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/ Series / Dream Engine: Beta Tester…. D.C. Comics
Dream Engine: Beta Tester…. D.C. Comics
Dream Engine: Beta Tester…. D.C. Comics
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Erik was your run of the mill neck beard, gaming enthusiast. Spent most of his life gaming, working, gaming, sleeping, and gaming. With eating food and bathing somewhere in the middle. He didnt have a lot of friends aside from his gaming groups, and conventions he would go to. However, Dream Engine a new Full Dive Virtual system cube came out. Hundred of thousands of people attempted to apply for Beta Testing. Erik got in, the Cube; Dream Engine was a full system it had the game, the link, the entire thing all in one package. Set it up on your bed, coach, floor. What ever, lay down and play the game. Dozens of different stories were selected. From the 90's 2000's and on. He was granted the access to the D.C. Comics. Follow Erik as his journey through D.C. Comics fan fiction. Inspired by recent Authors.

This is my first attempt on Scribble Hub. I've actually been rather terrified to start writing online. But after reading a recent...Batman fan fiction I decided why not! I'm not expecting much out of this, I hope others enjoy reading what I have to write. But even if no one does its alright at least I tried, its a step in the right Direction.

DC DC Comics
Acting Adventurers Aliens Curious Protagonist Game Elements Male Protagonist Modern Fantasy Multiple POV Non-human Protagonist Slow Romance Virtual Reality
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      New dinoandrew12
      Status: chapter 116: i’m back.

      This story is amazing.

      1. Chapters are huge

      2. Characters feel real (not one dimensional on reasons for doing something and when someone likes or dislikes someone you have a pretty good idea of why that is the case)

      3. Story seems cohesive (I cannot find any flaw without actually trying to find a flaw, which I have not done as that seems like a waste of my time)

      The main character is not afraid of killing without falling down the murder spree rabbit hole that seems to happen a lot in novels

      The main character is kind of treating the world like a real-world and behaving like a non-insane adult, Which I think is a good idea as I cannot imagine how someone could go into a full dive VR game and happily be an ass and murder people left and right, when the world based on your senses, is no different from your original world (and frankly I am not sure if the author is planning on keeping the world as just a game but if I actually think about what it would take to make a full dive VR game that has a universe alongside multiple realities (so multiple universes) I cannot imagine it being anyway feasible anytime soon, so I am pretty sure the world is actually real)

      When the main character started having s*x I was a little apprehensive as a very high majority of stories go down the drain when s*x comes into play, as that suddenly becomes the main focus and you are just reading smut (which if I wanted that I can go to sites specifically for that) but I am happy to see that the s*x is not a big focus and did not lower the quality of the story

      I honestly am not sure how I feel about the willingness to have s*x with multiple people, my main concern with regards to that (assuming everyone already knows you will not stick to one person (so no cheating)) is getting an STD which I honestly do not think any of the characters seem like the type of people who would have one and I am sure you can magic it away, but that brings to question if magic exists why can't there be magic viruses? Or a magic STD virus? So that concern will always be there as I do not realisticly think it is a good idea to be willing to have s*x with a bunch of people even in a magic society as I see no reason that viruses also could not use magic to where you cannot just magic them away

      It is also nice that the main character is not an "everything with a vagina belongs to me" type of person, and can actually have a functioning relationship  with a male, and a functioning nons*xual relationship with a female

      Basically not an Isakei protagonist (and as this is taking a while I will stop here)

      Edit 1. It is also nice that the main character is not a person who wants multiple people but refuses to let any of them see another person if they want (so again not a wish fulfillment Isakei protagonist)

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      It sucks. I can tell you put a lot of effort and passion into this work, but you gave this story all the wrong types of limits. This is wish fulfillment not buts or ands. This isn't even the good type, but the one of a cuck. He does all this crap to help others, yet he doesn't get anything in return except more responsibility, and when he gets women he purposely gives them away. 

      Also this is a vr world nothing changes, you could kill all the characters and just start a new run of the game with benefits. No consequences all reward. So pathetic for any person.

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      0 Likes · Like
      Status: Best Famfic yet!

      This story is a wonder. It takes characters that we all know and love, and creates tell a story from an angle few have seen before! A look at the magical underbelly of the world of DC is something to see. 5/5 ?!

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      13 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 71: murmur, and nickel

      the short version: it's a f**king masterpiece, read it!


      you want an actual explanation why it's so great... well it's your time you could already be using to read the first chapter. 

      Here you go, the long Version: 


      Dream Engine: Beta Tester... D.C. Comics is about your average office worker, named Erik, who is lucky enough to get into the beta of a new gaming system called "Dream Engine. This system allows the user to play a game while sleeping, featuring full immersion similar to dive-mmorpgs we know from other novels like SAO or the Matrix. 

      Erik is chosen as a beta tester for the DC Comics universe, for which he is a huge fan, allowing him to literally start a new life as a hero.

      Assisted by an amazing AI that evolves with every chapter, named Dawn, becoming more and more like-able with every chapter, he creates his new self with a rather unique, handwritten, cringe-worthy background story. Surprisingly that background is accepted by the system giving him massive benefits at first only to reveal the drawbacks later in the story, causing massive changes, forcing him into situations that can easily cause a GAME OVER if not handled right.

      Now to the points that make this story, at least for me, so outstanding:


      As Erik enters the world, he immediately realises the realism the generated world brings along, including that his avatar actually has his own personality with which he can talk and which will continue to live in the world when Erik is logged out, continuing along the path they have established together. 

      Although the game is a single player experience, it doesn't revolve around the player alone. Events continue to happen, no matter if the player is present or not, although he can trigger them early. This gives the whole story a very dynamic feel.

      Furthermore, most novels throw their MC into close proximity to their favorite hero, making them a relative, side-kick or even antagonist, to start the juicy bits right off the bat. This is not the case here.

      "Erick Lash", mostly simply called Lash, was created with a magical background, which gave the author a chance to let us experience a Gotham not seen before, filled with the mystical from start to end... and hell he delivered.

      Given only low powers, well, like in every game at the beginning, Erick and Lash work together to get a feel for this new world they found themselves in, getting familiar with their own abilities and start forming connections with the people around them... only to be thrown into the maelstrom of the magical society due to their "background story" playing tricks on them... Fun!

      Personality and character building:

      As I have praised the world building above greatly, there is something that cannot be missed to make the world complete, side-character.  

      In this mystical Gotham, Lash comes across countless people and beings he interacts with, befriends or antagonises. All of them are very well described and truly feel alive. I mean, if after 70 chapters you still remember that one door guard of Lash's apartment then the author did something really really right.

      As a male "hero" in this new world he, of course, also gets a lot of attention from the opposite gender, and once more the author does a fabulous job in describing both their appearance and giving them enough time to open up and show their true personalities. It is nice to see how they change after meeting with Lash.

      Note: this is not a harem story per se, although Lash gets into a relationship with multiple women throughout the story.

      Erik and Lash's interactions themselves are quite amusing in the beginning but as they progress in the story they meld into each other more and more, until they become pretty much on. Only occasionally are there mentions of Erik sharing his information about the DC Comics stories with Lash arming them with knowledge of what could be coming. To balance this out we get to know more and more about their morality, be it on the battlefield where he is willing to get his hands dirty to protect others or in the bedroom where he is unwilling to take advantage of women in their times of weakness.

      Lash stands out as a paragon of justice, judging others not by their race, gender, s*xual orientation or religion but solely by their actions on a case by case basis... something I know I would never be able to do no matter how much I were to try.

      Pacing and writing:

      From what I have seen, the pacing of the story is very good. The further down the story you get, the more Lash will be involved in events almost back to back, but the author never forgets to grant brief pauses in between where interactions with his close ones happen and we get to see their interactions and reactions to whatever happened. 


      As already described above, Lash is living his life in Gotham but doesn't get in contact with Batman or other DC heroes for quite a while. It is built mainly on his own achievements and growth in strength, at least in the beginning. 

      Once he does create connections to them, it is done in a very believable circumstance often giving us a glimpse of their personality. Superman's kindness, Batman's caution, The Flash's giddiness... I just love how they are depicted.

      Note: once more, this story mainly focuses on Lash and his own achievements and not the DC heroes. Although he is, later on, often working together with them, the focus will always be on him and feature mostly interactions with them.


      I had to single this one out as it's a topic that may or may not be a criteria for some reader to straight out say NO to reading this novel. 

      In this novel s*xuality is handled very openly, although Lash is straight himself, several character in his friend circle are shown as bi or gay, mainly women.

      If you are not good with something like that this novel may strike you the wrong way.

      As mentioned above, Lash will not create a harem per se, but be in a poly-amorous relationship with several women. This means he has several lovers and all of them are aware of that fact and each other, of course they too may have several lovers themselves. All based on open acknowledgment.

      The depiction of actual s*x scenes, not just mentioning the deed, is also present when Lash finally gets it on with one of his Lovers.

      Personally I don't like s*x scenes being described in novels that don't have a focus on this topic since it diverts attention from the story. Luckily they are not occurring that frequently to do so, but actually help showing Lash's morality and firmness in declining invitation. 

      One again, if you are uncomfortable with this or are actually looking for this to be in the focus, this novel is not for you.

      I guess this has already become far longer than I originally planned, therefore, firstly, thank you in case you actually managed to read through this whole review. 

      I love this story because the world and its character seem to be truly alive, they have a lot of variance and actively grow together as the story progresses. I especially love the scenes that happen because of the butterfly effect of Lash's involvement with the other heroes and villains.

      I am looking forward to many more future chapter of "Dream Engine"


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      Status: chapter 46: recreational vehicle!

      Great novel so far, an awesome idea with amazing execution. My only problem are the slight spelling mistakes, such as your instead of you're. Or que instead of queue, due instead of do, which i've only seen once. The spelling mistakes are only minor and don't take anything away from the story, and could be understood since you post chapters that are ~10, 000 words frequently. Keep up the great work.

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      7 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 32: scarecrow’s trade

      This novel made me imagine if I have the dream engine of my own, what kind of setting iam gonna use, best VR story that I have read so far

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      7 Likes · Like
      Status: c12

      ok the good is that overall therir aren’t to many mistakes in english now for everything wrong

      first and easily the worst. You have all of dc to explore and you choose generic hidden monster world there are countless of these and they are beyond stale

      next you have all the charecters in dc and you choose some ocs with the charecter of wet cardboard 

      then we got the “relationship” with generic elf a. They have known each other like a month and are completely ok with being magically linked to each others mind. Is she two because otherwise no one would feel comfortable with the actual mind  control. (Just because some one can break away doesn’t make putting emotions into people less mind control)

      finally the open relationship. They are terrible just the worst had one in real life wanna know a secret everyone got jealous they were just awful being single is a much more pleasant experience. Stick with friends with benefits don’t catch feelings. My real problem though is how he gleefully told her it was fine that she continues literally whoring herself out if they start a closer relationship. That’s not hyperbole that’s how the conversation started she sold herself to him for some dumb statue.

      speaking of his statues the concept that his artistry makes him special in a world where people can spend thousand of years on a hobby is just laughable 

      maybe it gets better after chapter 20 I doubt it the problems I have seen pretty intrinsic to the story  or in the case of the open relationship you seem to have a problem with harems  instead of writing a meaning ful relationship or a string of them you make the same mistakes of a harem in having the girls be bland show pieces except the MC is just a cuck.

      that wasn’t hyperbole your charecter is a pathetic cuck. He is pathetic because he latches onto a woman he doesn’t know the slightest thing about because she’s hot. He’s a cuck because he endorses a woman he is interested in to go get laid by other dudes. That’s the pathetic stuff this charecter does when he is playing a game 

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      6 Likes · Like
      Status: character creation

      I f**king love everything about this story it needs at least a thousand chapters or I will cry 

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      6 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 50: you’ve got mail!

      Happy 50! This story is so great. I love seeing the magical side of the DC universe through the authors eyes. The changes that the author made to cannon make sense in story, and the characters feel real, with believable motives and with good character development.

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      6 Likes · Like
      Status: character creation

      This story is so awesome, I finally made an account just so I can say how awesome it is.

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