[NSFW] Chapter 37: Mutual Marking (1)
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Yun Gyeong, while he straddled the man, leaned down and kissed the slightly cold pale lips. The other one held his waist and started to respond with the same aggression.

"Mmmn...ah", the big hands started to naughtily went down to his bottom and kneaded the soft mounds.

The man's dominance over his tongue made him slightly irritated.

He retreated his wet appendage and then bit the lips red and bleed a little. The other chuckled and let the youth do what he wants.

He suddenly went down and pulled down the man's pants, palming the big bulge that was caged in the clothing. He smirked and licked his lips proactively at the shocked man.

Without letting the other respond, he pulled down the last cloth that was restraining the man's beast. Tracing the tip, he looked smugly at the man's red ears, "It's time for me to do some taste testing."

Han Jungsik struggled to speak so he took his wife's arms, letting the other to face his harden crotch while his face neared the covered mounds.

Yun Gyeong, clueless about their position, panickly stuttered, "Wha- What are you doing!?"

But the man didn't responded but instead, pulled down his shorts and then kneaded the his buns directly. The man's warm palm spreading in his skin, the electricity from the touch made him shiver in delight.

Softly slapping the white voluptuous bottom, the man who was silent, spatted out an order. "Suck it."

The youth grumbled, "Stop ordering me. I kno— Ah! Ngh, st-stop!"

Gasping sharply as he felt something wet and soft licking and poking his rim. He looked at the hard cock in front and then grabbed it in revenge.

Moving his hands up and down whilst playing the base, he took up his courage and licked the tip, causing the man to groan.

Encouraged by the response, he started to give it a long lick from the base up to the top and then swirled his tongue on the wet head.

This was something he had read on a sex manual but that was not important. The most important thing is that something wet and weird had entered his hole!

He looked back and saw nothing but his man's face plastered on his butt. The wet thing entered him is actually the man's tongue.

"Ngh...mmmn...Jungsik, there!", he gasp as he stopped stroking the big shaft, distracted by the man.

He felt electric shocked him when the tongue reached one of his good spot. The man's tongue was not hard nor big, bit it was longer than an average person's and it was pleasuring him too much.

The weird sensation of a tongue messing his hole made him extremely turned on. His dick started to release a lot precum.

He shookt his head and then focused back on the large cock. His little mouth covered the head, coating it with his saliva as the tongue played it.

He started to bobbing his head up and down, stroking the shaft where his mouth couldn't reach. The cock was thick and long that his hand almost couldn't cover the whole girth.

He felt offended by the size as man, he thought that of he couldn't compare in terms of length and girth then he should at most, let this beast be tamed and surrender in his mouth.

Driven by the competitive ephipany, he braced himself and then took the hard cock in. The sudden fullness in his mouth and throat made him want to gag.

Han Jungsik felt the warmth and pleasure combining together that almost made him cum. The youth's tongue is wide but not long like his, however, it is still covering a large area on his member. He also switches from soft and then rough sucks and licks, completely messing him up.

When Yun Gyeong was getting comfortable taking the monster. The tongue in his hole disappeared, two slender finger entered and the his hole filled with the man's saliva welcomed the intrusion.

He moaned and the sound vibration made it feel more pleasurable.

The man growled and added the third finger. He plunged the wet hole and reached deep, scraping the youth's prostate while the other bended his back in pleasure.

When he felt that his climax was nearing, he plunged in the fourth one and then repeatedly abused the prostate. The youth was unable to resist, with his back bended further and his mouth let the cock go with a delicious pop, his hard dick spurted out white liquid.

His body twitches lightly at his release and was slightly paralyzed. The man moved and carefully laid him on the bed.

He removed his cum-stained shirt and removed the youth's clothes until he was naked in all his glory. Satisfied on the still dazed and panting youth, he opened the cabinet and picked the big toy that he once used on the youth.

Although, it was slightly less than his size. It was enough to let his wife get prepared on his own.

The youth saw the toy and was upset. He sat up and told the man that he wants the man's big cock and not the toy.

Han Jungsik shookt his head, he patiently said, "My fingers are not enough to prepare you so I—"

His sentence was cut short by Yun Gyeong saying, "No! I want your cock! I want you to enter me and mess my hole up."

The man didn't speak but he returned the toy and grabbed the lube instead. He was very worried but he just can't say no to his lover especially when—

His wife politely begged to be fucked.