Chapter 100: Drill sergeant
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Chapter 100: Drill sergeant

That part was what made Lu Chen frustrated the most. Long Shen’s background is mediocre when comparing it to the Lu family. So for Long Shen to take down each pillar of Lu Chen’s family so quickly was something impossible.


Did he ask Liu Fei Fei for a hand? No, she wouldn’t have the balls to ask her family for help. Lu Chen thought about the event occurring, but he decides it was a next-to-impossible task for Liu Fei Fei to do. She couldn’t use the Liu family’s power at all; if Liu Fei Fei asks her family to help destroy the Lu family, it would be known that she would have cuckold Lu Chen. 


Also, the relationship between the two families was good, as well. Especially Liu Mingli, who was the next head of the Liu family, was also best friends with Lu Aotian. So that was off Lu Chen’s list.


Lu Chen begins to slash off all the possibilities of potential enemies he thought of as he went through them.


So the only ones left are Long Shen relying on his own power to destroy the Lu family.  Or he is working with someone else who has tremendous hate for the Lu family. These are the only likely possibilities Lu Chen could come up with, and he had narrowed it down to these two. 


Those possibilities were the most plausible reasons with the information he has at the moment.


“Whatever the case, Long Shen is the-”




Before Lu Chen could finish his thought process, Lu Hao kicks the door down and begins to beat Lu Chen with his slippers. He screams at him, “Why are you so f**in loud. It's the middle of the night! Go to sleep!”


After beating him down a bit, before Lu Hao left the room, he repeats to Lu Chen, “Go to sleep!” And slams the door shut.




Lu Chen starts cursing out Lu Hao for beating him on the ass. He continues his train of thought.


“Whatever the case, Long Shen is the key to finding the culprit.” And went off to bed.



“Ah, five more minutes.” Lu Chen grunts. Right now, he is sprawled on his bed, looking like he was doing some complicated yoga pose. He tries to cover his ear with his pillow to try and escape the beeping sound of the alarm clock.


But the beeping sound of the clock was too strong for the pillow to block it out.


Lu Chen decides on the next best thing; throwing the pillow at the godforsaken clock, hoping the clock would break from it. But, would it be able to break the clock? Not only did he miss, but he also doesn’t have a shield for his ears.




It was as if the clock was mocking him. Lu Chen groans as he had no choice but to get off his bed to turn off the clock. However, the moment he turns off the alarm, the first thing he notices was the time. It was now 4:30.


“F**k!” Lu Chen couldn’t help but curse out loud as he quickly rushes to the bathroom and gets dressed. He was already half an hour late for his training with Elder Wu, and he knew there was going to be hell to pay. 


Lu Chen runs out to the backyard and sees Elder Wu sitting on a lawn chair in a meditating pose. At first, Lu Chen was going to call out to Elder Wu. However, he notices Elder Wu was wearing a camo military uniform.


Is he going to go full drill sergeant on me? Lu Chen thought as he walks up to him quietly.