Chapter: 2
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→ Start of a new life. Starting From Zero to which people anticipated, how the lost soul would survive in the new world? I welcome you to a story, in which our main character struggles to adapt to common sense, and to see a world beyond your imagination as two beautiful girls travel looking for answers. 

[Author struggled in rewriting the whole plot :p… it’s a complete overhaul of the story 1 Editor: and so the author puts the editor to work. send help ]

Also, for now I’ll add a first person view for this chapter. It is hard writing a third view while also introducing someone, you know?

Actually, scratch the previous 5versions I made since this year, I’ll stick to the second version I made in September 2 Editor: so what was all my work for? ;-;

Side Chapter: 1 Death and Reincarnation

A peaceful town surrounded by trees, a house hung on the tallest one. The sunshine penetrates through the thick leaves that harbours the roof, the usual vitality of the people brought forth another peaceful day.

The smell of the morning breeze, which sways along with the cool winds, which brought up a refreshing feeling. The birds chirp alongside of the railings of the hung houses and the sound of the bustling village woke up two certain girls.

This is a story of a guy who was reincarnated as a girl with two bodies.


As my consciousness finally returned, I felt as if I was surrounded by something warm. As if I was being embraced by a soft, relaxing hand. Only a small amount of time had passed since I was reincarnated by Miss Lunaria, but I knew it. I was born anew to a new world.

A blanket was wrapped to my body as I was placed in something soft, like a mother’s breast, a first embrace of sorts. I heard celebrations and cheers, but I couldn't understand what they had said. Nonetheless, I would have never thought that I would get reincarnated as a baby immediately, considering the amount of stories I’ve read, some were already a teenager by that time.

Anyway, nothing I could do to change the past I guess, so I went along with my fate. Feeling a bit tired, I slept between the arms of the person who was holding me. It was a very peaceful nap.

After I woke up, I tried to move right away but I had so little strength that I couldn't even lift up my own arms. I tried to look around me, but being a newborn, my poor eyesight couldn't support my curiosity.

Seeing this, someone entered the room where I currently reside in and approached me, lifting me up in the air and then intotheir arms. I heard a laughter, but with my current body I couldn’t recognize a person other than with their voice, it sounded like that of a child; Innocent and cute, like a small squirrel squeaking.

 After that, I was handed to someone who had a more-wider arm and vice versa.  . . Once I was held, I once again felt the same touch on my body albeit not from me. Nevertheless, it couldn’t be anyone other than Mother, A gentle person.

Mother played with me and I tried to play her too to show affection. My little finger entwined with her slender fingers; with only a little bit of force my arm would be crushed so easily.

A second feeling once struck me again; I don’t know what to call this phenomenon other than a split sense. After mother had finished playing with me, I was placed beside her where I was covered in a soft warm blanket and then I felt that weird sensation again.

Given by the little girl to mother, I once again played with her. But I knew one thing; I am right beside her not the one in front of her currently. Thinking more than this made my head hurt and in a matter of seconds and fainted trying to understand my current dilemma.

It was like a double. When moving, the double would shortly after copy my movements like a machine programmed to do its biding. Anyway, after I fainted I woke up in my room once again where I saw my double looking at me with a dead, fish like eyes devoid of any emotions.

Remembering what Miss Lunaria told me about the chain’s side effects gave me shivers. I recalled everything she had said to me that time and practiced everything I would need.

Skipping time, I think it has been about a month since being born that day. Being weak and all, I tried various methods to escape at my prescription. Climbing, squeezing and several others you wouldn’t want to know a month old toddler would do.

Hit on the head, my hands squeezed by the gaps of the wooden cradle and more, giving me pain, which in turn made me cry. You know, children feel more pain and have less endurance than adults so it would only by natural that they would cry right?

Oh the irony, in the cycle of sleeping and waking up again made me realized that I had a twin body. And that I was in control of both of the bodies. I was confused at first but after dayshad passed, it seems that the sensation of feeling both bodies became natural to me. It felt weird at first, but I got used to it very quickly.

Other than that my main body, which is me 3 (Gil: Don't think too hard about it) (Mini:yes) , my eyesight had considerately improved within the span of a month. But, having and sharing two bodies and two senses would mean that I would have two different sights, right? No, unfortunately that's not correct. I think she's blind. You see, my double is a girl. She has a very fine silk like crystal white hair so shiny that it’s blinding, whilst mine was a Black, blacker than anything and as shiny as obsidian with a tinge of purple in the tips, and yes I am a girl too it seems.

After getting a closer look at my twin, she has a very well rounded cute face, so cute in fact; I would surely devote myself to her if ‘I’ weren’t her in the first place. Thinking so much in the future made meshiver even more, nevertheless I side casted the thought and observed myself , or her , more clearly.

Like I said, her eyesight weren’t responding but all the other senses were an O.K. In the meantime I had only considered it as a side defect of owning two bodies; I really do hope it is. 

Moving on, I also researched my own self 4 (Gil: Is it?) And mybody condition. Another thing is that whenever I try moving my two bodies at once, I suddenly get a painful headache and drowsiness, not much can be expected from utilizing both bodies now I guess.

All I know is that, if I try to move my consciousness between both bodies and control them at the same time like a marionette I get intense pain and I suddenly pass out, is what I gathered in the short time I have been here. Not much to be expected, but soon this ability will be useful, so useful in fact that I’m scared of myself from having this blessing.

No point worrying about it now I suppose, there were also others things I had learned from Miss Lunaria and so I tried to recreate some of them in my free time where mother and sister wouldn’t see.

Yes, I have a sister too. Anyway mother had used it frequently around the house ranging from cleaning and maintaining the lights that lighten up the house at night. It was like a stone that shone brightly like a light bulb in my home world. It worked by placing it in a special cylinder like thing and some magical phenomenon would by casted by mother, which in turn light up the said stone.

And so, that was my current objective for now I guess. Following Miss Lunaria’s instructions I tried to sense a warm flowing energy like blood inside of my body.

*Pulse* I felt a warm sensation swirl within my heart. *Pulse* the warm sensation moved from my chest and into my arms, like a snake, spreading like branches. But that didn’t stopped me, *Pulse* I concentrated more.

Little by little I had hardly achieved my goal, but nonetheless it had worked for the mean time. What I held in my hands was a squishy like ball made out of transparent jelly, as I would like to call it. This energy is contained within my blood, and circulated through inside me through my veins.

This energy, no, I’ll call it Magic. Magic seems to be the right name for this thing. By blood I moved the magic inside of me and compressed it in a tiny ball the size of a penny. Exhausting every little bit I have in me and concentrations far beyond what I could handle when I was still alive.

<<Limit Reached: Successful Acquisition Skill [Mind Power] had been attained>>
<<Limit Reached: Successful Acquisition Skill [Energy Flow] had been Attained>>

A voice spoke in head similarly to that of Miss Lunaria’s voice. It sounded gentle like the glamour of the morning sun but mechanical like that of a recorded voice.

The process which took all my brain matter into account was done in mere seconds without using all my processing power. Thanks to these so called Skills, as proclaimed by Miss Lunaria, every living being had lived a very peaceful life full of fulfilment.

Unknowingly, I came to the point where Compressing this Magic into a lump only to waste it soon exhausted my mana reserves which in turn made me very tired and sleepy.

The very next day, I also tried to separate my magic outside of my body. I tried various methods like making my finger bleed, or coming out through sweat. All options were logical, but this is a fantasy world so logical or not, it wouldn’t workwithin the realm of logic.  And anyway, if I do such absurd things Mother would barge in at any time and punish me 5 (Gil: imagine punishing a month old toddler) . So in short, it’s out, for now.

And so, after many days and hours of trying to master the flow of Magic inside of my body whilst also trying to think of a way to separate magic, suddenly I was hugged.

Well, after being in this world for how long many days, it seems that my older sister was called Abel or originally apple. I do not know why she was called like that 6 (Gil: oh do you now?) but I won’t mind her original name for now. As I saw her, she was a bright older sister that cared for her younger sisters. Anyway, sister always pampers me when were together and I like that for some reason.

She had very reddish Vermillion coloured hair like flames or the colour of a crimson blood. She was a tall as a 6 year old and maybe because she actually is in-fact. Anyway, she wore a very lose short skirt and a perfect shirt the size of her own, or not. Her long hair was tied in a ponytail above her right ear.

She had a very cute face like that of mother and big Purple-Indigo eyes

And sometimes she goes out of control and monopolizes me entirely, after that for some reason Mother would come into my room and drag sister away like nothing. As such after being hugged and stroked by my sister, mother came in and stripped sister away from the two of us. I feel sad for older sister and at the same time happy by being loved by such a caring lovely sibling.

This sight was a usual for me and this happened almost every day. The language spoken by them is still unknown to me and I don’t have any means of talking for now as I can't even understand them. I’m just like a sitting duck waiting for instructions, pitiful isn’t it? It’s not like there's anything wrong with it, but being unable to understand their language seems to be a minus for me.

There is no cheat provided by the goddess but she gave me something, and that something I wouldn’t be able to use for now. Let’s think of it as something like a timed blessing, by the time of recognition I can be blessed, it seems.

Thinking about all of these, my sister held me while she stroked my other body, the feeling of being brushed by the hair made me sleepy and yawn with a cute voice.

For the first time, I heard myself finally speak. 7 (Mini: “the baby: My name is Arnold voldi...”) (Gil: XD)




12 YEARS HAD PASSED AND IT WAS MORNING Tina set out of the house to buy something from the nearby city as she packed a bag full of necessities she would then sell to the travellers to earn extra money 8 (Gil: and yes, the author just yeet'ed the baby part)

Before going out of the house, she quickly walked and entered their room. A girl of the same age as Tina sat motionless looking out of horizon as wind blew by. She had very beautiful silky hair that looked like a crystal, whiter than Pearls and glossier than silk. She was, at some point, writing something in her notebook.

Tina entered the room looking haggard and retrieved something from the drawer and looked at the mirror. Tina had a very Dark, Darker than Obsidian yet Alluring hair. With the tips of her hair in dark indigo purple, paired with her blue eyes made her look really cute.

“Alright! Done, Now to get the paper” said Tina after she clipped a piece of wooden hair clip in her hair to fix it. Shortly after Tina said something, the girl in white gave her a piece of her notebook where the things she would need to buywere written.

“Thanks Kris” Chattered Tina to the girl named Kris. It was as usual and silent in the room before Tina entered and until Tina decided to venture out. Kris watched Tina in her window until she was gone.

Tina then first visited a run-of-mill blacksmith shop where she received a friend to escort her. With a knock in the front door a voice of a young boy came out then an appearance. He had a golden like blonde hair and green eyes, He was slightly taller than Tina, but that had hardly effect on her it seems.

“Hey Al, could you come with me? “ Tina said looking cheerful. “Yes. Is she around? “Al said. Albert was his full name; in short Al was his nickname whenever Tina would call him.

“You mean Vivi? Yeah she’s not coming today. I think she’ll be visiting Kris today though”. Vivi, one of Tina’s friends, She was a girl of her age too like Albert. She had a very bright personality and a very gentle heart. Her hair shone like the green leaves, even brighter than emerald green whilst her eyes was greener than any could imagine. 9 (Gil: too much green)(Author: like your pfp)(Gil: am I vivi?)

In short she was a maiden, though it wouldn’t exactly match her as the name suggest. Anyway, after knowing that their friend wouldn’t come with them, the two quickly set out to their destination, a city far off north their village.

The two asked one of they're nearby neighbours to let them ride their carriage that had a destination to the city, and luckily they were given permission to ride along for free. Feeling thankfully, Tina gave the coachman a piece of her merchandise, which he accepted.

In truth, this was the Life of Tina. She lived in peace with her family right after she was reincarnated. Furthermore, she also lived the life of Kris, the girl in white. She was a weak child unlike the energetic Tina and she was also unable to see properly without the aid of one of her Techniques she made along the way.

After months or so, she found out that she had two bodies she could control to herself, albeit it was hard to be expected. Before even turning 5months old, she had already mastered the flow of magic and right after she was a year old, she had perfected a technique to aid Kris’s eyesight.

No one, No; There weren’t anyone who knew that Kris was blind except Tina herself. Perhaps it was one of Said effects of the curse, she wouldn’t know, she didn’t know.

Argen was the name she gave to the technique she made. It apparently made seeing more precise, it was a handy dome made out of pure fibbers of thin magic strings which covered them atop.

It had the ability to see through things, whether be it solid objects or Magic even. Tina on the other hand didn’t need any help from her technique as she wasn’t able to wield it to herself in the first place. She found out that she herself, as Tina, couldn’t make magic in opposition to Kris, who had the aptitude for it.

Years passed when she turned 3years old, a ritual was held to grant children personalized ‘Marks’ that made the children adept at one thing the mark offered them. Each, were different.

At the place where the ritual was held, the Cathedral, she met two other children like her. As guessed, the two were Albert and Vivi, or Viviette. Albert was the first one to come and accept the mark where a practitioner would bless them in ‘Boxes’ than would then put a mark where their bodies.

A fire emblem with a bull’s horn as the icon appeared in Albert’s right hand indicating his ability to forge weapons as a blacksmith. Right after, Vivi was up next with a butterfly’s wing appeared below her left eye.

Kris was then followed; a weird shaped emblem appeared in her right eye. It was unknown what kind of ability it had, but the officials marked her as failure. Next was Tina, it also appeared in eye, albeit in the left side and it also had a different design but was also weird in shape. Both of them were marked as failures by the officials.

Luckily they still had a future beyond them, but little did they know the outcome of this decision in their whole life.



In the middle of their little journey, Kris stood up of her seat ready to receive a friend of her’s, Vivi. Just after that, a voice came right outside of their porch calling for her.

“Umm... Can I come in Madam Mina?” called Vivi. She was referring to the twin’s mother. “Yes you may come in. Your always welcome” A gentle smooth voice came out at back of the door. “Yes thank you” Vivi then removed her shoes and arranged them aside safely at the side of the walkway.

Kris then went down of the stairs to greet Vivi. “Welcome Vivi” said Kris in a very weak voice only she may hear it. “Hello Kris!” replied back Vivi. “Come” spoke Kris gesturing Vivi to come up stairs.

Vivi was holding a basket where it contained pieces of paper and small chalk board. Where in turn, Kris brought out and readied them in successions in a desk she always cleaned spotlessly.

“Hey Kris what’s Tina going to do? “Vivi asked, which were then answered back by Kris. “They’re going to Uncle’s blacksmith shop to learn” “Oh then wouldn’t be that good for them? Albert’s father was Uncle’s apprentice right? ““Yes” affirmed Kris.

“When is school anyway?” “Just a month away so we should learn to write and read already” “Oh, Sorry hehe. Studying is pain. . .” “Then what will you do? Would you either be with us or stay with auntie, your mom, all day?”

“Guh! No, I’ll be studying no thank you” Vivi, Surprised, Answered Kris straight. “Good” nodded Kris.

While the two were exchanging Lines at each other, Kris had already finished the things Vivi would need to learn into a piece of paper and with a chalk board filled with letters of different varieties.

The day went on as the two studied their lessons in advance with the help of books that towered behind them in the bookshelves. Kris’s Mother also happily helped the two girls and taught them.

Meanwhile in Tina’s perspective, she was holding a large iron bar several the weight of her own carelessly.

“Oi little miss, you sure you could handle that by yourself?” A large man with a very grumpy look talked. He held a very big hammer, maybe even heavier than his own like a warlock carrying a big Morningstar.

“Yes Uncle” Answered Tina looking haggard and out of breath. Uncle was the large man in front of them. “Go find Albert and let him do this heavy lifting, a girl like you shouldn’t be doing such things at your age. “

“But uncle I’m now a 10year old! I could these easily.” Assured Tina. A sigh came out of the man’s face as he lifted the iron bar Tina once held out of her arms. “Be gentle of yourself little missy. You’ll ruin your face” smirked by the man. “Humph!” pouted Tina.

Soon after, Tina than went out of the workshop and tried to find Albert who went off to a nearby barracks by himself.

Is he learning swordsmanship? That’s cool to know thought Tina. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to learn it myself too while I’m at it. This body isn’t like Kris’s where she could handle any kinds of magic easily, but her’s isn’t also like me who is strong in any physical means

A while after she left the workshop she found Albert swinging a piece of wooden sword by in his arms. “Hey Albert!” shouted Tina. “Uncle’s looking for you!”

“Leave the old man alone, I don’t want to learn blacksmithing, rather I’d like to be a knight. “Albert answered back as he looking somewhat pissed by the fact that his emblem depicted him as a future blacksmith in his right hand.

“But shouldn’t be my position is even worse than yours? I don’t even know what it depicted and the church never gave a concrete answer to it. I was even marked as a failure you know?”

“But. . . “Albert stopped swinging his sword for a while and submerges himself in deep thought thinking of a way to answer back. “Can’t say anything can you? Then we’re basically the same! I don’t care if I’m a housewife or anything of the sort. Here,I will practice with you!”

“Eh? No no, I’m fine doing it my own. . .” Albert blushed. Right after that two men wearing heavy plated armour came by. “Hey kiddo you finished? “Said by the first man. “Oh hey he found a girl. Are you two dating?”

The Two’s changes only made Albert blush the more he heard them chatter. Meanwhile, Tina was looking for a wooden sword like the one Albert’s had.

“Hey little Miss, do you want to learn swordsmanship?” a man said as he happened to saw her. “Yes!” enthusiastically said by Tina. “Then come by every day or so like that boy over there. I guess he’s your friend right? Then the more the better”

The man handed Tina a wooden stick as he began to teach Tina to wield a sword. While, at the other side of the road was Albert’s uncle looking a bit sad to be alone without Tina who helped him rather than Albert.

Albert on the other hand was also in training by the two men who were his friends and mentors. The whole day passed like no time and both of the two were severely exhausted by that time and night arrived. Luckily though, Albert’s Uncle was going to their village to bring supplies from the city so they rode the carriage provided by him and slept on the way.


Kris was humming right by the window as she waited for her other body’s arrival. Just like Tina, Kris was also marked as a failure by the Church themselves and refused to give any concrete answers.

Kris meanwhile, already accepted the fact both her body was marked and was deemed useless, nevertheless she didn’t paid any heed to it and persistently moved on despite the fact that Kris’s Body was technically blind by birth.

Anyway. Just when the carriage was about to enter the village Kris went down her room again and waited in front of their house waiting for Tina to be dropped.

Soon after, the carriage arrived bringing the asleep Tina and Albert’s Uncle. “Hey little missy, your twin sister here fell asleep on the way. Mind taking care of her while I fix our things would you?” said the old man.

“Yes” answered Kris. Though Kris wasn’t as blessed as Tina in the physical section, she still had enough strength to carry Tina by herself. And before going inside of their house carrying Tina, Kris said goodbye to the old man.

“Thank you Uncle, and sorry for Tina’s blunders” Bowed Kris. “That’s fine. You’re still kids and have a lot to learn don’t worry about this kind of things. If so, then I would’ve spanked Tina a while ago” the Old man laughed.

“Goodbye” waved Kris. “Goodnight missy” Albert’s Uncle steered the horses went on his way.

After that, Tina woke up and then stood up like a marionette with its strings reattached again.

As of which, Tina and Kris is all but one being, A soul in two bodies. Her full name is KrisTina, a person other than the body’s own personalities.

Moving Tina’s body, She went inside and greeted her mother and with everyone else in the room. The night passed peacefully, but lurking behind the shadows was an entity not to be expected.



Well that went peacefully as planned. I hope I didn’t skip the necessary parts from the Original. I want to really skip everything and start that part already, I’m itching to write it.

Kris: did you change me?”
Tina: I’m not such an irresponsible kid aren’t i?
Author: Both, Both are yes.

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