Investigation 03
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I woke up to the sound of my alarm. Glancing down, I realized I was on top of the bedroll, and there was a cute nude figure cuddled up next to me. Flashbacks of lust night’s activities played through my head.


(Oh my god. I fucked a girl…and I liked it.)


I could feel myself harden again from my memories. I look down at Lenora and saw her shoulder blades protrude from her back. I start to trace my fingers around her shoulders. I then slowly move my fingers down to her plump butt and give them a squeeze, waking her up too.


“Couldn’t wait, Gwyn?”


“I’m sorry you’re too cute.”



Lenora gives a light giggle before leaning over to my face and giving me a kiss.


“What was that for?” I said, placing my fingers to my lips.


“It’s because someone came out of their shell.”


“Its all your fault, now you have to take responsibility.”


I had responded, giving her a wide grin.


“That’s my line! I was the one who got pumped full of elf jizz. Who’s to say I won’t be walking around with a virtual baby?”


“If that really can happen, then I will take responsibility.”


I can only laugh thinking how funny it would be if I had to tell Yuki she was a sister to a virtual sibling. I give Lenora a mischievous grin and give her ass a loud slap. I get up and crawl outside the tent, making sure I give Lenora a good view.


Standing up, I stretch my body and feel the bones pop as I do. Shortly Lenora is standing next to me doing the same.


(God she is so cute)


“Alright, Gwyn, I do love being appreciated, but we can’t just walk around naked all day. We need to finish up this quest.”


“Aww. But I want to walk around naked.”


“What happened to the shy girl from yesterday?”


“Still here, but with the things we did yesterday, I don’t think I can be shy around you.”


We spent the morning packing up our camp and changing into our now dry clothes. We then leave the cave and continue our trek through the forest.


“Hey, Len. I got one skill point after leveling up. What should I spend it on?”


“Good question. What kind of build you going for?”


“What’s a build?”


“You…? Well, I guess a build is sorta like a template on how you want your character to grow. A super basic example would be you either build your character as a mage, an assassin, or a fighter.”


“Ok. I got it. I don’t really know what I want to do, but using magic sounds fun. Plus, I am also learning how to make potions too.”


“If you don’t mind, could you share your stats with me?”


“How do I do that?”


“Select my name from the party menu, and in the drop-down menu, select ‘Share Stats.’”


We take a small break and sit on a fallen log. I look over Lenora’s shoulder and only see my stat box as he scrolls through them.


“Holy shit!”


The sudden shout caused me to jump in my seat.


“What’s wrong?”


“What’s wrong? What’s Wrong!? You got this broke-ass cheat skill, that’s what’s wrong.”


I see her pointing over to my skill [Friend of Eri].


“How the hell did you get Eri as a friend? I didn’t even know you could.”


“I just asked her if I could add her to my friends.”


Lenora gave me a look of disbelief. She then shook her head and sighed.


“I don’t know why, but I can somehow see you doing that. Anyway, because of that, you got a skill that basically breaks the game. I can only imagine how OP you will be once that skill hits max rank.”


Saying that she continues to read my stats before closing the window.


You got a good list of skills. You want to learn magic, so either a magic swordswoman or a magic archer would be a good start. Right now, your build is more like a ranger.”


I nod my head, not fully understanding what she is talking about but just let her continue.


“Since you won’t be hurting for attribute points, dump some of it into CON and boost your HP. Your skills lean more towards DEX and INT at the moment, which is great for your bow skills and any future magic skill.”


Following her advice, I put my point into CON. We then continue our search around the forest. We use my [Survival] and Lenora’s map to find the location of the ruins. After an hour of searching, we came across a group of green-skinned people wearing some armor. They looked like a military unit out on patrol.


“Get down!” Lenora had whispered loud enough for me to hear


“What are those things?”


“They are goblins. You can see their name if you use your [Analyze] skill.”


“Got it.”


I stared at them a bit longer, waiting for them to move.


“They are kind of a cute looking, you know in an ugly cute kind of way.”


Lenora looked at me as if I was weird.


“What!? No way they are creepy. Besides, goblins are known for capturing women and breeding them.”


“Sound like they just need someone to teach them how to properly pick up women.”


Lenora shook her head and sighed. A moment later, the patrol started to move again. Lenora motioned me to follow her.


“We should follow them. They might lead us to the ruins.”


We decided to follow the goblins for a while, and it turned out to be the right choice. We eventually came to a rundown cathedral that had a few more goblin patrols around it. I look at Lenora and point my thumb to the building.


“You any good at sneaking?”


“Just got it when we were following the goblins.”


“Mine just ranked up. What we will do is time our movement to the patrols and sneak into that building. They look like they are guarding something.”


Lenora nods her head, and we slowly make our way to the building. We stuck to the shadows and used the breeze to mask our footsteps as we hid behind trees and bushes.


After what seemed like forever, we finally made it to the building.


“Can’t use the front entrance. Too many goblins in front of it.” I said, looking towards the front.


Lenora tapped me on the shoulder and pointed towards a slightly collapsed stone wall by a window.


“We can squeeze through there, I think.”


“Good idea.”


We made our way to the collapsed wall and pushed our way in. The inside of the building looked just like a church. There were old, destroyed benches everywhere. I heard a voice coming from the back of the church.


“There is some at the back. Let’s use the benches as cover and check it out.”