Chapter 165: Too deep to back out now
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Chapter 165: Too deep to back out now

"Shut the hell up! Or do you want to be beaten like them?" The crowd instantly shuts up from Duan Cheng's threat. 


Duan Cheng continues, "What?! Are you going to keep looking like a bunch of statues? Scarm!" That last part didn't need to be said as most of the students already made a run for it! 


Seeing them leave, Duan Cheng sighs in relief. If more students had been around or even jump into the fray, things could get ugly. He looks back at his thugs as he orders, "Countiue to beat them!"


"This is what you get for messing with our employer!"


"Brat! You shouldn't have poked your nose into something you shouldn't have."


"Screw you! Why are you so beautiful?! People like you will get divine punishment from us!"


"What's the matter? Want us to stop? Haha, then beg us like the mutt you are."


Every time the thugs punch Long Shen’s face, they add in their quip as well. Seeing how Long Shen is turning into a pig gave them satisfaction. But messing up his face is just an added bonus. They have to focus on his arm first. The butler had paid them to cripple his arm.


When Yao Shao heard the thugs ridiculing his boss, he wasn't going to stand for it. How dare they talk to the boss like that!


Before the thug in front of him could strike at his stomach again, the fatty quickly pushes him away! However, instead of attacking the thug in front of him, Yao Shao charges at the two thugs! 


"Watch out, you two!" Duan Cheng screams out. From how big Yao Shao is, charging at the two like a wrecking ball isn't something to laugh at.


The two thugs quickly move out of the way before Yao Shao could slam into them. Yet, that's what Yao Shao is aiming for! He was aiming for Long Shen as he lay on top of him.


Boss Shen cannot be injured! Long Shen had stuck up for Yao Shao before, and he isn't going to let anybody offend him. 


"....." Duan Cheng and the rest of the thugs look at Yao Shao with a twitching eye. Fine, you want to play the human shield, we'll let you. We'll just beat you till you move away from him! They had seriously overestimated Yao Shao's fighting capability.


Even if Yao Shao had attacked them, what could he have done? Yao Shao is a second-generation rich kid that doesn't know anything besides eating and sleeping. While Long Shen is a studious pretty boy. The two of them combined wouldn't even have a one percent chance of winning against them. 


The only difference between the two now is that they become one target instead of two. Both Long Shen and Yao Shao are sitting ducks. 


While the two of them are getting the snot beat out by the three thugs, Tang Weimin wasn't standing there eating melon seeds. The man wanted to help the two out, but he's dealing with one of the thugs. Duan Cheng could see that Tang Weimin was part of Long Shen's group. 


Did the boy trick us? Duan Cheng had a large hunch that the person who was at the front gates was Lu Chen.  However, another thought came into his mind. Did the butler tell us the wrong information? That was the second option. When the butler had told Gu Qingshan about Lu Chen, the information he told them was so half-assed.


Either way, their group was too deep now to back out of what they're doing. That's why he ordered one more to deal with Tang Weimin. 


While Duan Cheng is mulling over how he got screwed over, Tang Weimin is dodging the thug's steel pipe. Unlike the other two, Tang Weimin actually has combat experience. 


Shit, at the rate we are going, this isn't going to be good. Tang Weimin knows this situation is going to become a never-ending cycle until he loses. Even if he beat the thug in front of him, another one would just come and take his place, and it will give the other one time to recuperate. While he would be worn down without a chance to recover. 


And then there's another problem as well. Tang Weimin couldn't grab Long Shen and Yao Shao and flee. Just running with Long Shen would be a hassle, plus Yao Shao, it would be too difficult for him.