Chapter 178: The only thing in his mind is lust.
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Chapter 178: The only thing in his mind is lust.

"Young man, your superior already said that we can take them away. Are you going to defy his orders?" Elder Wu said with a gentle expression on his face. He's been acting kind for the entire situation, but the officer is pissing him off now.


The young officer seems to not mind it as he shouts, "Yes, they're criminals, but if I let you take them away, then it would destroy my moral compass of a police officer." An endless amount of righteous words spew out from the young officer's mouth.


Are you serious right now? Kang Shuchun has a mocking expression as she couldn't believe how much of a fool he was. 


Elder Wu looks at sergeant Qiang, "Shouldn't you deal with him?"


Sergeant Qiang sighs as he says, "Stand down, brat. You're going to cause more trouble for us."


But the officer looks at him with a weird expression plastered on his face, "Senior, shouldn't we be more afraid of who these thugs offended? If they have taken these criminals away, how could we ever say sorry to the Lu family if we let them go?" The whole reason why the officer is so adamant about this is for his job. With the Lu family's influence, they could ruin anybody with a snap of a finger.




When sergeant Qiang heard his reason, he didn't know what to do. But he starts to laugh his ass off. 


Seeing him laugh at him, the officer became confused, "Is there anything funny with what I just said?"


"Do you know who those people are?"




"They're the Lu family." When the sergeant told the identity behind them, the officer looked at them with shock. 


The two of them with the Lu family? He didn't think the people that he was trying to help were actually in front of him! He looks at the gun still in his hand. Endless amounts of sweat released from his body! How can I pull a gun on them?!


The young officer didn't say anything else. Well, he didn't know what to say to them, afraid that he had done enough damage. Shaking his head, sergeant Qiang said to Elder Wu, "Well, you guys can take care of them now." Dealing with common thugs like this was a hassle. He would rather have Elder Wu deal with them.


Not having any more problems, Kang Shuchun hoists Duan Cheng and the rest of the thugs out of there. 


Elder Wu then asks, "Bring the other thugs over to this location." He shows him a location to Sergeant Qiang. 


"Yes, sir. Just give me a few minutes to tell them the location." Sergeant Qiang says, ready to fulfill his commands. 


And that is how the situation became like this now.


Kang Shuchun didn't respond to what Elder Wu said. Instead, she  asks the thugs, "Why did you attack our young master?" Her voice was flat, continuing to show off her indifference towards them. 


The thugs didn't know what to say to her at all. All of them are covered in bruises, and some couldn't even move parts of their body at all. The only person who has any thoughts going on is Duan Cheng. He's been shivering constantly from how flat Kang Shuchun's voice was.


Who the hell are these people?! Duan Cheng had witnessed the whole incident between Kang Shuchun and Elder Wu against the police. From how respectful Sergeant Qiang was towards Elder Wu and how the young officer was sweating from the aftermath, it was enough. These people aren't people that can be messed with. 


And from how Duang Cheng was hoisted like a ragdoll so effortlessly by Kang Shuchun, Duan Cheng knows it would be next to impossible to escape from the monster. 


Let's just answer their question and hope for the best. 


While Duan Cheng had the right thoughts about not messing with the two, the other thugs, on the other hand, are a different story. They have been looking at Kang Shuchun and Elder Wu with smug and disdain.


One of the thugs even suggests, "Hey, how about we have fun with that chick? She looks so hot." The thug had been looking at Kang Shuchun up and down, trying to find any opening in her clothing. It was the same with Feng Meifeng. The only thing in his mind is lust.