More Then Meets The Eye
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<Abigail> I left Jade and crystal to go use the communication at the nearby guard outpost. When I got there I went through the works to get in and left a message for the king saying that I would be coming back later then normal.

As I was heading back I picked up some seasoning and eggs to go with the horned rabbit meat. I hope jade doesn't mind me borrowing her kitchen because I am starving.

When I got back to the Pine's Alchemy Shop I was confused. When I entered all there was Jade and a blue fox, but Crystal had gone missing, well at least that is what I thought until I activated the tracking magic I put on Crystal. Thats cute, I wonder what they plan to accomplish with that.

"Hey jade do you mind if I use your kitchen? Also whats with Crystals new look?"

<Jade> "I don't mind. As for why Crystal is in the form of an adorable ball of fluff is to sneak her into the academy with me as a familiar."

<Abigail>"Can she turn into anything else?" I asked while I chopped some of the rabbit into small pieces on a pan to start frying. 

Jade began to whisper into Crystals ear while letting out all sorts of giggles. As she finished Crystal began to lose color and grow larger. Soon I was looking at mirror image of myself.

"Well isn't that something else." As I said that she lost color once again and sat on the table. Crystal began to shrink down to a size very similar to when I first saw her this time however she was more closely resembling her normal form just a set of four large wings sprouted from her back, she looks just like a spirit.

<Jade>"Crystal you make a pretty cute fairy if I say so myself." As I said that Crystal seemed to go beet red as she turned her head to the floor, so cute.

<Crystal> "Thank you Master" Praise me more.

<???>"I'm back"

<Jade>"Mom welcome home!"

<Mrs Pine> "Seems we have company and I can guess who by that smell. How have you been Abigail."

<Abigail>"Just fine if not a bit tired. Foods ganna be done so if Jade could set the table it would be great." And so we began eating. As we ate Jade began to tell her mom all about Crystal and what they had been up to.

<Mrs Pine>"I assume your here for more then just small talk while eating and if I had to place a bet it would be on Crystal."

<Abigail>"Well you would be right. We need to have Jade and Crystal have an audience with the king, I figured it would be best to let you know before it happens."

<Mrs Pine>"I mean I can't stop it but I do thank you for letting me know. Can I know what its about?"

<Abigail>"Sure I don't see why it would hurt. So you know of the God Jewel correct?"

<Mrs Pine> "Yes, although there are some rumors that it had gone missing."

<Abigail> "Well those rumors are wrong but also not entirely wrong either. You see  Crystal is said jewel or it would be more apt to say that the jewel was Crystal all along."

<Mrs Pine> "Seeing as were done eating you should get going, cant keep the king waiting now can we."

<Jade> After cleaning up we set out towards the castle. It was almost night as the sun was setting by the time we reached the front gate.

"So Abigail do you know what the king wants to know?"

<Abigail> "Probably most of what I already asked. He also might ask what your plans for the future are, or more specifically Crystal's."

<Crystal> "I plan to stay with Jade. I feel at my best when I am near her." I will not let harm come to Jade in this life.

<Abigail>"Aren't you the cutest!" I put my hands on Crystals cheeks and rubbed them.

<Jade> As we entered the throne room there seemed to be a lack of guards, on that note there seemed to be a lack of almost anyone how curious. Other then the kings closest servant Michel there was the head of the royal guard Victor. Michel was the image of the word butler, his most defining feature was heterochromia, one eye was gold the other blacker then the blackest night. Michel was a very well build man in a full set of plate armor  trimmed with gold.

As we approached the king Abigail knelt down, I followed her lead. I glanced over at Crystal and she has a look of confusion on her face but its not directed at me and Abigail but at the king instead.

I whisper to her "Crystal whats wrong?"

<Crystal> "I was just wondering why I am getting two different visuals of the king."

<Jade> "What do you mean?" As I said that Victor seemed to burst out laughing.

<Victor>"Seems like you have been caught Gabriel. I told you to actually get dressed for this one.

<Jade> As Victor said that the kings appearance began to change, instead of a gaudy kings getup he seemed to be wearing some rather expensive looking causal wear.

<Abigail> "You never change do you. The same thing happened with the spirits the hero had contracted. Although Crystal how did you know that he wasn't wearing his normal getup?"

<Crystal> "I was just looking at the thermals of this place, I figured if he was a king there would be more people around but it seems I was wrong?"

<Gabriel>"Man I just cant catch a break huh. Well lets begin then."

<Jade> So began a variable torrent of questions ranging from mundane to obscure. But the one that the king seemed most interested in was when he asked how the world ended. I began to retell the story of how human doomed themselves and killed the world around them.

The king seemed visibly unsettled with the idea of weapons that could devastate entire cities with no effort, I reassured him that it was near impossible to make any with the current technology.

He then asked what Crystal had planned to do she replied that she would stay with me as she said that Abigail got up and whispered something to the king making him chuckle.

After an hour our audience with the king came to an end. Rooms were prepared for each of us to use. Even though Crystal had gotten her own room she insisted that we share a room even cause a small fuss with the maids about. 

As soon as Abigail heard this she too was insistent that she join in as well, Crystal promptly shot her down claiming that the look in her eyes were like beast looking into a pen of farm animal. I can also agree with that statement I mean she was even drooling.

And with all of the fuss out of the way we retired to our rooms.

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