Chapter 132: Kang Shuchun, Let’s have a talk.
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Chapter 132: Kang Shuchun, Let’s have a talk.

Zhang Wenling looks at Kang Shuchun's bright expression. Did my son do good in his previous life or something? How could he be such a girl magnet?


Before the two were about to duke it out again with their eyes, Zhang Wenling steps in as she didn't want her future daughters to fight. She suggests, "How about the two of you tutor Xiao Chen? I'm pretty sure he would need all the help he could get with his studies."


If the two start to tutor him, then it would make them grow closer to each other. Naturally, Zhang Wenling notices the hostility the two have for each other. And she wants to fix their relationship. She thought it was an excellent idea if they work together. On the other hand, Lu Chen was not smiling at all.


He was already not a fan of being tutored by Ye Meixiu. But with the addition of Kang Shuchun, he knows he might explode from the two arguings. He wants to say something, but it's decided as the two pairs of eyes sparkle as they each took a booklet.


“Brother Chen, this isn’t how you use this formula for this solution. You use it like this.” Ye Meixiu starts writing out the proper steps to use the math equation.


“Chen Chen, this is how you say this sentence correctly.” Kang Shuchun begins to speak in fluent English.


Lu Chen nods his head as he changes his confused expression to a bright one. Two beauties explain both math and English lessons simultaneously, and he could only agree as if he knows. Well, he already knows most of it.


Zhang Wenling looks at her son as she shakes her head in disappointment, “Xiao Chen, how can you be this bad in your study?”She knew her son had horrible grades, but she never realized it was this bad.


It is as if the heavens had only given her son over the beyond looks. But to equal him out, they made Lu Chen’s intelligence level down to garbage.


Lu Chen couldn’t say anything as he continues to look like he’s focusing on what the two girls are lecturing. But on the inside, he was bawling his eyes out.


It’s not my fault that I have to hide my real intelligence! Lu Chen decides to hide his intelligence for now. As he knew if he displays it, it wouldn’t have a large effect. It would make him look weird. He had planned to show it the moment he gets back his gaokao score.


And he knew if he displays his score to them, then they would be shocked in awe. That's why he had to play as a dumbass for now.


While Lu Chen had these thoughts, Zhang Wenling decides to leave. From how the three were super focused on their study, she doesn’t want to bother them.


After a few hours of studying, Lu Chen couldn’t take it anymore and suggest having a break.


The two nod in agreement as they drank water from being dehydrated in talking too much. Lu Chen eats his cake, and when he looks up at the sky. It had turned dark.


“How long have we been studying?” Lu Chen didn’t realize the sky had become so dark.


Kang Shuchun suggests, “ Let’s go inside. We’ll continue our work inside.” When the three went into the room, Ye Meixiu remembers something, “Brother Chen, do you still have the album when we were children?” 


“I do. But doesn’t aunty have a copy of it?” Lu Chen said. Ye Meixiu, Luo Ai, and Liu Fei Fei have an album, each with pictures of the four.


“But brother Chen, aunty probably has more pictures of us in your album.” Ye Meixiu knew her family has an album of their childhood. But Zhang Wenling was the one who took the photos of the four children. Aunt probably has kept the nice one by herself.


Knowing his Lao Ma, Lu Chen nods in agreement. Lao Ma likes to keep the better stuff to herself. Ye Meixiu pleads, “Brother Chen, can you get it for me?”


“Alright, let me go find it.” When Lu Chen left the room, the two girls’ expression instantly changes.


Ye Meixiu glares at Kang Shuchun as she said, “Kang Shuchun, let’s have a talk.”