Chapter 101: Ten Laps
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Chapter 101: Ten Laps

“Um, good morning, Elder Wu.” After greeting Elder Wu, Lu Chen was about to apologize to him quickly,


“Elder Wu, I’m sorry that-” Before he could say anything, Elder Wu interrupts him.


“Lu Chen, what did I tell you yesterday.” Elder Wu said indifferently. He has yet to turn his head towards Lu Chen. Almost as if he didn’t ask Lu Chen a question, then he would have continued to treat him like air.


“..You told me to come here at four in the morning.” Lu Chen said quietly. He knew from how he was acting, Elder Wu was furious at him.


“And what is the time now?”


“...Four and a half. But I can explain Elder Wu, yesterday I was-”


“Silence!” Elder Wu raises his voice as he turns to the frazzled Lu Chen. Lu Chen has never in his life heard Elder Wu raise his voice like that.


“Lu Chen, you told me to train you. So I will. however, it will be military standards.”  Elder Wu had joined the army after high school with his grandfather and had gone through vigorous training throughout his life. The military standards had been ingrained into him.


Lu Chen looks at him, stunned. Military standards? He thought it was just a standard self-defense training course, not an extreme military course. Lu Chen was about to tell him it might be too hard for him,


But Elder Wu interrupts him as he said, “ Lu Chen, you say that you want to become stronger to protect your family. But all I see is a pathetic lazy ass that doesn’t have an ounce of will or drive.”


Lu Chen’s eyes widen. He was going to tell Elder Wu that he was wrong, but Elder Wu continues, “Aren’t you just a yapping dog. All talk, no bite.”


Elder Wu viciously smiles as he said those words. He wants Lu Chen to hear the truth as what he was doing now is the same as Gao Jinhai. They say they would do something, but it’s nothing more than a farce.


And yes, Lu Chen realizes the chu as well. He clenches his fist tightly in anger. But Lu Chen wasn’t angry by Elder Wu’s truthful comment. 


He was irritated with himself. Furious that he was taking everything so half-ass while saying things so righteously and blatant.


Seeing how frustrated Lu Chen was, Elder Wu sighs, “Let’s not train anymore. If you have this half-ass attitude towards the training, you won’t be able to stand it.” And begins to walk away.


Hearing his words, Lu Chen stops him, “Elder Wu, I’m ready! Please give me one more chance!” If Elder Wu walks out on Lu Chen, then he would probably never get another chance like this again.


But Elder Wu didn’t care, “No. From your lazy attitude and how weak-willed you are, it’s not worth it. Lu Chen, chances like these shouldn’t be given to people like this for free. Not only that, earning the chances back is even more difficult.”


Elder Wu knew Lu Chen had a reason to become stronger. However, the problem with him is that he lacks discipline.  Despite how mature he was for his age, Lu Chen doesn’t have the self-discipline of one. 


Elder Wu understood he must improve that inside of Lu Chen.


“Elder Wu. How can I earn it back?” Lu Chen was ready to do anything to earn the chance to train again.


Elder Wu smiles, “Originally, I wanted you to run five laps around the outside of the manor. But since you were late, I will change it as a chance for redemption. I want you to run double that to prove your worth.”


Ten laps around the manor?


The circumference of the Lu Manor was around two-miles. And Elder Wu wants him to run ten laps. Lu Chen was doubting if he could do it.


“Umm, Elder Wu, ten laps is a bit-” Lu Chen thought it was overkill to run that much, but he stops talking,


“Yes, sir! I will run ten laps!!”