[NSFW] Extra (3)
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Han Beiyan's eye twitched in annoyance as he looked at the smirking man in front.

The couple decided to watch movie and in the middle, the man's hand slithered on his side and started to get touchy.

Han Beiyan pulled out the man's hand inside his pants and gripped it, "Feng Feng, behave. We are still on your family's place."

Feng Jiluo pouted and turned around, completely ignoring the other. The latter sighed and turned off the movie. Seeing that his lover wasn't planning to move, he carried the startled man and moved upstairs.

"Hmph, you said I should behave but its already hard before I touched it."

'Isn't it because you tried to seduce me by being touchy?' Han Beiyan was irked, he deliberately didn't answered and eventually entered Feng Jiluo's room.

Feng Jiluo grabbed his collar and stared at him with shining eyes, "How did you know this is my room?"

The man rolled his eyes and said, "It says 'Feng Feng's royal domain' written on top of the floor ceiling. The outside of your room also had the big teddy bear that I bought you one year ago."

Han Beiyan can clearly see how spoiled and loved Feng Feng is in their home. It made him feel relieved and moved since their parents passed away early and he didn't get to spoil his younger brother.

Feng Jiluo saw that the man was in daze, he had a tinge of sadness in his eyes. Although, he didn't understand why the man was sad, he pulled his lover to the bed and then hugged him.

The latter snapped out of his thoughts and looked at the head rubbing on his chest. He chuckled and grabbed the face, kissing it's forehead lovingly.

"Beiyan...I love you." He felt the gentleness and care on that kiss. He knew that the man knows that he prefers being kissed on the forehead than on the lips.

"I love you the most." Getting a reply from the man, Feng Jiluo looked up and initiated the kiss.

The two shown their love as they shared their fervent kiss, their tongues entwining and playing, their foreheads leaning on top of the other.

The pair of hands restlessly took each other's clothes until both of their skin touches the other. The friction between their body is turning the temperature higher and hotter.

"Beiyan, w-wait! I don't have... lubricant on my room." They never did it on his room and when they make love, it's either on a hotel or in the man's room.

"It doesn't matter." Han Beiyan went down despite the younger one's protests, he took the other's semi-hard dick and started to stroke it.

Feng Jiluo didn't understand why it didn't matter. He wanted to stop the man for a moment and buy it but the both if them obviously couldn't wait anymore.

The warm hand touching his member felt like a current flowing inside him, the broad hand that was bigger than his', covered his shaft completely.

He didn't speak anymore, laying obediently as he let the man do anything in him under his mercy. When he opened his eyes, it was just in time to see that the man opened his mouth and put his dick inside.

The sudden contact inside the man's mouth made his dick twitch in delight, his back curved and his mouth let out a loud moan.

"Sto-stop it, it's dirty! Do-don't— Ngh!" He grabbed the man's hair and tried pull the head away but his strength was sapped out when his man made a pleasurable suck in his shaft's head.

Han Beiyan didn't speak but he responded to the man's pleas by humming. The vibration coming from his throat added another kind of pleasure to the other.

It didn't even take long when Feng Jiluo released in his mouth. The younger one was shocked and immediately sat up, "Quickly spit it out!"

Han Beiyan obediently spat the man's semen and gathered it to his big hand. He looked at the other and said, "You always come so quick."

Taking advantage of the man's rage, he pulled the other to his arms and spread it's slender legs. When Feng Feng wasn't paying attention, Han Beiyan pushed his finger in and let the semen flow inside.

The sensation from the man's finger made him gasp, he looked down and saw that the man used his cum to lubricate his hole.

He didn't even get to say anything when the man added another finger and stirred his insides. His panting mouth was covered by the other's mouth and he was pulled by another overbearing kiss.

Han Beiyan felt that the man was prepared enough. He carried the man and positioned him on his lap, the slender legs were on his sides, the both of them faced each other and their harden cocks met every now and then.

When the man lifted the other so he can enter, Feng Jiluo suddenly squeezed the arms holding him and said, "W-wait! Wait a minute. What if the baby was hit by your cock? It's too long enough to reach it—"

Han Beiyan narrowed his eyes at the panicked man, "It won't."

However, the younger one was still restless. When he felt that the head was poking his entrance, he panicked again and said, "You're lying! The baby will get shocked if he see his daddy's cock inside his mommy."

Han Beiyan took a deep breath and moved the man out of his lap.

Looks like his patience needs an upgrade.