Chapter.14 The Smiting
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"""With this world as my weapon...I SMITE THEE!"""

Like they were words from a being of an omnipotent being

The ground heaved

The skies blackened

Dragon corpses rose back to life

Lava sloshed beneath the earth raging and swirling like a whirlpool of destruction ready to swallow everything

Gehenna bended to his commands and with it's terrible power thrust itself upon The Monarch,

Pov Change...Monarch...

'I tried to escape the waves of rocks and magma, I tried to dodge the torrent of wind that blew me towards the ground, towards my demise, I tried to ignore the pain in my wings from the hail stones hitting them and tried to oust the fear of the lightning bolts that struck around me, but I couldn't...just like I couldn't avenge my siblings...just like I couldn't feed his family without murdering innocents...just like I couldn't save my mother from being enslaved...and just like I couldn't I cursed? am I hated by the gods? am I evil?...these are things I have asked myself many, many, many answer? I am a Black Dragon not only that I am the King of Black Dragons and as a King you must pay for the crimes of your people...your family...and those you call friends...if there is a god out their who would give haven to my families spirits...give them a message...I'm sorry...that I couldn't protect you...and thank you for giving me the privilege of living amongst you...Goodbye'


The Monarchs last stand...against the world...begins.

Pov Change Mc

'The Black Dragon has managed to dodge most of my attacks despite the fact that I am literally throwing the entire world at him he still resists to the bitter end...what a determined bastard' I thought to myself as I threw a mountain at him whilst trying to force him down with gale force winds

'Maybe I should send the Undead after him?' I pondered this to myself back to a certain someone and remembered something...


"you are not allowed to EVER use necromancy, become a dungeon master or use slave magic!"Niphyala 


I lowered my head in shame...remembering the promise I had made to the first person I had ever met in this world...knowing I had broken it...simply for the sake of it...


As I was having this little moment of deprecating sadness I heard a loud roar coming from above


I was so distracted in my thoughts that I had forgotten to keep the pressure on the dragon and had loosened my offensive, without hesitation I activated the 4 bone dragons that I had created and had on standby and had them take off toward the ginormous Black Dragon

They smashed into the beast only 20 seconds later biting down upon the behemoth with tooth and tail and giant bone claws tearing the titanic creature's scale asunder however this did not mean that the behemoth did not fight back, it slashed the at my newly acquired bone dragon smashing them one's jaw's clean off whilst he sprayed another with acid, melting the poor bastard.

'I never knew that acid could be that powerful...maybe I could add some of the functions to myself using Gene-Splicing...ah I forgot I'm a skeleton...'

As I was having this little moment of reprieve the last Bone Dragon was destroyed, the now wounded and bloodied Dragon charged me sending out shockwaves as he tore through the air, breaking the sound barrier as it did, I regained my composure at the last second and swiftly summoned my mace and swung it upward towards the beast's skull and as my mace made contact the skin and bone of the creature seemed to rip and tear all the way through to the snout and after moment of fell, the last action it had ever done was one of open defiance against me, I was confounded as to why the Beast didn't simply dodge it like he did last time...

Then I realised the damage it sustain whilst fighting against the Bone Dragon's and the environment itself, it had a missing forearm, it's eyes had been torn out, was missing half of one of it's wings whilst the other was in tatters, no tail and many, many broken and shattered bones...

'It had made a valiant effort to fight for it's life and most likely pushed itself to kill me to avenge it's family...And then I resurrected it's family to fight him...Which forced him to murder them again...Wow I really am sick aren't I? But then again this is nothing compared to what of the Warlords of Veranti had done...have you ever felt that feeling of being hollow in you someone's just stabbed you in the stomach with a knife and is wrenching it 'round and 'round? No? Of course not...That's what it was like...Everyday...Back on Veranti...Where war was all i'd ever really known...Only thing most people had really known...Back on Veranti all you could think about was your own survival...You don't know what it's like to live in war...Amongst the corpses...Wading through it's swamps in silence...Well that's what it felt like in my last life and that's what it feels like now...To be as hollow as a skeleton...Heh, you know...It almost feel like i'm talking to you out of guilt...Like therapy...You know whoever you were I hope your family is waiting for you...Wherever you may go'


[Passive Gained!]


[Skill Gained!]


Generally i'd go into my status screen and select my stats...But something changed, something felt different from the Beast I had killed was not meant to be...maybe it's just some guilt for killing an intelligent creature, chest feel tight...I feel cold...I feel...Guilty.

Chapter End

Hello everyone I tried to experiment with adding emotion into my writing was it complete shit? Should I try to change my style? or would you like to see some more of this stuff released in future? tell me in the comments!