Chapter 18
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A carriage was already waiting for me when Miss Elizabeth brought me outside. It was larger than the one we took to the auction and I also noticed the horses leading the carriage did not look like ordinary horses. They were pure black, with blood red eyes, and would tower over any ordinary horse.

I was a little scared to get near these demonic horses considering they could probably eat me whole, but I was reluctantly pushed forward by Miss Elizabeth.

“The mistress wants you to ride inside with her. Now go along dear and remember not to embarrass yourself.”

I carefully approached the carriage, shuffling forward to avoid the horses, and opened the door. But before I could step in, I looked up and froze at the people inside. I bit my tongue before I could gasp out loud and quickly turned my eyes to the ground, not daring to stare at any of the ladies.

What the hell was this?

It wasn’t my mistresses presence that surprised me but the other two woman also sitting in the carriage in the bench across from her. Especially the one sitting diagonally across from my mistress as she was someone I recognized before and hoped I would never meet again.

It was the vampire lady who sucked my blood.

I had only taken a quick glance at the other woman before I glued my eyes to the ground, but her presence was just as surprising. She was a succubus like Miss Elizabeth, with red skin, horns and a pointed tail, except she was likely even more beautiful, comparable to even the vampire and my mistress.

But it wasn’t her beauty that surprised me, but the fact that she was almost naked. All she wore was skimpy black bikini that barely covered her massive chest and lower privates, as well as some black high heels on her feet. The rest of her red skin was completely uncovered.

Did she know we were going to a banquet?

"Kitty, come here." My mistress patted the open seat next to her. Her voice made me stiffen and I quickly shuffled over towards her direction slowly.

I sat down beside her, making sure to follow my etiquette lessons and kept my back straight and feet level on the ground. The dominant presence of these three women made it hard to breathe and I stared anxiously at the ground.

My suspicion was that they had a perk that made their aura so oppressive and dominant, but I hadn’t had time to look too much into it yet. The pressure I felt was certainly not normal, especially now when there were three of them.

I raised my head slightly to look at the two woman. They were definitely not ordinary people, and I could only assume they were most likely part of the demon knights that I had heard whispers about. I didn’t know how strong they were but the two woman probably weren’t that far away in strength from Mistress Lilith.

“Aww, isn’t she adorable. I can’t believe you’ve only had her for two weeks and she’s already so submissive. You must tell me about your training method!” The succubus exclaimed, her substantial chest bouncing up and down.

"Kitty, these two ladies are members of my demon knights." She pointed at the succubus. “She is Lady Juliette, the Passionate Knight. Out of all the girls in my harem, she has the largest breast size.” I glanced down at her chest subconsciously and felt that she was probably right, at least I hadn’t seen anyone bigger.

But why was her breast size important?

Her finger moved to the vampire. “This one is Commander Lucinda, the Dominant Knight. She is the strongest demon knight, second only to me in the harem, and is in charge of leading my armies and other tedious stuff like that. Oh, and her skills in bed are not bad.”

I looked at Commander Lucinda and couldn’t help but think her words might be a little off. This woman was as expressionless as a brick and cold as an iceberg, how could she be good in bed?

But thinking back to that time in her room, maybe her cold attitude was just a facade.

“That’s a big understatement. Sister Lucinda is the only one other than Lilith that can make even me be a bottom. The thing under her skirt is just so large and she knows exactly how to use it.That feeling when it enters and fills you up is so satisfying, you have to try it some time.” Lady Juliette said with a grin on her face as she stared at me, reminiscing of past experiences.

I shivered at her words. This succubus was a little too talkative.

Across from me, the vampire lady, Lucinda, moved her gaze to me. Her cold eyes staring all over my body made me shrink back, and I almost thought her lips twitched into a small smile.

“Its not her choice whether she wants to do it with others. She needs my permission,” my mistress said as she pulled me into her embrace. Her strong arms wrapped around me, holding very tight against my waist as she pressed me further into her soft chest.

“Wow you’re so protective of the girl. No wonder you brought her along, you probably didn’t want to see her get eaten up by the others,” Lady Juliette said. “But can’t we have a little taste? Its a long carriage ride after all.”

The banquet we were attending was held by the Demon Lord of Envy, who lived in the capitol of her own territory, and not in Mistress Lilith’s territory. Even if the two nations bordered each other, it would still take around two hours by carriage to arrive.

Fortunately, we would not have to ride home tonight, but instead we could stay overnight at the demon lord’s mansion. Mistress Lilith could use a teleportation spell to go there and come back, but that was only because she herself was a cheat, the rest of us did not have that ability. Teleporting over such a long distance could only be done by the strongest of magic users. At least, that was what I had been told when I asked if we could just teleport over.

I looked up at my mistress, my body still squished against her chest by her embrace. Now that I thought about it a little, why didn’t my mistress just teleport over by herself?

She glanced down and stared back at me, a small smirk appearing on her face. “Of course Kitty can give you a little service on the way, I’m not completely unreasonable.”

My face froze. Was she selling me out? I noticed her grin widen a little and felt her hand go up to the back of my head and begin to brush my hair.

“Of course, she first has to make sure I’m satisfied.”

My expression cracked. No wonder she made me her personal servant and brought me along to this banquet. Its also not surprising that she didn’t bother teleporting, she just wanted to spend some more time with her sextoy.

I felt her arms loosen around me as her hands slipped beneath my armpits to lift me up off her lap.

“Get on your knees and service me, kitten. After you’re done, you can also do the other girls,” she said as she lifted her skirt.

As I went to my knees, I glanced around at the three beauties all staring at me intently and felt a shiver go down my spine. I couldn’t even handle one, now I was stuck in carriage with three.

Unfortunately, with my [Obedient] perk, I had no choice but to obey.

I knew I should have run the moment I opened that carriage door…