole fight. Lash canceled Gravitas and stepped out of the ring. Diana had a bemused expression on her face.

“I may be physically stronger than you, Wraith. But that doesn't mean your weaker than I am.” Diana said.

“I know, it's a good lesson to learn.” Lash replied with a smug grin on his snout.

KAAAKAAA-BOOM! A lightning strike hit the training arena and blasted a cascading energy of divine magic into the air. A malevolent dark corrosive energy exploded from the crater created by the lightning strike. It swallowed the whole area as black smoke formed into a full faced helmet with two horns on either side, and skull like face. A raging voice called out.

“I AM THE GOD OF WAR, ARES! I HAVE COME FOR THE ONE WHO KILLED ME!” The helmet raged, as two piercing red eyes glowed aflame in the helmet.

The arena swarmed with Amazonian guards, the instructors pulled the trainees out. While Diana used a spell chant to call her JLI uniform onto her body. Her body armor formed around her like a living thing and her helmet snapped into place. God-Slayer sword in hand she took up a fighting position. Lash however looked confused. Did Ares die? Then Lash gave himself a face palm.

“That's right, I did kill you!” Lash said out loud. He had honestly forgotten about it. He had gone to the MCU Rift right after the Summer Hunt. So it was at the back of his mind. Diana whipped her head around in complete shock.

“YOU KILLED ARES!?” Diana screamed at him.

“MY KILLER HAS NAMED HIMSELF! NOW RECIEVE JUSTICE!” The smog monster that was Ares called out. The corrosive, and malevolent force swirled into a vortex above the crater. Then silence reigned in the arena as the smoke started to clear.

The crushing of sand beneath the shoes of the new God of War was all that was heard. From the smoke stood a 6'3” man with short platinum blond hair, blue eyes, a golden tan. With hawaiian sea shells around his neck. He had a nice floral pattern buttoned up shirt on, with khaki shorts, and flip flops. He had an inverted triangle build, and was in great shape. He had a huge grin on his face and was carrying a can of beer in his left hand.

“Hey man! I'm the new God of War Ares, but you can call me Kyle!” The man said and took a sip of his beer. The pin drop silence was deafening as everyone stared at, 'Kyle'.

“Hello Kyle... Do we need to fight?” Lash asked after a bit.

“Oh no man! I mean the guy before me totally wants you dead. But I'm more low key. How about we just share a beer and talk it out?” Kyle asked, as he pulled out another beer from his shorts.

“OK...” Lash said as he walked over and took the beer from him. He popped the tab, cheered towards Kyle and they drank together.

“Far out man! Alright, I forgive you.” Kyle said, and the intense pressure that was pushing against everyone evaporated like it was never there.

“You are the new God of War?” Diana asked, as she slowly sheathed her sword.

“Totally! It caught me by complete surprise! Dude, have you ever been to Olympus it is far out!” Kyle said, as he turned towards Lash who shook his head in clear denial.

“You...You are the new God of War?” Diana asked again. “Wait, when did you kill the last one, Wraith?”

“During the Summer Solstice Hunt. He attacked us during the run. My patron hid the incident.” Lash replied.

“Ohhhyaaaaa! Zeus was supper pissed about it too! I mean I showed up on his door, like by today! But like I said, I am way more laid back about this stuff! I told my new dad...Wow that is weird sentence. Anyways, I looked through my previous self's memories and found out. Wow! He was a total D-bag! He got exactly what was coming to him. So, your off the hook my man!” Kyle said, and took another swig of his beer can.

“Your the new God of War?” Diana asked, as the Amazonian guard showed up on pegasus horses. They flew down wielding weapons made of orichalcum. Pointed straight at Kyle who nodded at Diana.

“I know right! I totally don't look it. Dionysus lost his shit when he met me!” Kyle said with a shit eating grin on his face.

“Your a marine.” Lash said to him and Kyle lost a bit of his smile.

“Ya... I was. It's a long story, we'll need more beer!” Kyle said. “Dio! You up there, we need more booze!” Kyle called up to the heavens and the a golden light pierced down from the heavens revealing an individual.

The man had short curly brown hair, warm brown eyes, and a average figure. Not skinny, not fat, just average. He wore a pair of sandals, shorts, and a polo shirt. He kinda looked like a college frat party attender. He had a youthful energy about him that just seem to fit that. He had warm caramel skin tone, and divine energy cascaded off of him. He was about 5'10” even. He had a huge smile on his face and held up his arms towards them.

“Diana good to see you!” Dionysus shouted and all of the Amazons saluted him, even Diana almost by automatic. Lash swept his arms out and took a knee in respect but Kyle pulled him to his feet.

“Dio! Can you tell them all that I am indeed the new Ares?” Kyle asked, Dio as he was called walked over with a bemused expression on his face.

“Yes, Princess Diana I can confirm that this is our new brother. Isn't great!” Dio shouted as he wrapped an arm around Kyle and smiled at Diana who still looked so confused.

Another golden beam of light fell from the heavens, followed by another, and another. The first one revealed a tall women with golden blond hair that reached to the middle of her back. She wore a pair of cotton gray shorts, white t-shirt, and tennis shoes. She looked around clearly expecting a different scene. She turned her eyes towards Kyle, and Dio.

“So no fight?” The woman asked.

“No, sorry Athena! I said I'm not about that life anymore.” Kyle said, and now all of the Amazons went to their knees. Lash again tried to kneel but Kyle held him up.

The next beam of light revealed a woman in little more than a red bikini, and red thong with bouncing breasts, and plump ass. She stepped out from her beam of light and nearly any, and all eyes looked towards her in some sense of lust, and love. She winked at everyone and blew a kiss. Her eyes settled on Kyle, and on Lash. She looked at Lash with a curious eye. She had long red hair, with brilliant green eyes, and white skin. She stood at about 5'9” with an hour glass figure. Picture perfect.

“Sorry, just came from a photo shoot! So no battle?” She asked next.

“No big sis Aphrodite.” Kyle said with a smirk, and Aphrodite stuck her tongue out at him. Then called up a beach side colored shawl to wrap around her figure that only added to the temptation.

The last beam of light revealed a young women in early twenties. She wore a pair of combat boots, hunting camo pants, and a black t-shirt. She had a quiver on her back, along with a recurve bow in her hands. An arrow was knocked and ready to fire. Her short black hair was tied back into a pony tail, and her cold amber eyes narrowed at the scene. She was expecting a fight and didn't get one. She looked a little disappointed.

“Artemis...” Lash said softly, and the Goddess looked at him with interest. She was the Olympian Goddess of the Hunt, among other aspects.

“Woooo! We got a full house! Let's start drinking!” Dio shouted and with several claps of his hands a giant feast was created, a musical band started to play, and servants were conjured to serve the people.

Needless to say, the Amazons and the JLI trainees were really confused. Queen Hippolyta, and General Philipus showed up in force expecting to fight a God of War only to meet three out of six of the Goddess that support Themyscira. Along with Dionysus, and the new Ares...Kyle. They were floored when they found out their old enemy the previous incarnation of Ares was killed by Lash during the Summer Solstice Hunt.

Kyle was the God-Kin that obtained the divine spark of Ares. After Lash killed the last Ares, the most suitable host was found. Which was Kyle. Kyle was a beach bum who live in California. He was at one time a US Marine, then turned into a mercenary and/or security consultant for the CIA. He was one of those people that got sent in with a team to destabilize country. Made it ripe to receive commercial aid from the US, or another country of equal power.

One day when he was training the soldiers of the newly established regime. He took an IED to his hip, specifically the shrapnel. Thankfully he had outstanding insurance, and a planned retirement with the security company he worked for. So for the past three years he had been living on a beach, in a nice house drinking, and getting fat. He was, and is a great soldier. He stepped up during the invasion and helped out his community.

For all of Ares stories, myths, and legends. At his core, he is a soldier. Good, bad, or indifferent. Ares calls to war. Not barbaric, brutal actions that so many people think he is credited for. Ares does have honor, and he does have a moral compass. Or at least he should. That is what Kyle said about it. And that is what Kyle said he would do. Though he was not the only God of War on Earth. He was one of the most well known, which made him powerful.

“So ya! That's my story. I came here to make amends with Wraith? Lash?” Kyle said Lash's name after he looked around. Lash didn't want the JLI trainees to know his identity.

“So, you and me are good. I also came to apologize to you Queen Hippolyta for my previous self. He was an asshole. I know words don't hold much weight in that regard, but I am more than happy to spend the next few centuries, or millennium to pay back all the debts of my previous self.” Kyle finished at last as he finished speaking to Hippolyta, Philipus, Diana, Lash, and the rest of his siblings that sat around a table of honor during the party.

“I'd also like to join the Justice League.” Kyle said next, and all six of Lash's eyes went wide.

“Aha! He said it! Pay up!” Dio shouted at Athena who grumbled and flicked an orichalcum coin at him. Dio caught it and pocketed the coin.

“Thank you, Ares for the apology. It is accepted, but as you can understand we can not just forgive you. But we are willing to try.” Queen Hippolyta said as she stood up and bowed slightly towards Kyle.

“Question.” Lash said, as he held up a claw.

“Lash, you are a demigod. You are free to speak her with out being called on.” Artemis said to him who also sat next to him. Lash gave her a look of confusion. Demigod didn't translate into full blown deity!

“Can you even be a part of the Justice League? I thought the deities of the world had a hands off rule about a lot of things?” Lash asked, it was a fundamental rule.

“Good question to ask, and technically you are right.” The Goddess Athena said from her side of the table as she drank from her wine glass. “Ares will not be able to use all of his Divine spell craft, or act with his Domains of war, battle, and violence. He would just be a super powerful individual on par with Diana, and Superman.”

“But, in case of emergencies he could reach for his divine abilities in a pinch. How many battles have you been in that suddenly turned into something more. It would be a trump card” Artemis said next.

“OK...I'm alright with your joining. But I don't think you should fall under the name Ares. Might send the wrong idea towards people.” Lash said next, and Ares/Kyle nodded in understanding.

“I'll work with your PR people and come up with a name. Right now I am using my Domain of Violence to simmer down on conflict across the globe. Anything with in my area of operation.” Ares/Kyle said next and that earned him several smiles from around the table. Athena most of all.

“Oooo! Oooo! Can I join?” Aphrodite said next, and the whole table looked at her in confusion. “Ya, your right. I'd get bored. Never mind.” She smiled at them and picked up her glass of wine and left the table to go get into trouble.

“You know what we need? Shots!” Dio said suddenly, and Kyle stood up with a grin.

“Shots! Shots! Shots!” Kyle, and Dio chanted together and raced off towards a bar that was being manned by a satyr.

“You should know, Lash. Zeus, and Hera are still on the fence about you. Technically you did kill their son. Even if I like this version of him more.” Athena said with a frown.

“It was self defense.” Diana said softly.

“All of Olympus knows that. They know that. But when have you ever known my father to see reason?” Athena replied, while Diana, Hippolyta, and Philipus frowned a bit.

“I'm not sorry... The previous version of Ares was a horrible monster that got exactly what he deserved.” Lash said to them all, and a crack of thunder rang out above them. “If you had been a better father he may not have turned into such a shit!” Lash said to the sky now, and lightning danced across the sky.

Athena, Artemis, and the Amazons all looked at him in horror. While Kyle laughed his ass off and gave the sky the bird. Then went back to drinking the night away. Dio looked a little nervous and soon rejoined his brother in a drinking game. Lash could feel his Danger Sense screaming at him, but he refused to apologize. Nothing he said was lie.

“Tell me I'm wrong.” Lash said to them all. No one did, and another crack of thunder roared across the sky.

“Ares forgave me, Ares admits that he was a horrible person. And no one here can tell me that Zeus was a good father!” Lash said at last and stood up from the table. He shouted the last words towards the sky and saw several lightning bolts race across the sky. Someone was angry.

“Zeus is a horrible father! He is a horrible husband! He's gotten a little better with age, but not by much!” Kyle shouted from the other end of the party and laughed as the lightning, and rain started to fall across the arena.

Another beam of golden light crashed into the arena and out stepped a Mr Universe model. A man with short golden hair, blue eyes, golden tan skin, and was wide as a door. He stood at approximately 6'6”. He wore cargo shorts, hiking boots, and t-shirt that was one size to small for him. He was a mass of muscles, and had a huge smile on his face. He had an addictive presence that seemed to draw the whole area in. A girlish squeal came from Aphrodite as she raced over and jumped on him, and practically glue herself to him.

“Hercules!” She squealed out, and Hercules grinned as he hugged and kissed his sister. Full on the mouth for several seconds. Olympians! When Hercules broke the kiss he set her down and looked around at everyone.

“Hello all! I heard my siblings were having a party with out me! May I join you!” Hercules said and...

“Brother! Welcome, of course you can join!” Ares/Kyle said as he walked over and handed a glass of something, something alcohol to him.

“Aha! Outstanding, thank you brother Ares.” Hercules said, and drank the whole glass in a single moment. Then his eyes zeroed in on Lash. The temperature dropped a few degrees, and Hercules smile became fake. He stomped across the arena and came to stand before Lash who was still in his Transformation state.

“So, you are my brothers murderer.” Hercules said with boisterous guffaw, but the whole party grew to a stand still.

“Hercules... I forgave him. We are square.” Ares/Kyle said behind him.

“Yes, you forgave him...But I didn't.” Hercules said with a smile that didn't reach his eyes.

“You don't want to do this.” Lash said softly, and a crack of lightning raced across the sky. Hercules narrowed his eyes and sneered.

“Oh... I know I do.” Hercules said, he turned to look at Kyle then snapped his first forward in a quick move. Lash's skull caved in and he was catapulted through several walls, and skipped across the ground several times before he came to a stop.

Lash rolled to his feet and felt his skull pop out as Regeneration, and Superhuman Healing were empowered by the power stone. His life force filled out quickly as he growled deep in his throat. He heard a roar and saw a man jump from the academy towards him. Hercules couldn't fly, but he could jump. Lash rolled his shoulders and spread his feet as he watched the dumb ass fall from the sky. Hercules had a wild smile on his face as he led with his fist.

  • Attention User! You've been issued a quest from your Cosmic Patron.

    • Objective: Defeat Hercules.

    • Optional Objective: Kill Hercules.

    • Option Objective: Use the Racial Trait Devour, Consume, Evolve on Hercules.

A savage grin grew across Lash's reptilian features as red Psionic Blades (Chaos) extended from his four tentacles, and from the knuckles of his upper arms. He started to channel magic with his lower arms. He lifted into the air with Telekinesis and flew towards Hercules. Then he activated his title, 'God Slayer' (For 10 minutes the title holder will do maximum damage to any God, or Goddess. 24 hr. cool down.)

Lash blasted through the air much to the surprise of Hercules as Lash's lower arms used Eldritch Blast and a destruction beam shot straight towards Hercules. The God of Strength, and Heroes laughed in delight and channeled his Divine Domains and suddenly a ghostly silhouette of Superman superimposed over him. Then Hercules, and the power of Kal-El became one. He stopped in mid air and stared at the red beams of energy in....

KAKAA-BOOM! Hercules was sent spiraling out of the sky and straight into the ground. Kryptonians are weak to magic, and Eldritch Blast is strong against beings of Order. Hercules impacted the ground and sent a mild tremor through the earth. Lash flew straight into the crater and started to attack Hercules. Hercules canceled Superman, and called on Wonder Woman. He jumped towards Lash and dodged his attacks effortlessly.

“Is this all you have!? I will admit that first attack struck a nerve but you'll need more than that to best me!” Hercules shouted, he overall looked fine. Except for the clear sign of melted flesh on his right side with exposed bone that was not healing.

Hercules dove to the side and quickly jumped to his feet and tore off one of Lash's tentacles. The limb thrashed about for a moment before it turned to ash. Lash whipped his bladed tail around and caught the back of Hercules with his Monomolecular Edge, his power levels dropped by a large amount then the power stone refilled his energy in a matter of seconds.

“Gaaaaah!” Hercules screamed in agony as laceration went from his left hip, across his back, to his right shoulder. Hercules whipped around and punched Lash in the side sending him flying across the country side once again.

Lash came to a abrupt stop and cast Nature's Kiss on his body, then cast Reality Armor on himself. Once again his energy reserves took a nose dive. But quickly refilled. He could get use to this! Then before he could even take another step a red and yellow flash, a blur of color came screaming by. Hercules had channeled Flash! In the span of a single second Hercules had pummeled Lash hundreds of times. He broke bones, ruptured organs, and tore off the rest of Lash's tentacles. Then Lash cast Personal Time and froze existence for a brief moment.

Surprisingly Hercules began to speed up so fast he slipped into the frozen time as if he always belonged there. The was an issue with speedsters that could go so fast they could slip through time itself. Lash raked his claws, his normal ordinary razor sharp, Monomolecular Edge claws down Hercules's face, and chest. Flesh, and bone was sliced like a hot knife through butter. Including one of Hercules's eyes! The man screamed in pain and stopped 'moving' through time. Which was a mistake!

Lash dug all four of his clawed hands into Hercules who was frozen in time and pulled his chest open. It didn't so much as open, has simply split apart. Then Lash opened his jaw, and his mandibles spread wide. CRAAAACK! A lightning bolt slammed into Lash despite the frozen time and sent him flying backwards by several miles. He hopped, skipped, and flipped ass over head several times. Breaking what few bones remained and came to an eventual stop.

  • Congratulations User! You've completed your Cosmic Patrons quest.

    • Objective: Defeat Hercules [X] Complete!

    • Optional Objective: Kill Hercules [X] Partial completion.

    • Option Objective: Use the Racial Trait Devour, Consume, Evolve on Hercules. [X] Partial completion.

    • Reward: The Queen Goddess Hera's favor.

“You dare stand against me, woman!?” An earth shattering voice spoke as lightning danced across the sky. Lash's vision was pin point of utter darkness, as he was trying to stay conscious.

“The fight is over, husband. You interrupted a perfectly legitimate duel between the two of them. I am simply here to ensure you don't dishonor yourself any further.” A woman's voice said softly, but her voice was filled with ice and venom.

“He nearly killed our son!” The man yelled at her.

“Your son! Not mine.” The woman said. “Our son forgave him. I chose to do so as well. You are simply upset that this one spoke the truth about you.” She continued, and lightning cracked across the sky.

“You still won't let that go? Haven't I been faithful? Centuries have passed and not once have I looked for any other.” The man continued.

“I wasn't talking about your infidelity, odd that you thought I was. I am talking about how he said you are a horrible father, and husband. But while we are on the subject of your lies. I am fully aware that you still look for sex from others. You simply don't have children anymore.” She berated the man. The man sucked in a breath in realization.

“So....What of it?” The man said who was obviously Zeus.

“And you wonder why I never let your touch me anymore. Go away husband, you are unwelcome in my sight, and on this island.” Hera said and with a crack of lightning Zeus was gone.

Lash looked up from were his body lay broken to see a fuzzy image of a woman who knelt by his side. She gently brushed her finger tips over his body and he felt his bones snap back into place, and his organs slowly link back together. She leaned forward and kissed Lash's skull crest softly with her lips. Then she leaned back and smiled down at him.

“Thank you for that. It was nice to see someone stand up to him. If only you could kill him, and and I could get another version.” Hera said softly.

“Give me a few years and maybe I'll try.” Lash replied, and Hera's eyes went a little wide.

“Maybe I'll let you. Well done Lash, and Hunter-Saurian. As the Goddess Hera you have my favor.” She said, and leaned in to kiss Lash on the lips gently. Then she burst into golden particles just as Diana came flying down from the sky.

“Lash!?” Diana called out to him just as he fell asleep.

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