Chapter 39: Tears
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The morning sky is ironically dark. The clouds are tinted with gray and black, the air is humid, and the thunders roar.

Wei Yun Gyeong was startled awake when the loud thunder clapped. He looked beside the bed and found that the man was not there.

Like a dream.

There was no warmth at all.

His eyes were immediately filled with tears. The sight was blurred and his chest ached.

There was no sight of the man

Everything was just his imagination.

The youth dazedly looked at the calender were a red circle was drawn on a specific day. That day is today, their supposedly sixth anniversary as boyfriends.

As If the sky had seen his tears, the rain poured out heavily outside. The youth walked to their shared cabinet and took out the man's ironed shirt.

He closed his eyes as he tried to find the lingering scent of the man that has been missing for years.

It felt like a lifetime.

Housekeeper Li knocked on the door and called him for breakfast. The youth wiped his tears and then cradled the fat cat hiding on top of the cabinet.

"Let's eat breakfast and then pick flowers for your daddy." The cat purred in response, curling its tail on the youth's wrist as he patted its fur.

The food tasted bland, almost tasteless as he pushed it after forcefully finishing it in respect to the cook.

Yun Gyeong hurried down to the garden and picked the man's favorite flowers.

Baby's Breath.

Meaning, everlasting love. The youth holding the bouquet, sneered as he tried to not crush the delicate flowers in his grip. Everlasting love? What a joke.

Walking to a familiar path where a certain gravestone was located, the youth didn't even bothered covering himself from the rain.

He put the flowers down and stayed there, staring at the engraved name in deep thought, up until the night came.

In amidst of silence, a deep magnetic voice sounded from behind. It sounds exactly like the man whose name was engraved to the headstone.

"Baby, I told you not to treat me like I'm dead when you are upset with me." Han Jungsik placed the umbrella to his wife's drench figure as he looked at the gravestone in distain.

The youth turned around and then angrily punched the newly arrived man. His mouth opened as he let out his childish dissatisfaction.

"It's our anniversary today and you're gone as soon as the day started. As soon as you did that, you are automatically dead to me! Hmph!" In opposite of his sharp words, he let the man cover him with his trench coat and didn't struggle when the other hugged his waist to let him get warm.

"I'm sorry. It's my fault for being away on our special day." He knew that explaining will get him nowhere. Admitting that he was wrong first is the best choice when his wife is throwing a tantrum.

After coaxing his wife and escorting him back to the room, he ordered Housekeeper Li to destroy the annoying tombstone.

This is the third time that the youth made him a dead monument every time they had a fight. Yun Gyeong couldn't bear to yell nor say hurtful words to him so the youth created another way where he can release his anger— by creating a tomstone, giving him a cold shoulder, and then cry like he is dead.

At first, he found it cute and amusing. But seeing yourself in a tombstone for third time is irking. Anyone living do not want to have that as it feels like they are cursing themselves to die.

After encountering the childish side of the youth, he had already mastered his patience and ability to coax his wife.

He led the youth on the dinner table where a candle light dinner was set up. Roses are beautifully arranged in the vase, the candles flickered and danced on the slight breeze. It was romantic.

Han Jungsik helped the excited youth on his sit as he signalled a servant to serve them the food.

A small cake was placed on their plate. It was simple with no design, just a plain red heart-shaped cake. However, his affection level went up tenfold in the youth's simpleton heart.

Han Jungsik was about to speak when the other, without warning, grabbed the small cake in his hand and then stuffed it in his mouth in one go.

The man's mouth was left ajar as the youth chewed and then swallowed all the cake in just a few seconds. Because the man's perplexed gaze was too obvious not to be noticed, he eventually asked the man, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Yo-you...Sevants! Quickly call an ambulance!" Han Jungsik panicked as he ordered the maid. He quickly went to the youth's side and then worriedly rubbed the other's stomach.

Yun Gyeong threw a confused expression to the listless man and said, "What's the matter?"

Han Jungsik gritted his teeth as he answered, "You swallowed the proposal ring."

"...Why did you put it in the food!?That's unhygienic!?" The man massaged his temple as he also realized how stupid his plan is. Why can't he just propose normally!?

Han Jungsik sighed. He just knew how things didn't go as planned when it comes to the youth. The two of them didn't speak as they waited for the ambulance to come.

The silence was broken as Han Jungsik suddenly chuckled, pulling the youth in his arms. He leaned down and whispered, "Marry me, Lee Yun Gyeong."

Yun Gyeong opened his mouth and casually spoke in a joking manner, "Since I had eaten the ring. Guess I had already accepted your proposal."

The weird proposal event ended with Yun Gyeong being sent in hospital for a diagnose, Han Jungsik buying another ring, and just like that, the both of them will get married next month.

Feng Jiluo laughed so hard that he almost died when Yun Gyeong told him what happened that day. He laughed at the stupidity of the two people, getting delighted at other's misfortune.

'Hah! Serves you two right'. He thought to himself, ignoring how bitter it sounds like.

Author: Feng Feng can't laugh for too long *smile*

Feng Jiluo: *shivers*