Chapter 36: Waiting for too long
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It was dark and cold.

He feels like he was floating and surrounded by a cold, highly viscous liquid.

When he had regained his control on his body. He opened his eyes and his blurred sight was filled with blue color.

Han Jungsik tried to speak but a nasty liquid entered his mouth. He was starting to get suffocated as it reached past his throat.

He struggled in the blue 'water' and noticed that he was contained in a huge container and in front of his is a tough glass that can be seen from both sides.

He did not struggled for too long and the glass moved and was opened sideways, causing the blue water to rush out and spill on the floor.

A warm embrace welcomed him and the familiar words echoed in his mind. However, he didn't get to stay conscious and the darkness swallowed him again.


Lee Yun Gyeong stared at the man laying down on the bed. He was afraid that the scene in front of him was just a delusion. He patiently waited as he frantically called his older brother and Han Jungsik's brother earlier to go over, when he released the man on the preservation machine.

Five years had already passed and everyday he was eaten by anxiety and fear that his lover will never wake up.

They didn't know what happened to let the man enter a coma where his heart beats normally but with a high chance of suddenly dying.

This has never happened to the other humans who tried the gene mutation. The two people who died didn't undergo coma and they just instantly died.

Lee Dohyeon told him that the longer Han Jungsik stayed in a coma, the higher the chance that the man would not wake up.

The fifth year was the hardest. His older brother asked him to prepare his heart since the man's vital signs are getting weaker. However, he remained stubborn and put the man in the preservation machine filled with chemical agents that can make the person inside stronger and let the body progress normally.

Han Beiyan announced his brother's retirement in the entertainment industry and hid his brother's condition to the public.

After they Yun Gyeong told them that Han Jungsik still hasn't woke up after a year, Lee Dohyeon and his wife traveled into the Earth because they are worried about the mental health of the youth.

Feng Jiluo also accompanied the youth everyday, trying to comfort and encourage him. He would just agree and support him, saying that Han Jungsik is his make god and the man will wake up soon.

Lee Yun Gyeong didn't get enough sleep for these years, he feels that the man would open his eyes when he slept. He would hold the cat everyday, talking about the man, complaining about the man. His every word is related to the man.

Now that Han Jungsik finally woke up, the tiredness in his heart was extinguished. Looking fondly at the sleeping man, this time not in coma, he really felt like he was in nirvana.

He poked the man's forehead and said, "You scared me to death. I really want to cut off your family jewels and stew them!"

Seeing that the man frowned at his poking, he grinned and moved his finger to poke on his man's cheek.

He continued poking and whispered, "Hmph! I really hate you. I won't talk to you when you wake up!"

Suddenly, a deep chuckle entered his ears and his wrist was grabbed. Han Jungsik smiled at the wide eyed youth and pulled him in the bed.

Wrapping his arms on the warm body of his lover, he hugged the figure harder. The both of them didn't speak, just silently soaking on each other's presence. Han Jungsik felt his chest suddenly got wet and knew that his wife was crying.

Wei Yun Gyeong sobbed, "Y-you! I thought you would not wake up and leave me!"

The man patted his wife and coaxed him. When the youth cried harder, he joked, "I thought you don't want to talk to me?"

The angry wife responded, "Bastard! You made me wait for too long!"

After saying a bunch of yeses, the husband wiped the messy face clean and peppered it with kisses. He didn't know whether he had flipped his wife's switch when the youth suddenly teared his white shirt.

"You must compensate me with your body or else I will really cut off your family jewels off!"

Han Jungsik smiled and his hands traveled down in his lover's waist.

As you wish.

Small theater:

Han Jungsik: Are you sure you want to cut it off?

Yun Gyeong: ...

Yun Gyeong: Shut up.


Author: Get a lover who can wait for you for a long time even if the circumstances tells them that there's no hope.

For me, trust is very important in a relationship. Love is great but if you don't trust your partner, don't expect that your partner will trust you back.