Chapter 71: Time to rest
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Last week's poll was a discussion of the three cougars in the novel - Alexis, Sohn-Tochter & Mother - to see who is the preferred. Unfortunately for {The True God} she was majorly unpopular with only one vote for her as of writing this; the other two were neck and neck for once on these polls. In the end Alexis pulled ahead so the vixen rules as the number one cougar… That is ironic.

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Being dragged out from the dust cloud (admittedly self made) by her feet Eel couldn’t help but hack up dirt she accidentally heaved when making her epic battle cry.

<Dammit! It’s only worse since I sped up the rate in which my blood pumps around my body. It makes me breathe faster so I ended up sucking up so much dirt that it feels like I breathed in sand paper! Also I can understand why Lyada & Fuka would be dragging me by my legs… But why do they do it when I’m facing down!>

That’s right.

The pair of mature lovers didn’t even bother flipping the poor hatchling pup over from when she fell into what looked like a minefield. This resulted in the obvious result of her coughing only leading to her getting more dirt into her lungs while her head constantly moved up and down due to the random holes. Constantly hitting her head on random rocks.

Even the little prince couldn’t make herself look regal in this situation as all grace was gone from the youngling. Not only was one hand barely hanging on, having long dropped her spear due to the damage of said arm, while her body as a whole ached. It didn’t take much time to heal but healing didn’t do much about the mud that coated her face and body due to not only landing face first into the ground but also then being dragged across it.

With all this she couldn’t help but frown while being dragged yet at the same time her body ached too much to put up a fight against the clearly unfair treatment.

<I just hope I can find my spear again… Hopefully it didn’t explode like my arm did since it would make me sad to lose another gift from Mily. It was made from some sturdy {Giant Green Lizard} bones so it should be fine? Though that’s not my admission that some of those fake drakes are tougher than me… They’re just… I don’t know but I’m still better!>

Her frown turned into a scowl with bloated cheeks as her own thoughts at comparing herself to those hussy beasts - accidentally insinuating to herself that they may actually have an advantage over her in one small faucet. Even after claiming the head of one of them she still couldn’t get rid of that irrational jealousy that it could possibly be better than her. Showing that she did indeed have the native arrogance of dragons not only their greed…

“How far drag?” <Lyada>

“I guess we should drag ‘er up to Emily? Promicarus seems to ‘ave fucked off as soon as Eel finished that beast off.” <Fuka>

“Hmm… Face first?” <Lyada>

“I see no need to waste time doing it any other way!” <Fuka>

After a while of pouting she finally realised once again that she was still being dragged across the mud face first. They had already gotten out of the radius damaged by herself so why were her party members still treating her like baggage. Of course, this was just Fuka’s petty revenge for how much shit she’s needed to deal with over this little trip of theirs, no matter what happens it’s usually Elizabeth Jr.’s fault in some fashion so this is just karma. Unfortunately for Eel didn’t really care much about being dragged like this since her skin was too thick (both figuratively and literally) but it was somewhat annoying she’d need to wash up.

Soon the adorable little call of an all too familiar succubus made Eel turn her head though she decided against opening her eyes on account of still being dragged face first in the dirt.

“Beth, are you okay?!” <Emily>

The succubus attempted to walk over but her knee just buckled from under her leading to her falling down instead. To calm the girl Eel tried her best to respond to her little girlfriend however that only resulted in the hatchling pup coughing up some more dirt which was certainly not exactly being reassuring; this then being followed by the obnoxious laugh of a certain chunni who was taking great pleasure in her rival's suffering. Fortunately they had a mature adult to help them out this time (since Lyada certainly was only the adult while Fuka the mature).

“Hm~ you have no reason to be worried sweetie. The poor hatchling pup is just feeling some backlash from using so many arts at the same time - in truth I myself am very impressed she managed to use so much power from her bloodline. She seems much more attune to using her fox traits rather than the brutish dragon ones~.” <Alexis>

While saying all that she peacefully walked up behind Emily, her weapon already gone, to support the girl by placing her hands upon her shoulders. Letting the little succubus rely on her to stand the mature fox reassuringly nuzzled the girl in the typical fox fashion. Despite doing that she still managed to appear graceful; then again managing to appear graceful while being gangbanged by a giant horde of goblins for decades proved she could never not be.

“B-but what’s wrong with her then? She never turned out this way when using stuff from her draconic lineage…” <Emily>

Although she didn’t say it, it was clear Emily was suspicious of the [Nine-Tailed Fox] that made her Beth use something that resulted in her current state.

The woman being questioned didn’t seem to mind and to the surprise of everyone her tails moved swiftly to capture Eel. As for the two dragging Eel? They were the most shocked of all since the fox showed her skills by literally stealing them from underneath them!

After stealing Elizabeth Jr. Alexis just proceeded to wrap her up nicely in those big plump tails thus letting the girl rest in peace. She didn’t have to mind her tails getting dirty since the goblins had already done a good job of this; regardless she just put a doting smile on her face as she spoke again.

“Mhm~ indeed but that’s because the draconic bloodline she has comes with it’s own set of seals in order to prevent those unable to sustain it from… Well exploding or developing cancerous growths due to overwhelming amounts of life force, vitality & ‘mana’. Not only that but a dragon mostly just has a tough body so it’s harder for them to receive backlash; in contrast me fox’s aren’t as simple.

To put it simply she used more than she could handle which isn’t a bad thing since she’s still young thus should freely experiment with her limits. I also didn’t expect her to be so talented either since even back in the good old days few foxes can make use of all their bloodline ability like this little pup. That is especially true for [Nine-Tailed Foxes] like us since we can use a total of nine-skills at once…

Then again maybe the thin blooded one tails have it easier since they only end up being more talented than others~?” <Alexis>

While speaking she was both supporting the succubus while cradling the hatchling pup thus resulting in Eel actually entering a lul. All the while a strange but warm energy filled Elizabeth’s body only making her feel more comfortable - her aching muscles calming. With this warm feeling the girl soon drifted off while the Demon Lord just grumpily huffed that she no longer got to watch her suffering.

“It could be said the only reason she’s hurt herself is due to still being immature though once she reaches her growth spurt she should be more than fine… I am a bit worried about her dragon bloodline's influence on her growth though. *Sigh* Those dragons really are a lazy species to require so much time developing…” <Alexis>

One of her tails softly petted the person in question on the head while she softly drooled in her furry cocoon.

“Whatcha mean?” <Fuka>

“Well different races mature at a different rate with us fox being far quicker than similarly powerful beasts like the birds or reptiles. As if to make things fair we do need to spend time learning in order to fully make use of our natural gifts while the other races are simply born powerful - then again it’s not like we’re actually weak in your terms. The rates in which hybrids grow often has a mix between the two yet this little one is a bit different for one important reason… [Dragon Cores] or [Dragon Hearts] are something that wouldn’t be rushed no matter which bloodline you add to the equation.

Without a [Dragon Core] I’m afraid she won’t be able to reach her growth spurt, basically limiting how strong she can be for quite some time. Though I want to teach her all about our [Spiritual Arts] - I bet she’ll catch on so quickly… She’s such a smart one afterall ohohoho~” <Alexis>

The doting face of the fox was clear to even the uncaring Lyada leading to Fuka having a bit of a furrowed brow as she wondered what to make of it. Even now the woman tilted her head back to the fuzzy cocoon as it softly swayed in order to keep the girl in a happy lul. Although they weren’t exactly against the woman treating Eel like this Lyada & Fuka couldn’t help but turn away from the trio.

Emily was just along for the ride at this point so at Alexis’ prodding and poking the two quickly began to discuss about a whole range of topics… All related to Eel of course. 

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