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"What the fuck are you writing, Yun Gyeong!?" Feng Jiluo snarled at his sneering friend who was wildly typing on his phone.

"I'm writing an article to ruin you in exchange for ruining my sex life." Han Beiyan chocked while his younger brother looked away, not stopping his wife from his typing.

"Ehem." Lee Dohyeon tried the catch everyone's attention as they got off track.

Crossing his leg, he explained what had happened, "A human's body capacity to handle such great energy is only a week. Therefore, the outburst of energy you felt that night is the start where the side effect will about to start."

He looked at Feng Jiluo who was about to throw up again, "The first pain you felt should be the sign of the first side effect that should have appeared in your body— growing up a pair of arms."

He continued, "But because of the high dosage of aphrodisiac on the drink, it was delayed and triggered your pleasure senses. Instead of intense pain, it was replaced by intense pleasure."

Yun Gyeong stopped typing and looked up, "But that was just his pain receptors being changed to pleasure. It would not result to...Jiluo's body being capable of getting pregnant."

The Han brothers nodded and Lee Dohyeon raised his brow at his younger brother, "For once, you tried to use that brain of yours."

Ignoring his easily provoked younger brother, he started explaining, "The delay should last if Feng Jiluo managed to get the aprosidiac out of his body but during the delay he and Han Beiyan had...", his eyes trailed on Han Beiyan who in return looked away from his gaze.

"...become one. I'm assuming that they didn't use protection causing the..liquid to trigger the other side effect that should have been for females only." The two suspects, Feng Jiluo and Han Beiyan, pretended to be dead as both of their face turned red.

Yun Gyeong snickered, "It's better than having another pair of arms like a freak, right?"

Han Jungsik spoke before letting Feng Jiluo rage at his wife, "But that was three years ago, how come Feng Jiluo became pregnant only now?"

Han Beiyan cleaned his glasses as he answered back, "We officially dated and well... do the deed once in a while. I guess, Feng Feng became pregnant when we fought last month and had make up se—" a hand covered his mouth and the owner glared at him.

Yun Gyeong 'ooh'ed as he continued writing his friend's juicy night life. Lee Dohyeon nodded and said, "The womb was formed in a slow paced because it needs semen to develop, since you two very so often had sex without protection, the womb was formed in a longer time."

Han Beiyan hummed in agreement, his shameless side showing as he tried to appease his man, "Isn't it more beneficial to us? Since Feng Feng is the only son of his family, we can continue the Feng and Han's bloodline with our descendants."

His younger brother looked like he has no plans of having children so having a child with the man he love thouroghly joys him in his heart.

Feng Jiluo might not look like he was excited, but he was greatly looking forward to their child. He unconsciously rubbed his still flat belly and a small smile appeared on his face.

"Look at his dumb smile. Hurry and get out of my turf. This is my honeymoon and not yours." Yun Gyeong snappily commented. Lee Dohyeon rolled his eyes as he scram himself.

Han Beiyan pulled the cranky Jiluo outside and condirably closed the door.

When the peace returned to their room. Yun Gyeong turned around to his husband and said, "Now, where were we?"

Han Jungsik smiled and initiated to press his impatient wife of the bed.

Meanwhile on the Han Beiyan's side, the two of them said goodbye to Lee Dohyeon who was going back to his planet.

"Punch my brother for me." He said before disappearing. The two nodded as they watched the man faded.

"Should we also book a flight today and go to your parents?" Han Beiyan hugged the man from behind to shield him from the wind.

Booking the nearest flight, they bought a bunch of gifts, namely Han Beiyan, and even got all his property documents in case the Feng Family reject him for being 'undeserve' of their son like what in TV drama shows.

Feng Jiluo laughed so hard and Han Beiyan supported his back. "Stupid, my parents are nicer than you think." And the thought of him bearing a child might shock the old couple but that is what they wanted the most.

'Finally, I can say bye-bye to blind dates.' If Han Beiyan knew about his past blind dates, he would surely hunt them down.

When Han Beiyan met his parents face to face at their dinner table, he lowly sneered at the business stance of the man. He teasingly pinch that man's thighs and the man pinched him back on his waist causing him to spit out his drink.

The talk was surprisingly smooth and Feng Jiluo's imagination of his parents being shocked to death did not happened.

In his disappointment, Mother Feng laughed happily and Father Feng patted Han Beiyan's shoulders as he started to chat about life of being a father.

Feng Jiluo pouted as he practiced crying ang begging to accept them, earlier in the car. Mother Feng pulled him and nagged about pregnancy.

When both of their gazes met, the two smiled at each other and tacitly thought to themselves, we are family now.