Chapter 35: Han Gyeong
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Han Jungsik was crowned as the new Emperor and publicly announced his alliance with the new demon king, Wei Dohyeon.

The baby was named after his mother as Han Gyeong and was conferred as the crown prince soon after his celebration of birth.

The peace between the demons and humans are gradually accepted by the lowest status in the kingdom's caste system. Only the people inside the imperial capital are opposed to it but the new Emperor turned deaf to their clamors.

The remaining officials who stayed loyal and did their job with integrity, continued serving the the new Emperor. The good nobles also helped Han Jungsik from settling the demons who wanted to do business to stay inside the imperial capital.

His kingdom's era became the most prosperous and the country was filled with both races. The humans slowly adapted to the changes and became harmonious with the demons.

Except for some small rebellion from the descendants of the dead corrupted officials, since Han Jungsik let the innocent children off from his punishment, everything was smoothly done.

The 'dead' former demon king, Wei Yun Gyeong's father, stayed at the human palace to take care of his grandchild. However, the baby grew abnormally fast, just like what the book said about male conceived babies.

The old demon was stressed at his grandchild who grew almost everyday.

Six months after his birth, he already started speaking and walking. The whole palace was in a mess every time the baby disappeared by their sights. Every sharp objects and sharp corners are covered with bouncy rubber. The floors are covered with soft carpet in fear that the baby might fall and get injured.

In fact, it was not only the old demon who was distressed but also everyone inside the palace. Pei Yang and Pei Hang's endurance were nothing in compared to the child's energy.

Han Jungsik was also turned speechless when the child asked him almost everything. He remembered that Wei Yun Gyeong said that the child's smartness came from him. It was proven true as the baby's question was thrown every other second he had answered the previous one.

A year had passed, Han Gyeong can already make his own poems and solve hard mathematics. The child was as big as a three year old, his skin is white like his mother's and his face is that of a jaded doll.

"Jungsik, did you saw your son run from here?" Han Jungsik looked up from his memorials as his Father-in-law walked inside the study.

He sighed and joined his in law in search of his missing son. It was on the midnight when they saw that the little baby was sleeping before an ice coffin where his mother, Wei Yun Gyeong, laid peacefully.

The two men looked at each other in melancholy as they both remembered the memories with the youth. Han Jungsik never mentioned the youth in front of his little son and the little son never asked about his mother either.

However, it was apparent that the reason behind that is that the baby knew that his mother had died and didn't want to make them sad.

Han Jungsik laid the child beside him as they slept on the dragon bed. His eyes remained staring at his little son and then leaned down to kiss the white forehead.

"Goodnight, love." A tear dripped down on the chubby cheek of the baby and the lights went out.


Four years later, the white baby grew like that of an eleven years old boy. His Father, Emperor Han Jungsik, sat on the imperial seat with his hair greyed out and his face revealed a tired face.

After that incident, his health started to deteriorate at fast pace. The imperial physicians from demon continent and human kingdom can't even see what is wrong with His Highness.

However, Han Gyeong knew that his Father's disease is simply that of loneliness and sadness from his mother's death.

It was like taking a life support from a dying patient.

Soon, Han Jungsik can't hold on. He was found laid down on another coffin, dead beside his lover's. There was an edict in his right hand while his other hand was intertwined with his lover's hand.

The whole whole mourned the tragedy of the couple's fate. Han Gyeong succeed his father and became the youngest emperor in the history.

He had scattered the secret of his birth causing the birth rate for male conceived babies from a decimal to fifteen percent.

Human and demon relationship also turned higher and higher. Han Gyeong lived for a thousand year, he witnessed the evolution of demons and humans, their descendants became mixed races until pure humans and pure demons became the lowest percentage in the population whereas the rest of the population were half human and half demon.

On his last breath, the half demons and pure demons were called vampires and another era began.


Author: Han Gyeong or a.k.a Baby, the spoiled fat cat son lived for too long on his last life that is why when he was reincarnated as a cat, he was too weak and was destined to die.

It was a coincidence that Han Jungsik found him and was fortunately treated to health.

Regarding, Han Gyeong's age/development. The little baby grows 2x faster than normal meaning.

1 year spent is him turning 2.

Therefore after 5 ½ years, he is 11 years old. (½ because 6 months he was in Wei Yun Gyeong's belly and the other half is him turning 1)