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Han Beiyan and Feng Jiluo's fight started to get worse to the point that Feng Feng would travel far away and the game of you-chase-me-while-I-run started.

With Yun Gyeong's help for Feng Jiluo, the former actor fled to the last minute every time Han Beiyan found him.

Han Jungsik however, was in his brother's side. He would always do Yun Gyeong in their night exercise and would pull out Feng Jiluo's location on the moaning mouth.

The couples sex life turned actively in those six months. In opposite to that, the other couple didn't meet in those six months. While the other was full of love and affection, the other was filled with flight tickets and check-ins.

Until one day, Feng Jiluo felt his now round belly in pain. The contractions made him passed out. Fortunately, Han Beiyan quickly went to his side and he was rushed to the hospital.

Feng Jiluo was luckily not out of town and the hospital was one of the Han family's property. His birthing was not smooth and the labor lasted 12 hours due to his water, amniotic sac, broke early and the baby didn't go out after that water break.

The liquid on the amniotic sac should've helped the baby to go out smoothly but since it broke first, it became hard. Feng Jiluo stressed that he would not get a cesarean section and the doctors gave him a green sign that it's possible for the baby to go out in normal way.

Feng Jiluo passed out twice but managed to get birth. It was a healthy baby girl. Unlike many wrinkled babies, the baby girl was born very fat like a jade doll.

Han Beiyan panicked when the baby didn't cry, however, the doctor calmed him down and said that the baby is completely normal, it was just very calm and quiet.

Han Jungsik and Yun Gyeong came with the Feng Family, they held the small fat baby and cried.

Han Jungsik left Baby on their home since it is not safe in the hospital. Feng mother saw him looking intently at the baby so she gave the fat child on his arms.

Yun Gyeong poked the baby's cheeks and said, "Jungsik, do you want children?"

The man thought for a while and eventually shookt his head. The youth smiled and agreed to his man. At most, they already have Baby and that is enough.

They two family gathered happily until a loud noise appeared. Feng Jiluo shouted, "Why do want her to be surnamed Feng, you don't want to recognized her!?"

Han Beiyan sighed and rubbed his forehead, "Honey, that's not what I meant. If you like the baby to be surnamed Han then it's okay."

However, Feng Jiluo was not getting it and said, "Why do you speak with that tone? You really think I would quickly forgi—"

The man kissed the other, not letting him speak anymore. Han Beiyan only started to talk again when Feng Jiluo calmed down.

"I only thought that our first child would take your surname since she looks like you." Feng Jiluo realized that he was acting unreasonable again, he started crying and apologizing to the man.

The chaotic couple reconciled and was allowed for discharge after a week. To say that Feng Jiluo changed completely wasn't an exaggeration. Even though he was still childish and spoiled, he would remain unreasonable and would talk the issue out with Han Beiyan.

The loving couple with a new set of cats, traveled all over the world. Baby came back with another cat, pregnant. Han Jungsik gave his son an unbelievable gaze and the spoiled cat looked away guilty.

After four years, they can back again when they headed that Feng Jiluo birthed another baby and this time, it was a son.

Yun Gyeong teased his friend and asked him how many children would they make and the other would chase him angrily.

Han Jungsik watched his toddler niece, Fei Fei, play with the kittens as Han Beiyan sipped his coffee while monitoring the two dumb people chasing each other like kids.

His younger brother and his wife, didn't even look like they aged at all. The vampire genes is truly wonderful. He looked down, smiling as rubbed his newborn son's cheeks.

"What's your plan?"

Han Jungsik paused and looked at his laughing wife, "Yun Gyeong wants to adopt kids. I'm going to let him visit the orphanage on the rural area."

The children there are more less fortunate, with less chance of getting adopted unlike in the urban orphanage.

Han Beiyan nodded his head, "Your company is growing well and it would not be too long until it would be on par with mine. Although, we are one family—"

"Big brother doesn't have to worry about this. After I cultivated this child, we would go to Yun Gyeong's planet and live there permanently."

The two couples said their goodbyes. The fate of these people were tied together by a fortunate chance.

Perhaps if Yun Gyeong didn't get ambushed and didn't fell down on the man's garden, he would not meet Han Jungsik and Baby, Han Jungsik would die early from his sickness, Han Beiyan would not meet Feng Jiluo nor his children...

Perhaps, this story wouldn't even start at all.

But because of these wonderful encounters, their story became each other's life story that they would reminiscence until they grow old.

The birth of an odd but fateful encounter of the two different lives created a new type of life and it would be...

forever entangled.


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