[NSFW] Chapter 38: Mutual Marking (2)
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"Get on your hands and feet." The youth blanked out for a second after he saw the dangerous glint on the man's eyes.

As if he was debating himself whether he made a good decision or not, he gingerly went down on his knees and hands and waited for another order.

The man's corner of his lips raised slightly and the went behind the youth. His hands trailed from the back, down to the tail bone. When he got to the soft white butt, he slapped the right cheek and then kneaded it.

He liked the youth's supple butt, his eyes darkening by seconds when he visualized how it will bounce when he pounds the wet hole later.

"Raise your hips higher." The youth gulped and obediently raised his hips. The slight pain from the slap made him anticipate the pleasurable roughness that will wreck him.

The man nodded, satisfied at the delicious food in front.

He stroke his still hard cock and then went nearer. In good mood, he played for a bit, patting the supple butt with his cock, rubbing it in the middle on the two mounds, and then teasing the pink wet rim by poking it.

Yun Gyeong was still upset since he didn't made the man cum earlier. Now, he was irritated by the man's teasing. Just as he was about to complain, the man spoke.

"Beg for me."

Cursing the man inside his head, he had already waited for this day for how many years and this man still wants to play. Fine. He'll play along.

Yun Gyeong smirked but the man didn't see it because of their position. He let his shoulders rest on the mattress as his hands went to his back.

"Please..put your big cock inside and fuck me to death." He then proceeded to grab his butt cheeks and spread it for the man to see.

Han Jungsik's cock twitched at the pink hole that was slightly gaping due to his fingers.

'Shit', the man torn up the XXL condom and then quickly wore it. Squeezing a right amount of lube inside the hole and at his cock, he aligned his big shaft and then slowly entered.

The youth suddenly cried out from the pain, when he felt that the man didn't made another move, he looked back with tears in his eyes and asked, "Is it all in yet?"

Han Jungsik looked at the youth's pitifully seductive face and then down at the place where they are connected, he hesitated and said, "Its...only the tip was in."

Yun Gyeong regretted his stupid and slutty words back then. He cursed the man's cock and thought that its the things fault for being so big.

The man didn't dare pull out in fear that the youth will get angry nor listen to his heart to enter fully and pound the youth senselessly.

He calmed down and then slowly moved back and fourth. Gradually deepening inside the tight youth. It excruciatingly lasted for thirty minutes until he heard the youth softly moaned as he moved.

The youth had relaxed and the hole comfortably wrapped in his entire cock. The wet hole was still tight but it is now easier to move.

Han Jungsik grabbed the youth's waist and then started to rock his hips. The youth's supple butt bounces every time the man was hilted to the very end.

The tight hole felt incredible. He didn't crazily move and just enjoyed the tightness and warmth. It felt more pleasurable than the youth's mouth though it is more sexier.

"Hm...ah, ah, ah! The-there! You ngh... pound me there!"

The man's cock was slightly curved upwards, causing it to highly stimulate his prostate. The big member made him full and it rubbed all the places inside.

His thrusts were gentle but deep. Yun Gyeong can feel the man's love and cautiousness on his safety. But, he wants more. He wants the man to be selfish and fuck him roughly.

"Ju-Jungsik ge, wait!" The man obediently stopped and then looked at his wife. The youth pouted and then speak out after a few seconds, "You...should not mind me. I want you to be more rough...please."

The man blinked and smiled. He wordlessly picked the youth up, their lower bodies still connected deep, the other moaned at their movements as the man changed their position.

He laid the youth down and said, "Open wide for me."

The youth blushed since he can see their lower parts move but still obediently spread his legs.

Han Jungsik placed the legs on his his waist and then roughly entered the remaining length in the pink hole deeply.

Their skin slapping against each other, making loud noises as well as the wet sounds of the the man's shaft going in and out.

He would pull out up to the tip and then enter rapidly and deeply inside. The youth's moans and shouts of pleasure made the man's thrust faster and faster. His back already filled with scratches.

He didn't kissed nor created love bites on the youth. Instead, he was staring at hssis wife's tearful and blushing face. He thought that his lover is really lovely and beautiful. Taking in the moans and the sobbing as he plowed deeply, he really felt lucky that the youth fell down on his place and not in another place.

After a while, Yun Gyeong's back curved up and his dick spewed his cum for the second time. The youth's hole suddenly contracted and the sudden tightness made the man cum instantly. The youth's inside twitched as he poured out his cum inside the condom.

"Second round?" The panting youth raised his head and asked. Han Jungsik looked back and nodded. The little guy laughed happily and then cruelly threw the condom box on the far corner. The man threw him a confused gaze and he gave him a smirk.

"Don't use those anymore."

Yun Gyeong lifted his legs and until his knees are up to his chest. He licked his lips and said, "Fill me with your cum."

Obviously, the youth was still full of energy and the man instanly hardened again in the youth's suggestive word. Who wouldn't?

So they embraced each other for the whole night, trying out different positions from the bed, window, bathroom and other places inside their master bedroom. They forgot how many times they did it.

Thoroughly enjoying each other's company and pouring out their feelings through the love making.

Yun Gyeong pecked the man's lips as he met the man's thrust. His mouth trailed down to his partner's neck and bit on the nape's mark as Han Jungsik bit down on his pale neck and sucked his first blood.

Welcome home.


Fun fact, the noob writer researched about sex and other stuff just so she could write slightly factual and slightly detailed smut. I really sucked at things (T▽T)