Chapter 59: Free the ninkens!!!
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The fight started.

Choji instantly used the Multi-size Technique and the Human Bullet Tank to charge at Kotaru.

"What the-" - Kotaru was surprised by Choji's weird jutsu and just managed to barely dodge this giant rolling meatball.

Choji smashed into the wall, but he just rolled back towards Kotaru again.

'This is bad, I'm forced by him to stay on the defense!' - Kotaru dodged Choji again and again, but Choji would just always crash into the wall and then change the direction.

"Damn, I won't just keep dodging passively. Here I come!!" - Kotaru started to throw paper bombs on the ground, making it essentially a minefield.

But Choji, even when he rolled on a bomb and it exploded, didn't stop rolling and instead just rolled faster because of the explosive force from the bombs.

"WHAT THE FU-" - Kotaru saw now that he made a huge mistake.

His bombs were helping his opponent while limiting his dodge options.

Seeing that the situation was hopeless, he decided to give up.

"I didn't know that Choji was actually pretty strong..." - Arina

"Well, no matter how they look, the Akimichi Clan belongs to the four noble clans of Konoha." - Eiji

A dejected Kotaru returned to them while they were chatting.

"Don't worry, you tried your best." - Arina

"...thanks" - Kotaru

"His best is not a good standa - I mean don't worry, next time you'll get em!" - Eiji

" wanted to say my best isn't a good standard, right?" - Kotaru

Eiji just started to shamelessly ignore him and started to pick his nose again.

"Koff, do you remember what I said before this chunin exam to you? The important thing is to accept your shortcomings and work on them. If you fall a thousand times, you have to stand up a thousand times!" - Hayate

"Yes, sensei! Thank you." - Kotaru


The next match was Shikamaru vs Kin (Otogakure girl).

Everything went the same like in the original timeline.

So now it was only one match left.

And one lucky one who would advance without a fight.

There were only Kiba, Kankuro and Arina left.

But out of these, Arina was the only one who was hoping to be the lucky one, the other two wanted some action.

And then the screen showed the names of the combatants for the last match.

Natori Arina vs Inuzuka Kiba!

"This sucks." - Arina

"Good luck!" - Kotaru

"Koff, good luck!" - Hayate

"Good luck. By the way the Inuzuka Clan is known for fighting with their dogs, so try to kick his dog as hard as you can." - Eiji


"Hey, that's rude. I wanted to be a good teammate and give her some advice..." - Eiji

Arina ignored her teammates and went grudgingly down: 'I was so close to being the lucky one and now that. My luck is the worst...'

When she went down, Kiba was already there waiting for her and talking to Akamaru: "After watching all those fights you also wanted to move around, right Akamaru?"

"Uhm, I don't think it's a good idea to let your dog fight with you..." - Arina

"Dogs are counted as weapons like kunais and shurikens, so it's allowed..." - Scatterbrained Jonin

"Yeah, you heard her girl. Me and Akamaru are inseparable." - Kiba

"But it's not about it being allowed or not. If we fight, I might injure the dog and I would feel bad..." - Arina

"You are right! I also like dogs and I understand you. Hey you there, I changed my mind, your dog is prohibited from fighting with you!"

"..." - everyone of the spectators

"WHAT?! You can't be serious, me and Akamaru are a team. We won't fight without each other!!" - Kiba

"I don't care, I make the rules!! I wont let a poor dog participate in a bloody match!!" - the mostly emotionless scatterbrained Jonin was now suddenly really zealous.

"What the, how can you be a Konoha shinobi? Shouldn't you know about my clan using ninkens all the time?" - Kiba

"I know about that. But now I decided I will fight for the freedoms of the ninkens!! After this is over, I will start a campaign and pressure Lord Hokage to forbid the use of ninken!!"

"What? You can't be serious." - Kiba

'This is starting to get problematic...' - Hiruzen


This is probably one of the more boring chapters. But with those "leftover" fights it's really hard to make them interesting. Anyway the next chapter the preliminaries end and some story heavy stuff starts. The story will start to slowly deviate from the original and the tone also starts to get darker. But don't worry, it will never be so dark that it will feel edgy, especially because of Eiji's bad mouth. I hope I will succed in writing the darker stuff as good as I write comedy, but we will see. Anyway, thanks so far for reading and all your support!