Chapter 24 – Male leads can be shameless
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Loud screaming noises pierce the air. Looking out from the window, you can see the brilliant male lead cutting through the mass of men guarding the building periphery - Janet’s fiance. He gallantly rode on his horse, commanding the men to barge through the tough defences. It truly looked like a heroic battle scene you’d see in a manga, his determination to skewer the kidnapper can be felt all the way here.

The boss is dead though.

Did I just fuck up by taking the male lead’s role?

Hahaha…… My mind must have been fried for a few seconds when I thought about how I’d die. Otherwise how could I just casually lead a melee brawl against the final boss?

Now that the adrenaline died down, my hands drop the club I was holding. I look back towards the girls. Cecile is already crying with relief, Ruby slowly patting her back with trembling hands. Janet’s sitting on the floor, her absent-minded gaze on the bloody face of the third-rate villain.

A black cat sneakily moves towards the window and I grab its tail. The cat yowls in protest.

You’re not going anywhere.

“Where's the man who fought with us?” Ruby asks.

“Did you know him?” Janet finally snaps out of her daze and looks into my eyes. She probably didn’t see him transform because she had no suspicions towards the cat currently screaming in my hands.

I shake my head. “It might be someone sent by the Duke to help us from the inside. He probably joined the fight outside now that the Duke’s here.”

Satisfied with my answer, the three of them settled down again. Smiles slowly appear on their face after they realise we’ve survived an outrageous event threatening our lives. Janet starts laughing.

“Tina, you were so cool.”

“The way you swing that club is more macho than any manly man I’ve seen.”

Their eyes on me had a changed attitude, like they’ve discovered a whole new side of me. Nonononono save the compliments for the male lead bashing his way to save you, I’m just a supporting character.

“Hey hey you should’ve seen her fight the cell guard. I'll say, she suits the name Mad Dog of Inich town!”

I’d rather die than have that name stuck on me.

If I could turn back time I’d just sit in the cell prettily without lifting a finger. With the amount of Duke's soldiers flooding the forest, I’m sure the fight would’ve been easy for the male lead. How the hell could I have known the male lead would come rescue this quickly?

“Ms. Mad Dog!”
“Mad Dog Madam!”

The cat in my arms starts coughing, its golden eyes stare at me with a mocking look.

Hohohoho you laugh? You’re in a position to laugh? I’ll deal with you good later.

The cat shudders.


Camping under the waning crescent moon. The whistling of the wind rustles the leaves in the dark forest. The croaking of the frogs and the creaking of the cicadas makes one remember no matter how empty the forest may seem, it is full of life. The crackling of the campfire and the sizzling meat cooking on top of it, the groaning of injured soldiers emerge from tents set up in an open area of the forest.

I walk towards a flowing stream nearby, the trickling sound of water gently following the course brings peace to its listeners. Chewing on a dry meat ration given by the soldiers, I sit under a tree and stare at the man whose golden eyes find the ground extremely interesting to not look away.

With his hood and mask removed, the black strands of hair flowed with the gentle night breeze, the dim moonlight playing on his face makes his features just all the more handsome. His eyelashes are unnecessarily long, his desirous lips are pressed into a straight line.

Yeah who can deny this idiot’s a male lead when his looks score a 10/10?

“It’s Jin.” His low voice interrupts the silence held, his piercing eyes challenging mine to look into them.


“You’ve never called me by my name. It’s not ‘Mr. Gold Eyes’ or ‘that idiot’. It’s Jin.”

“Did you just read my mind right now? Hey, do you think you’re in any position to be complaining about whatever the hell I want to call you?”

“Is that how you talk to your male lead?” A smirk plays on his lips, not even a look of guilt to repent breaking his promise to leave me alone.


He confusedly pointed at himself. What the hell? This man’s shameless!

“No you had your female lead back there. She’s your fated other half. That’s not me.”

“Ah what was it again? I don’t want my life to be bound my a rule. I’ll decide on my own goal, my own destination, and I’ll carve my own path." He quotes my exact words from that night. “I don’t have to be a male lead. I just like observing the fun things that unravel around you. You’re like a magnet which attracts all the interesting situations. Watching you deal with them is hilarious.” He chuckles.

Am I a reality show, you bastard? Hey where’s my cleaver? I’m going to chop a limb or two. I was holding back since he helped but what the hell is this bullshit?

“I’m only interested in the things happening around you. So let me stick around.” He laughs. “I promise I’ll help you maintain your ‘mob life’. And I’ll even save you if you get into life or death situations. Think of me as a mob partner?”

Hahahaha you’re joking. How can you be this shameless? You’re the one who’s most likely to bring me those situations. Don’t underestimate the male lead’s power to attract chaos. 

Also, what promise? You broke your previous one already, you owe me a hand right now.

“You can have my hand.” He pauses. “Ah right. You can even have my life while you’re at it.”


Hey this… this is turning dangerous. Don’t continue talking. Don’t do it.

“You can own me.” He smiles, his dazzling white teeth showing. His eyelashes quiver like a butterfly gently fluttering its wings.

F*CK. Who cares how your eyelashes flutter? My mob life just waved bye.