Chapter 40: End
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The wedding was kept simple and minimal. It was held on a small temple in the Han family's onw kf the isolated island paradise.

The only guests invited were people that they were close to— Feng Jiluo, Han Beiyan, the two former gang leaders Lei Hang and Jun Yang, Housekeeper Li, a few actresses, actors, and directors, and most importantly, Lee Dohyeon in flesh.

Yun Gyeong's older brother arrived two days prior but his wife, Song Hyejin remained in their planet since she's still pregnant with their first child.

Some invited guests were shocked when they got the invitations. Although, CEO Han Beiyan announced his younger brother's retirement, they are kept in the dark from the truth behind his retirement.

Many speculations involved Han Jungsik contracting an unknown illness with no cure or Han Jungsik retreating from entertainment circle to start a business.

However, none of this things are proven. The guests inside tacitly decided that this wedding would remain secret in their hearts.

Truthfull speaking, Han Jungsik did not want to hide his wedding but, the best choice for now is to let Yun Gyeong be seen with him gradually until the public get use to it before announcing that they are legally husbands.

If he was selfish, he would not care about the public's opinion and just announce to the world that this man is his wife and the one he loves. In other words, their wedding today is for Yun Gyeong's well being.

When the two husbands sealed their fates with a kiss. The single dogs gathered together in a happy but chaotic crowd. Feng Jiluo was pushed forcefully by Han Beiyan, stumbling in front of the group. The man earned a glare from him.

Han Jungsik saw this and sneered at his desperate brother. Yun Gyeong laughed at the crowd and eventually threw his bouquet of flowers.

All of the people in the crowd reached for the flower bundle. The bouquet tumbled in their flailing hands until someone accidentally hit the flowers hard and it landed on a certain someone who was thinking of escaping.

Feng Jiluo looked at the bouquet in his arms and then at the dumbfounded crowd.

"Congratulations." Han Beiyan smirked at him, snapping him out of his daze. The man's words resounded in everyone's ears and they immediately clapped and cheered.

Yun Gyeong threw a gossipy look at his husband and the husband gave him a knowing smile.

Feng Jiluo realized what had happened but he was too late. His face turned red but he was too shy to give the bouquet to other people. He angrily looked at the perpetrator, the evil man who pushed him there, making him catch the annoying bouquet.

"You fucke—urgh..." Feng Jiluo suddenly threw up. Han Beiyan panicked and patted the man's back. He clearly saw the man drink water only and did not touched any alcohol. Why did the man vomited?

Beiyan touched Jiluo's forehead and the latter didn't even have a fever. So what gives?

Fortunately, Yun Gyeong's brother is a scientist and was also a proffesional doctor. Lee Dohyeon let the weak man sit down on a chair with Han Beiyan supporting him.

"Dohyeon, what's wrong with Feng Feng?" Dohyeon shookt his head and reached out to the other's wrist to check the pulse.

The man who was called Feng Feng, raged and shouted, "Who told you to call me Feng Feng!? You old ma—" throwing up for the second time, Feng Jiluo obediently closed his mouth and ignored the annoying man.

Lee Dohyeon repeatedly felt the man's pulse. His brows knitted, weirded out at his findings. He remembered something and called Yun Gyeong.

"Brother, you called for me? Need my help?" Han Beiyan stepped back and let Yun Gyeong close. Lee Dohyeon looked miserably at his brother.

"You brat. Remember the vial that I sent you before?" Yun Gyeong thought for a while and hesitantly answered his older brother.

"...The one that can enhance someone's body and strengthen it tenfold?" That was the only vial he had asked for his brother. What's wrong with the vial?

"That's right. You gave it to this young man?" Yun Gyeong nodded slowly. He didn't know why his brother breath deeply like he was restraining himself to beat him.

" should have said that in the first place. Now your friend is pregnant!" The word pregnant shocked everyone in the venue. A man was pregnant? How is that possible?!

Lee Dohyeon massaged his forehead and explained, "It works 100% for our race but if you let humans drink it, two side effects can appear in their body. The first one is that another pair of arms will grow due to their body unable to keep up with the strengthening effect and the other side effect..."

Han Beiyan who was silently listening, butted in the brother's conversation, "an ability for a man to get pregnant?"

Lee Dohyeon shookt his head and said, "Not really. The side effect is that the human's fertility level will spike up in a rapid pace. However, I didn't see anything wrong with that but I didn't know that the consequences for human men is to not grow another— err, reproductive organ but instead, created a womb in oppose to it's natural biological sex."

The sudden mpreg event created an earthquake in everyone's gossipy heart! Yun Gyeong suddenly let out a gasp and said, "The-then...who's the father!?"

It should not be a problem if the man did not do the deed by being the bottom but if Feng Jiluo is pregnant that means...

"It's me." Han Beiyan stepped in and hugged the still weak Feng Jiluo. Han Jungsik pulled his shocked wife in his side. It looks like he was he knew about the two's relationship from the start.

Everyone was pacified and the chaos was resolved by the servants. The guests remained passive but they were just suppressing the urge to run and get some gossip with Feng Jiluo.

The after-wedding continued but Han Beiyan already took away the angry Feng Feng. Yun Gyeong pouted at his husband and complained that Han Jungsik should share the gossip to him later.

Han Jungsik laughed and said, "Okay, but that is if you can persist until I'm satisfied." Yun Gyeong turned red and  laughed like a ruffian saying that he was looking forward to it.

That night, Yun Gyeong took back the words that he said. He cried and cursed Han Jungsik for being an insatiable beast.

Except for their night life, everything is peaceful and worth every amount of time in their lifetime.

Let us be together for our entire life. Walk together in the path of no regrets, path of troubles and wonders, path of doubt and fights— let us overcome it all, together.

Don't let me go.