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Yun Gyeong took a deep breath in attempt to calm himself in the current absurd situation.

"What on earth are you guys doing—",  Han Jungsik supported his back as he amgrily pointed the uninvited pests in their room.

"—in my own honeymoon!?" The angry wife lashed out at the three extra people in their rose petal covered bedroom.

Lee Dohyeon spoke first, "I need to know the full details as to what had led to Feng Jiluo's pregnancy. My dear brother, since you unintentionally caused this bizarre situation, you need to tolerate our presence." And in addition, he need to make a full report about the additional cautions to be made in the vial.

Grumbling lowly as he cannot disagree with his older brother, he leaned on his husband's body and gestured to the silent Feng Jiluo to start talking.

Feng Jiluo cleared his throat as he pushed out Han Beiyan who was shamelessly pinching his waist, "Three years ago, I got the role as the second male lead from a big shot director in a military themed movie. Han Jungsik acted in his movie many times and should be familiar with how eccentric that old man is."

The old director was very strict from the movie character's detail from the extras to the main casts. It was just that, Feng Jiluo's character didn't met his current body condition and as the only young master of the Feng Family, he was spoiled to death that he didn't have any military background that will help him fit the role perfectly. However, the director still picked him due to his personality being highly matched with the second male lead's.

Under the condition of him strengthening his body and acquiring military training for three months, Feng Jiluo got the role and efficiently arranged himself in a military training.

Only a week left and Feng Jiluo immediately learned a lot of military drills, life skills, temperament, and other military-wise details. However, his body physic and strength barely even passed the normal standard for military men, more specifically, he had problems with his endurance and strength.

He was chatting with Yun Gyeong that night as he soaked his bruised filled body in an iced bath. When he, by chance, talked about his problem, Yun Gyeong offered up a way for him to immediately gain strength. Knowing that the youth does not lie and was terribly amused with the option, he casually agreed.

Lee Dohyeon butted in, "And the vial that I sent was drank by you?"

Feng Jiluo rolled his eyes, "Obviously." The vial arrived quickly the next day and after he drank the liquid that tasted like expired children's medicine, only an hour passed but he can vividly feel an indescribable energy flowing in his body.

He hurriedly went to his mom's garden and pushed a random tree. He was shocked when the tree toppled!

He immediately called Yun Gyeong and animatedly chattered about his 'super power'. Yun Gyeong was out of sort, completely forgetting about the vial's caution, since Han Jungsik still haven't woken up but was still kind enough to help him.

A week later, Feng Jiluo got picked as the final actor for the second male lead after doing military drills written in the script. Reserving his family's whole hotel, he called Yun Gyeong and Han Beiyan to celebrate but when he got there, only Han Beiyan managed to go.

It was obvious since Yun Gyeong can't even leave Han Jungsik's side when he needed to take a bath. Therefore, the two people got drunk so hard that they didn't even know their mother's name.

As they drank all night, Feng Jiluo suddenly felt an outburst of energy. Han Beiyan didn't notice his discomfort and was busy pouring alcohol in his glass in which he dumbly drank continuously.

As the time passes by, the discomfort was replaced with pain. Feng Jiluo felt like he was going to burst into pieces, he felt like dying from the excessive flow of energy in his body.

A waiter that looked like his rival for the role, went near him and gave him a glass, he didn't heard what the waiter said to him and thought that the glass was poured by Han Beiyan but the man himself was not on his seat.

Feng Jiluo knitted his brows as he waited for Han Beiyan to come back. He felt unbearably thirsty and drank the glass given by the suspicious waiter.

Han Beiyan came back sobered with his hair slightly wet, he saw the disoriented Feng Jiluo writhing on his seat. Alarmed, he quickly gathered the man on his arms and felt the forehead.

It was hot! He supported the man and went to the elevator. Fortunately, the hotel was reserved by Feng Jiluo and he can quickly put the man to rest.

Feng Jiluo felt restless as the pain was overcome by the feeling of itch. The sensation of pain and pleasure combining in his body made his mind melted in puddle. Grinding and twisting his body on the man who was holding him, a pinch teased his waist as a deep voice sounded beside his ear.

"Behave." He can't register what the man had said but the pinch provoked his lust and became even more unreasonable. He grabbed the handsome face and sloppily kissed the man.

Han Beiyan snapped the feverish bunny and carried him on his shoulders. Slapping the man's butt as they reached the presidential suite.

He restrained the man on the bed and plucked the clothes off. Just as he was about to walk away to get a towel and wash basin to lessen the 'fever', he was pulled back by the naked Feng Jiluo and was smothered with hot kisses.

The blazing tongue entered his mouth and teased his own. Yelling 'fuck' in his mind. He chanted repeatedly that the man was not thinking straight and that drunk sex is not good.

Although he liked the man, he couldn't bear to force him nor take advantage of the man's current vulnerability.

Seeing Feng Jiluo's 'desire' standing up proudly as it grinded on his legs, he gritted his teeth and carried the delicious man on the bathroom.

"...", Feng Jiluo blushed and stopped talking. Han Beiyan took him in the bathtub and soak both of them in the cold water.

Although, he sobered up. He mindlessly confessed to Han Beiyan when they were staring at each other naked in the tub.

The rest was history of course.