Chapter 175: Status
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Chapter 175: Status

Anger and impatience had almost made him lose this chance. If he had killed Yao Shao, he would only be giving him an easy death. Lu Chen was going to make the man slowly die. 


Thank god, Feng Meifeng stopped me. Sighing, Lu Chen felt that he owes Feng Meifeng another one now. 


While Lu Chen is thankful, Yao Shao instantly kept his mouth shut. He finally understood the severity of his actions. With Lu Chen's influence, Lu Chen could easily make all of his family's assets disappear. All the smug and pride that Yao Shao had before is now down the drain. 


Seeing Yao Shao silent now, Lu Chen glances at Feng Meifeng and back to him. An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. Lu Chen smirks, "So you finally know your place now. Heh, you're nothing more than just a rat. Remember that."


Yao Shao's face looks so dark that it can assimilate with the night! Lu Chen had thrown back the exact words Yao Shao had said to Feng Meifeng right back at him. Yao Shao grits his teeth like he was going to lose his mind. It sounds like his teeth are about to crack from gritting too much.


I cannot let this go! Pure ignorance was on Yao Shao's mind as he was about to curse at him again. However, before Yao Shao could say anything, he caught Luo Ai scowling behind Lu Chen. 


You better keep that mouth of your shut. Or I'm going to tear it off. Luo Ai knows the situation could have been much worse if Feng Meifeng didn't step in. The looks she saw on Lu Chen weren't something that was even remotely normal. 


Pure rage and killing intent were directed at Yao Shao from before. Even ordinary people like Feng Meifeng realize the thick killing intent. Yet, the fatty doesn't notice it until Lu Chen had to spell it out for him. 


Right now, the situation isn't as tense as it was before. Lu Chen isn't on instant kill mode. But that doesn't mean Lu Chen can't go back to that state. And Luo Ai wasn't going to let that happen. 


Seeing the scowl, Yao Shao instantly got the message and kept his mouth shut. Even if he didn't fear Lu Chen somewhat, it's a whole different story for Luo Ai. The scene of slaughtering the five pigs is still fresh in his mind like Tang Weimin.


Lu Chen glances back at Feng Meifeng as he puts his thumbs up to her. When Feng Mefieng saw that, she couldn't help but chuckle. Dummy. 


While both groups are beginning to die down against each other physically, mentally, on the other hand, some are having thoughts. Especially Liu Fei Fei. The girl has a stiff expression on her face. 


The situation is still too strange tho. Liu Fei Fei's mind focuses on the incident. Even though he is useless, what Yao Shao said has some validity to them.


For them to know the exact location where Long Shen was, she knew it had to be somebody from the school. The other thing the culprit needed to have is;




Whoever the person was, they weren't afraid of offending her. The logical choice would be Lu Chen. Even she has doubts about believing the two. 


However, she couldn't refute what Zhang Jian had said as well. Lu Chen has too many wounds on his body to say he has a connection with the thugs. Even if she wants to believe it's him, it's hard to force herself to believe that Lu Chen is the culprit from his body.


Before the tense atmosphere could arise between the two groups, the nurse didn't allow it as she suddenly said, "Alright, for now, we should treat the two of you. The ambulance should be coming anytime soon. So for now, rest up." Saying that to Long Shen and Yao Shao, she turns to Lu Chen and Zhang Jian, "And that goes for the two of you as well."


The nurse chose to speak up now. The kids in front of her are people that shouldn't be messed with. She didn't want to lose her job either from pissing off one of them. 


Lu Chen didn't say anything else as he fell onto the bed heavily. And Feng Meifeng went back to treating his wounds. The nurse started to treat Yao Shao, who had the most injury. While  Liu Fei Fei went to treat Long Shen.