Chapter 173: The only way to stop the guy now is-
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Chapter 173: The only way to stop the guy now is-

And Lu Chen was the person to come to her aid. Even if he didn't actually hear her call for help, she felt grateful. And seeing how he's dealing with Yao Shao because of her made her feel something deep down inside. Somebody she could actually rely on had come. 


Wait, wait, wait! Is he serious about me? Feng Meifeng looks at Liu Fei Fei. But didn't he like Liu Fei Fei? Would he even like somebody not as beautiful or successful as her? 


While Feng Meifeng is lost in her own thoughts about Lu Chen, the others didn't know what to say to stop him. Luo Ai knew from the texting that they did the last time that Lu Chen would do anything for the people he cares about. But never did she expect that he would even kill too. 


Shit, the only way to stop the guy now is-


Luo Ai didn't need to finish her train of thought as she immediately locked onto Feng Meifeng. If Lu Chen is doing this for Feng Meifeng, then the only person who can stop him would be the said person.


Liu Fei Fei notices Luo Ai gazing at Feng Meifeng, and she realizes the solution as well.  Liu Fei Fei nudges her, and the two look at each other, understanding what they had to do. But that was the problem. Would Feng Meifeng really tell Lu Chen not to kill Yao Shao?


Definitely not.


If Yao Shao had said those things to them, they wouldn't even wait for him to finish the first sentence. They would have just beaten him up so close to the death door and then drag him away to bring him back to it again. They couldn't ask her to do something like that. 


Feeling that the silence is a sign of acceptance, Lu Chen broke the silence as he said, "Now that I have said what I needed to, let's say goodbye to this asshole." 


"Wait!" Luo Ai doesn't want to do it, but she will have to knock out Lu Chen. Even if it Yao Shao, Luo Ai couldn't see another person dying. Sorry about this, Lu Chen, you can nag about it to me later. 


Before Luo Ai could make a move,


"Don't do it!" Feng Meifeng shouts at Lu Chen as she holds onto his arm. 


Lu Chen raised his eyebrow. He asks, "Why not? Did you not hear what he said to you?" To hear those words coming out of Yao Shao's mouth is blasphemies. The fatty somehow always makes him angrier every single time they meet. 


Feng Meifeng shook her head. She says, "It's fine, Lu Chen. As you said, Yao Shao is nothing more than a nobody. Why should I even care about what he says."  


But Lu Chen wasn't buying it at all. Seeing this, Feng Meifeng blushes as she continues, "If you're saying you're doing it for me, then I'm doing this for you. I don't want you to have blood on your hand. Especially not from this asshole." 


When Lu Chen looks her, he could see the firmness in her eyes and also slight worriedness. He repeats, "Are you sure you want to?" 


"Mmhmm, I'm sure." Feng Meifeng nods her head.


Lu Chen sighs, "Fine. If you don't want me to kill him, then I won't." The moment Lu Chen lets go of Yao Shao, he immediately drops down to the ground like a doll. 


Long Shen and Tang Weimin quickly went to his side to check upon him. 


"Yao Shao, are you ok?" Long Shen was the first person to ask him. 


Yao Shao coughed and took as many breaths as possible, trying to get as much oxygen into his body. Saliva and tears covered his face. This is the first time Yao Shao was on the brink of death.  He glares at Lu Chen, "YOU... SON OF A BITCH! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"


Feng Meifeng looks at Yao Shao like he doesn't seem to realize what just happened. How can you still threaten him when he was about to kill you without any hesitation?


Unlike the rest of the crowd, Yao Shao doesn't seem to realize it. In his mind, Lu Chen is just all bark and no bite at all. Even if he was choking him out, Yao Shao thought Lu Chen would never actually kill him. He wouldn't have the guts to do it. 


When I fully recover, I'm going to beat the living shit out of you!


"HAHA, You're just a nobody that's too fucking afraid to do anything! That's why Liu Fei Fei had never loved you!"