Chapter 92: No More Secrets
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Chapter 92: No More Secrets

As the two of them argue, it just made them look like a bickering couple, making more of their female couple ship them even harder. Lu Chen and Zhang Jian look at each other and look back at them, and they couldn’t help but slap their face. The two begin to calm down, and Lu Chen explains,


“Look, Zhang Jian. The reason why I didn’t want to tell you I was their childhood friend is it would have caused a lot of problems.” If the whole school finds out that the four of them were childhood friends, not only would the student go crazy from jealously and envy him, they would probably start weird ships between them.


“What, don’t you trust me?” Zhang Jian felt kinda wrong still. He was Lu Chen’s childhood friend, so it felt wrong that his best friend had held such a secret behind his back.


Lu Chen sighs as he explains to him, “The reason why I didn’t tell you I was their childhood friend was that there might be some rumors going on with Ye Meixiu.” At school, Ye Meixiu had distanced herself from Lu Chen and the other two, so students would be wondering why she had separated from them. And students who are jealous of her might even start false rumors about her to destroy her reputation. The same goes for the other two girls.


When Zhang Jian heard that, he was a little less angry, but he sighs as well, “Brother Chen, I understand your trying to protect her. But wouldn’t it have been easier for you to watch over Ye Meixiu if you had my help?” Zhang Jian had many networks and connections around the school, especially with the girls. So he could have help Lu Chen by telling him which girls were starting rumors.


He’s right. Lu Chen was too worried that something would happen to Ye Meixiu or to the other two, so he wanted to keep this secret on the down-low. He was about to apologize to Zhang Jian again, but Zhang Jian interrupts him,


“Stop with the apologizing, or the situation wouldn’t go anywhere, idiot. Just buy me some good food for a week, and we’ll be good. Oh, and no more secrets between the two of us. After all, we’re brothers.” Zhang Jian said as he puts his arm over Lu Chen’s shoulders. 


He knew that Lu Chen has been secretive for the past few days. Zhang Jian thought it was probably due to giving up on Liu Fei Fei. The only thing he could do right now is trying to pry some of his secrets out bit by bit.


Lu Chen smiles as he agrees, “Fine, no more secrets.”


As the two were making up, in another classroom,


“What, Ye Meixiu had lunch with mophead Lu!”


Gao Jinhai shouts from fury as he listens to his lackeys, giving him a report. They were giving him a deep run-down of what happened in front of the school gates.


“Yes, boss Gao, apparently as the two of them were walking into the front gates of the school, Ye Meixiu had hooked her arms around mophead Lu’s arm. And as they were walking into the school, they were flitting around and acting all intimate with each other.” 


The lackey kept talking about the incident with great exaggeration and detail. While also adding some information that was rumored. While he spoke, he doesn’t realize the look of Gao Jinhai becoming even more sinister from each word coming out of his mouth.


“And apparently, now students are rumoring that the two of them are now a couple.” The moment he said this, Gao Jinhai didn’t even have to listen to what his lackey had to say more. The only thought going through his mind was; Ye Meixiu dating Lu Chen.


How could that mophead Lu ever go out with Ye Meixiu?