Side Story #1
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<Begin summoning>
<Yes> <No>

The summoner pressed <Yes>, without any hesitation. She was eagerly hopping for a fluffy summon, like a wolf, or a fluffy dragon, whatever that is.

As soon as the summoning started, it began to glow.

It still glowed, nothing happened yet.

Then it became bright.

<Summoned: The Fairy Queen>

"I, Fairy Queen, has responded to thy' summon."

But the summoner fell on her all fours, sobbing.


The fairy queen did not expect her summoner to be dejected.

"Uuuu- I didn't summon any fluffieees.."

"...You made my little Tauro sad... Pay it with your life..."

If words could kill, then Yuzuri would have killed the fairy queen many times over.

The fairy queen started to panic.

"I-I didn't meant to! L-Look, I may be a fairy queen, but I just inherited the role just a few days agoooo!!"

Yuzuri slowly got closer to the fairy queen, with murderous intent.


But before Yuzuri could attack, Tauro got in her way.

"N-No fighting! *sniff*"


"No Buts!"


Yuzuri started to pout and sat down. But she still looking angry at the fairy queen.

"I'm sorry... I *sniff*... I Just wanted to summon some fluffies, and pet them."


The fairy queen started to understand what the summoner, Tauro, meant.

"If that is the case. Then let me help you with that."

The fairy queen used her magic, and it did not take long until she transformed into a cute puppy.

A puppy that was half as big as Tauro herself.

When Tauro saw this, her eyes sparkled.


Tauro started petting and hugging the now fluffy fairy queen.

"...Maybe I should learn that spell too."

Yuzuri said while pouting while looking at the scene before her.

These side stories has nothing to do with the actual plot. These are just some fun stories I may post time to time after the real chapter is posted. ( ̄︶ ̄)↗ 

Also, nothing in this side story makes sense.  ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

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