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Veranti Necro
Veranti Necro
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Backstory: There exists in this multiverse of endless possibilities and worlds that we can explore, create, shape and change. Heh why not world where death lived and life died?

Description: (Lit-Rpg Fantasy setting CURRENTLY) Follow the adventures of Kris Stella, previously the last hope for Veranti, now no more than a lowly skeleton watch as he becomes the most powerful being in existence!

(WARNING: this is my first time writing a novel so please keep your verbal whippings to yourselves until chapter 50 please unless it is constructive criticism)

Here's the schedule:
Mondays: No Chapters
Tuesdays: 1 Chapter
Wednesdays: 1 Chapter
Thursdays: 1 Chapter
Fridays: Makeup Chapter (if I miss one of the chapter for the week)
Saturdays: 1 Chapter
Sundays: No chapter

Hope this clears any confusion up, I hate random updates as well, so i'll try to stick to this!

Accelerated Growth Age Progression Apocalypse Beasts Cannibalism Dead Protagonist Fantasy Creatures Reincarnated as a Monster
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