Chapter: 9 Lets go somewhere else
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Chapter: 9 Lets go somewhere else

I seriously don’t have any idea what to write other than continue what’s on mind and adding, anything but making the story boring.


“Where are we going then? Didn’t your mother warn us to stay at home?” Vivi warned KrisTina as she caught up to both of them with the others running behind her to catch up.

“It’s fine. Sister Abel is here, nothing bad will happen “ I began to say, pointing at our Big sister who was whistling as she walked with us without a care. Like popping a bubble, Abel’s attention was focused towards me with the sparkling eyes of a child.

“Is it me? Is it me?” She pointed to herself. Oh well, since she was the most oldest biologically in the group, excluding her childish behavior she was the most reliable here.
“Yes Big Sister, it’s you. Now can we rely on our Strong, and Brave Sister to protect us while we take a peek?” I tried to sugarcoat my words and convince her, since she is just that simple, I knew this action of mine would work.

“You know Mother would be very angry at me for helping you guys you know?” She said grumbling at herself.
“WE have candies!” I happily said with a big smile. Since she is such a sister-con, she loves me and she does all the things I order her too. I’m such a bad girl~

“I’m not a child, but I’d like to have some!” Yessu! I managed to convince her with the oldest trick in book, Fake promises! Hahaha! I already ate all the candies at home so no more for you!

“Tina is such a cheeky girl. Also, what do you mean by peeking?” Vivi asked whispering to my ears as closely as she could and covered her mouth as she spoke to me. So I replied back in the same manner.

“I want to see the commotion up close” and yeah, it is true that I want to see it up close. Although I could use it with Argen, a technique that bends magic perception and manipulate sight directly in a 3dimensional Dome made out of fibers made out of magic. 

The limit on this technique is that I can't extend my Area of perception for more than 10meters in a straight line. And other than that, the maximum area around me that I could create with it is just about 2meters in a Diameter.

“Well I could understand the urge to watch, But isn’t it dangerous?” Shesh Vivi don’t worry. Like I said, Abel is here so we wouldn’t have to worry much at all.

“I just want to say this but, Miss Abel how strong are you?” Albert asked.
“I’m Stronger than Dad!” She replied, showing off the muscles in her slim arms.
“You mean Mister Desmond? Oh that’s good to know then!” Oh well since this guy is such a fan of my father, he knows the scope of his strength, in some aspects but that’s all.

“We’re arriving” I talked with Kris’s body as I moved Argen and scanned the area ahead of us, Detail by Detail as much as I could.
“Already? Well I get why, but isn’t it too soon for us to arrive or did they fall back from the front lines?” Abel spoke. Oh finally something Sister Abel wouldn't normally say, something of literacy.

“By the way Kris, I haven’t asked this but How did you block those debris that came flying at us?” She asked giving off the same aura as mother. Yikes.
“It’s a skill of mine” I replied as if it was the most obvious to tell.
“hoh? So this kid already has skills this early in her age huh? Abel” a girl with pointy drill hair colored in yellow spoke to Sister Abel.  

She wore a military like Uniform tailored for agility and Accessibility as the designs would say. Anyway, Secondly a girl with long straight black hair came in following the yellow haired girl wearing some fancy robes and a big-ass long stick made out of silver and mainly wood as it seems.

“Is this your little sisters? Aren’t they cute? “ The black haired lady suddenly came closer to us. She spoke and gave a rub on my hair. Jeez don’t mess my hair up, I just combed it after the shockwave took place.

“My name is Sharon, Nice to meet you Sisters of Abel” the black haired lady said as she crouched down at chin height of mine to rub my cheeks.
“Stoph~ they will getshShoggy”
“Don’t worry it’s just a pinch. I haven’t felt this kind of softness ever since Krishna had grown up” She reminisced.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Kris. May I ask what your business is?” I tried to save my cheeks by talking with Kris’s body in a business like attitude which I got from talks I did as an intern in my last life a long time ago.

“Oh this one is polite. That's a little unexpected. Though somewhere in my heart I wished that there was someone Abel’s family that was normal and could speak like a proper human being” Sharon remarked as she grimaced as she turned to face Abel.

“Sorry kid but you see we were ordered to stand back in the back lines in case of an outbreak of the curse. “ The yellow haired girl said, Kaori explained.
“What is this ‘Curse’ that everyone keeps talking about anyway?” I asked since I don’t have any clue whatsoever.

“Didn’t Abel explain it to you guys? Jeez Abel your hopeless” Sharon said. Well I guess it is true, Abel came directly from the front lines and went home without saying anything. So I would have been surprised if she knew much about this.

“Nope. Not at all” Vivi said
“She didn’t” Albert also butted in and talked his thoughts
“Abel is horrible” and I topped it off with Kris.

“Guhh!? How can you guys be like that to me! I escorted you okay? Isn’t that fine already!” Abel with a teary eye disagreed and said her alibi.
“What do you mean escorted? Abel, Kids aren’t supposed to be outside” Kaori angrily said, whipping out a thin sword from her waist as if it was a belt.