Chapter 11
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“Which one do you want to wear today?”

In her hands, Mistress Lilith had two different dresses. One was bright pink and the other was a pure white, otherwise they were the exact same.

My eyes twitched a I stared at the two dresses. It was always white and pink, did her mistress forget that other colours existed?

At least these dresses were better than her usual maid outfit. Even though it had been a week and half since she started wearing it, it was still very humiliating. These dresses were at least normal outfits, albeit for a young girl. While the clothing was a little childish for herself, she wouldn’t be picky if she could get out of very that humiliating maid dress.

I pointed at the pink one and saw my mistress’ stern face warm up.

“Good choice, Kitty. White is much too boring. The pink looks so much better on you and goes so well with your hair.” She smiled as she threw away the white dress.

I continued to act obedient while she dressed me. Its not like I wanted to wear the pink one. But mistress loved the colour and I had to please her as much as possible. While she had punished me by locking me in chastity, I knew she was still angry with me.

Despite this, she still decided to bring me out today. This would be my first time leaving the castle since I ended up in this nightmare. When she had told me we would be going out today, I had almost jumped in joy. I could finally leave this hellhole, even if it was only for a day.

As far as I knew, most of the slaves in the castle never leaved until they died. They were slaves after all, and didn’t have the right to leave unless someone of sufficient standing gave them permission. It was odd that she would allow me to leave, especially when I was just a new slave. Even if I was her favoured pet, what would reason could she have for taking me out when she could have whenever she wanted at home? At first, I believed it was just another punishment for the events from yesterday. It wouldn’t be odd if it were except all she told me was we were going to an auction. She wouldn’t be selling me at an auction, I was her favourite slave!

Even if this trip was just more punishment, I was still happy in my heart. This could be my chance to escape! As long as I could get away from the mistress, it shouldn’t be impossible. She wasn’t omnipotent.

But those hopes were quickly crushed when the last piece of my apparel was brought out. It seemed she had already expected that I would pick the pink dress as the leash she chose was the exact same colour

She attached the leash to my collar and took the other end in her hand. “This is just so you don’t get lost, sweetie,” she said as she gave me a condescending pat on the head.

Like I would believe that explanation! She had already expected me to try to escape and wanted to completely crush any hopes of freedom. The more time I spent with her, the more I knew how my mistress thought. She didn’t just want me as her slave, she wanted to completely break me down into her mindless, obedient puppet.

I clenched my fists and gave her my best smile. “T-thank you for the leash, mistress. I love it.” Keep acting obedient and eventually she will let her guard down. This time, she would be watching me too closely, so I would just lead her into a false security.

But this trip would not be a complete loss for me. I knew absolutely nothing about this world except for what I had heard from gossip. I could learn plenty just from a visit to the auction.

After fixing my hair into cute pigtails, mistress grabbed me into her arms and held me in her embrace. Startled, I tried to squirm away but her grip was too firm. We weren’t doing that now, were we? Although I wouldn’t mind, I had just woke up! I did need some relief though…

But before I could think further, she began to carry me out the doors. Did she forget I could walk?

I looked at the floor of the carriage with my chin supported by my hands as I sat beside my mistress. No one else was in the carriage as she continued to tease me with her hands.

“Why are you sulking dear? Do you not like riding in the carriage? I was afraid teleporting might make you sick, its difficult to get used to the sensation. ” mistress said in a soft tone while stroking my back.

“C-can we maybe take a walk around?” I looked up at her with my most adorable expression. Maybe this perk would finally come in handy!

“Maybe another time, kitten. Its too dangerous. There are bad people that might hurt you if you aren’t careful.” Her voice was full of indulgence. Did she think I was a child? I had the body of an adult!

I could only pout and look away. Why did she even bring me out if I had to stay inside the carriage. She had even closed the curtains on the windows so my view of the world was blocked.

Suddenly, the carriage stopped and I fell forward before my mistress caught me.

“It seems we’ve arrived.” The demon lord opened the door and jumped out of the carriage. I felt a tug and neck and was pulled along by the leash. What kind of person uses a leash on a cat anyway?

In front of us was a large, stone building. Outside of the words ‘Black Lily Auction House’ in gold, the structure was rather plain and I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Looking around, I could see we were in an alley. The area around it was rather featureless as well, as most of the other buildings were old and run-down. This place did not look safe nor were there any other people in sight, but maybe this was some sort of secret auction.

As I was enthusiastically exploring my surroundings despite the presence of my leash, the door to the building opened and a goblin came out. He had most of the features I would expect from a goblin. The man was short, skinny and green, although he also had a pretty good looking face and wore a neat, black suit.

He bowed to us, more specifically towards my mistress and gave out a friendly smile. “Welcome Miss Demon Lord, this humble one is here to lead you to your room.”

“Lead on.”

With one arm around my waist and her other hand holding my leash, she lead me into the building. The handsome goblin escorted us up the stairs into a private room. The room was quite large and furnished with multiple couches, an expensively carved wooden table and chairs and even a bed. Through the window, I could see the auction stage as well as the seats full of all sorts of different people. As expected of a Demon Lord, my mistress was truly at the top.

“If you have need of anything Miss Demon Lord just ring the bell.”

Mistress Lilith nodded in response as she brought me towards one of the leather couches. The goblin gave a bow and shut the door as he left me alone with her. I wasn’t worried though, she wouldn’t do anything in such a public place.

But before I could sit down, she grabbed me and pulled me onto her lap.

“M-mistress!” I squeaked as she cuddled me in her arms.

“Mmm~ no need to worry. The glass is one way and the walls are all soundproof. We can do anything we want and no one will know,” she said as she bit my ear. So this was why she brought me along…

Searching for an escape, my eyes went to the window and I let out a sigh of relief as I saw the host make her way to the front. Her skin was bright red, and along with the horns and pointy tail, I could guess she was a succubus. The woman was wearing a skimpy black dress and gave off a sexy allure to the audience. Even I was starting to feel aroused, despite having spent the past week with beauties of all kinds.

“Welcome, everybody, to Eclipse’s 180th monthly Black Lily Auction! This will be our 150th year anniversary of hosting auctions and to repay you for your continuous support, we have gathered up plenty of exciting merchandise to sell today. My name is Bella and I will be your host for today.” A soothing and slightly flirtatious echoed around the auction room. While the voice was at a normal sound level, I could hear it clearly.

“As always, we have many exciting and valuable items available for purchase today.” She gestured to the servants to bring the first item to the stage.

But when the item appeared, my face fell. What kind of merchandise was this?

A cute bunny-eared girl was lead to the stage in nothing but some skimpy lingerie and a collar. She was beautiful, but also a little unkempt with her hands in chains and a lifeless expression on her face.

I wanted to hit myself. Why didn’t I realize it sooner? This was a slave auction!

Mistress Lilith wasn’t looking to sell me, was she?