Chapter 174: Do you have the qualification to do anything to me?
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Chapter 174: Do you have the qualification to do anything to me?

As Yao Shao said in the last part, Liu Fei Fei's face scrunches up. Why the hell are you bringing me into this? If you wanna die, then go die by yourself.


While Liu Fei Fei curses Yao Shao, Zhang Jian and Luo Ai's mouths are gaped wide like a fish, wondering if Yao Shao just loves to seek death. Talking about how Liu Fei Fei loving someone else in front of his face is a big no-no. Long Shen and Tang Weimin's expressions are no different from them either. They have a blank expression as they look at Yao Shao, not expecting something like that would come out from a guy who almost got choked to death.


Each person in the room made a different expression, but they all had the same thought on what'll happen next. 


The fatty is on a one-way ticket to meet king Yama. Even though Yao Shao had almost met death once, it looks like meeting it once is not enough for him. 


Should I just let Lu Chen at him? If Yao Shao is really looking to die so badly, Feng Meifeng thought she should just let Lu Chen loose on him. However, that was only the anger speaking for her. Feng Meifeng tightly grips around Lu Chen's arm. She can't let him go. Killing Yao Shao wouldn't be great for Lu Chen. While she tightens her hold on him, she couldn't help but glance slightly at Liu Fei Fei, who's standing beside Long Shen. 


When Feng Meifeng thought about how these two guys have fallen in love with Liu Fei Fei, she couldn't help but feel envious and hatred for Liu Fei Fei. But then, curiosity fills her mind. 


Why would she choose Long Shen? When comparing the two boys, Feng Meifeng felt Lu Chen has a higher edge over Long Shen. Not only is Lu Chen handsome and rich, but he's also intelligent to boot. Plus, Feng Meifeng felt Lu Chen loves Liu Fei Fei more than Long Shen. Just remembering what Lu Chen did for her, she couldn't see Long Shen doing the same for the girl.


Before she could make any heads on the reason, her train of thought stops from the sudden laughter coming out of Lu Chen. 


"Fatty, you really don't understand the position that you are in right now, do you?" Lu Chen couldn't believe how much of an oblivious fool he was. 


"If it weren't for the fact that I was heavily injured, I would have been able to kick the crap out of you!" Yao Shao grits his teeth. If looks can kill, Yao Shao would have killed Lu Chen 10 times over. 


Lu Chen brushes off Feng Meifeng's hands gently as he walks up to Yao Shao. Zhang Jian shook his head at Yao Shao. Well, fatty. Adios. Thank the lords that I don't need to see you again. Seeing the malicious and cold expression Lu Chen had on his face, Zhang Jian knew Yao Shao's life was over.


Walking in front of him, Lu Chen asks, "Do you have the qualification to do anything to me?"His voice was frigid like ice, not an ounce of emotion. Everybody felt all their hairs stand up from how cold his voice was. 


But Yao Shao doesn't seem to understand that. He just laughs at him as he declares, "You're just scum. How can I not have the qualif-" Before Yao Shao could finish his sentence, Lu Chen states,


"I'm the son of the Lu family. You're nothing more than just a spoiled second generation. Why the hell do you think you are above me?" He was going to end his oblivious thoughts on the world. Lu Chen continues,


"Do you think just because I'm called scum at school means that outside I'm going to be treated like scum?" School life is much different from the outside world. Even though Lu Chen was bullied during his school years, trying to walk over him in the real world is an entirely separate matter. Power and influence mean everything.


Lu Chen could easily make Yao Shao disappear like he never existed, and he would only get a slap on the wrist. However, it wouldn't be enough. The people involved with Long Shen and his parent's death aren't going to be let off so easily. Lu Chen wants to make them suffer.