200 – Hana Homura – [Meincraft] Exploring with my big sisters! (Part I)
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[Meincraft] Exploring with my big sisters!
Hana Homura Ch.
Live in 5 minutes
Friday, November 29, 2:00 PM JST
50K waiting

[killerwhale] *LOL. Looks like Hana doesn't trust her Big Sister Aoko.*
[uglyrat] How come I can see this exact situation happening? XD
[relevantdoggo] Hana is just standing there... menacingly.
[bubblypanda] Look at all the slimes!
[Alfis_OldChair] Alfi! That pickaxe is in the wrong hand!
[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.] Hana! Why am I running away in the thumbnail?!
[obnoxiousottor] *Not even in the stream and Queen is panicking.*

Live in 4 minutes.

[icyiguana] *Alfi looks so sorry for Aoko*
[puffypuppy] *That's because Aoko's a second away from a zenloss*
[fillerfish] So the Creeps have moved on to Aoko-chan, huh?
[eccentriceel] I'm in this picture and I love it.
[yellowmouse] So you're saying you're a creep?

Live in 3 minutes.

[OhanaDayoNe] OH GOD!
[failurefox] Run, Aoko-chan! Hana wants your torch!
[TieHen] Tags: Monsters, guro, incest, humiliation
[motherduck] Oi! Keep it PG!
[responsiblerabbit] Where are all the mods these days?

Live in 2 minutes.

[Poppy Gloria ✓] Good luck on your stream, girls! Kill 'em dead!
[supportingskunk] Our most reliable news source!
[nosylion] @Poppy Gloria ✓ Any news on John and Titor yet?
[timidtarantula] I think Hana's definitely going to be killing something...
[mouseymouse] Everyone looks so cute!
[naivenugget] *Is this server public?*

Live in 1 minute.

[GoldenOrca] So. Bets still up for Queen dying? And bingo still on?
[StraightGarbage] Obviously.
[Alfis_Knight] I would hope that you would respect your oshi more...
[Hana's_BigBro] Hana, no! Let her take the hits for you first!
[fishytuna] :sweat:
[uglyumpire] *This stream is going to be a hot mess... I can't wait!*

Waiting for Hana Homura Ch.

[excitedeagle] Let's go!
[GoldenOrca] 10K Queen dies when she logs in.
[StraightGarbage] Hah! I'll take those odds. 20K she doesn't and dies after finding diamond.

[Play Minecraft: Sweden - 8 Bit Lofi Hip Hop by Tad on]


"Oh god why!? I just logged in!"

[StraightGarbage - 20K yen] Dammit Queen! You're supposed to die later!
[openoctopus] www
[eagerbeaver] *LOL. I can tell how this is going to go.*
[nightfox] Sasuga, strongest imouto. Willing the thumbnail into existence.
[purpledinosaur] Where did they even spawn? This isn't a new world, right?
[yellowgiraffe] RIP Aoko-chan.

Hana's laughter echoed and then she said, "Aneue! I haven't even started the transition screen yet! How'd you die?!"

Alfi giggled and said, "Aoko-chan! You're supposed to run away from the Creep, not towards it!"

"What button is run?!"

"It's ctrl, Aoko-chan."

"Why the heck do I have to press four buttons to run?! What kind of game is this?"

"No, Aneue. Onee-chan means the control button!"

"Then why the hell didn't she say control?!"

"Huh? It's called control?"

Hana let out a deep sigh. "...Try not to die again, Aneue. And help keep her alive, Onee-chan."

"Will do, Hana!"

[suspicioussnake] This is going just like how I thought it would.
[trollfrog] Good luck, Alfi!
[jumpyturtle] So... Aoko's bad at games, huh?
[GoldenOrca] So this is why you've been avoiding game streams, huh Queen?

Hana laughed. "Don't make fun of Aneue too much, everyone. She might act up again to get attention. My big sis is a bit of a diva, you know?"

"I do not! And I am not!"

[schoolfish] So is this gang up on Aoko day?
[longeel] Where do I sign up?
[horndog] I feel like I've read something like this before...

A flurry of orange leaves filled the screen, and then the thumbnail vanished, replaced with a streaming layout.

A copy of the chat floated on the left side of the screen, messages kept in a fluffy white cloud. The game window was in the center of the screen, currently on the pause menu. And on the right side of the screen, there was Hana, Aoko, and Alfi in that order. Just like in the thumbnail... except that they weren't chibi.

Hana smiled and waved her hands. "Ohanayo! Thanks for coming, everyone!"

[gratefulgrouse] Thank you for streaming!
[wishingpenguin] Hope the practice is going well!
[FailureFox] *Don't break a leg, Queen! Wait until the concert!*
[GimpedGecko] *Yeah! Then you can break mine!*

Aoko glanced to the side, reading something. And then she rolled her eyes and said, "Stop it with your kinks, you bastards. And practice is going great, thank you very much."

Alfi giggled and said, "Don't mind her, everyone. Aoko-chan's just grumpy because she hasn't seen Betty in a while."

"I am not!" Aoko snapped and said, "And I have! For your information, she wanted to show me what she was up to and invited me for dinner yesterday."

Hana blinked and then looked at Aoko. "But Aneue... Didn't we have dinner together with Onee-chan? When did you have dinner with Eldest Sister?"

"...Okay, maybe it was a midnight snack."

[curiouscat] Oho?
[yummyquail] A midnight snack... With Betty?
[lewdlemur] Is Betty as sweet as she seems to be? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Aoko blushed and said, "Stop that! It's not like that!"

Alfi pulled out a cup from off to the side and took a sip. After that, she nodded and said, "That's right. Aoko-chan is too cool to be Betty's new toy. Betty likes cute things that squeak and break easy so she can fix them up afterwards."

Aoko froze.

Hana blinked.

[Alfis_Knight] A-Alfi-sama?
[killerorca] Wait... what?
[StraightGarbage] Kinky.

Alfi tilted her head. "...Did I say something wrong?"

Hana and Aoko looked at each other.

"A-Anyway," Hana said. "We're going to be doing some basic building today."

Aoko quickly nodded and said, "That's right. Deforestation, terraforming, genocide... the usual."


"What?" Aoko frowned and said, "You said we're chopping down trees, breaking mountains, and killing everything in sight for resources."

"Yes! But you don't have to put it like that!"

"But it's true, isn't it?"

Alfi nodded. "Papa always told me that telling the truth is better than telling a lie. Especially to a crowd of people." She paused and then placed her right index finger on her chin. "Though I think he also said that a tiny white lie might be just as good if it's women and you look handsome..."

[disappointingdeer] ...John's not a good father, is he?
[nervoustuna] :sweat:
[sweetsnake] *Hana! Please, don't let John corrupt his new kid!*
[prayingpanda] *Oh merciful heavens above. Let John's new child not be a son.*

Aoko rubbed her face. "Why am I not surprised at that guy's parenting...?"

"Hey!" Hana frowned and said, "Mister John is a great father!" She paused. "I think. I mean, Onee-chan and Eldest Sister turned out alright, didn't they?"

"...So. When are we playing the game, Sis?"

Hana blinked and said, "Oh right! We're playing Meincraft!"

[happywombat] *I mean, I don't mind just chatting.*
[kindzebra] Wait. Aren't Alfi and Aoko in-game?
[righteousraptor] I'm surprised Queen's still alive.

"Ah!" Alfi smiled and said, "Aoko-chan is alive because I'm defeating all of the monsters for her- Ooh, a glowing sword!"

[devoutturtle] ...Alfi's really a goddess, huh?
[pointypufferfish] *RNG confirmed Alfi simp.*
[supplesalmon] *You mean Meincraft confirmed Alfi simp.*
[HVG] *To be fair, who doesn't simp for Alfi?*

Hana laughed. "Onee-chan really is lovable, so I can see that." After saying that, she clicked the button to connect to the server.

Alfi blushed and said, "I-I'm not that lovable, Hana... Am I?"

[Alfis_Knight] YOU ARE!
[Alfis_OldChair] I'll love you even through ten thousand lifetimes!
[Alfis_Servant] *I don't care if Alfi's a robot and immortal! I'll fall in love again each time I get reborn!*
[SensibleSquirrel] *Whoa there. Calm down.*
[MisterVeggieTales] *I bow to no one except my God and my king!*

[Hana_Fan1] ...Alfi's fans are weird.
[OhanaDayoNe] Mmhm...
[Hana_Bro_101] It's good to know that there's always someone weirder out there.

[StraightGarbage] Hah. They're calling us weird.
[GoldenOrca] Are we not?
[AccomplishedArse] We might be weirdos, but we're *rich* weirdos.
[StraightGarbage] Says you. I'm busting my @$$ off here to pay Queen tribute.

"Gah." Aoko flinched and placed her hand over her heart. "How and why do you keep doing that?!"

"Hm?" Alfi turned to look at Aoko and said, "Doing what, Aoko-chan?" She tilted her head and said, "Did I say something wrong again?"

"Aaargh..." Aoko blushed and pointedly looked away from Alfi. "It must be in the genes. That bastard's flirting has gotta be genetic."

Alfi blinked.

Hana coughed and said, "Right. So Meincraft!"

[Hanas_BigBro] Nice segue, Hana!
[BetaXAoko4Eva] *No! But my ship!*
[Kiiro-chi✓] So Aoko confirmed Bi. Got it. Now to update my doujins...
[luckymouse] *gasp* Kiiro-chi?!
[hornysnake] @Kiiro-chi✓ When are you releasing your compilation of the Aoko Dom series?
[Kiiro-chi✓] @hornysnake I'll be busy soon, so maybe next year.

Hana's game finally finished connecting to the server. A soft *plop* echoed as her character spawned in. And then.

"E-Eh?! What happened here?!"

It was night time in the server. Despite that, it wasn't dark at all. And the reason for that...

A birch forest in the distance, blazing with fresh flames.

A grassy plain covered in fire with sheep and cows dying left and right, leaving behind cooked meat.

Random gouges in the ground, and Aoko's character standing in a trench with a stone shovel in hand.

And then there was Alfi's character in the background, setting off a ring of fire with a flint and steel.

[GoldenOrca] Dammit. Who had Alfi setting fire to the world?
[StraightGarbage] Hah! I told you! Cough up that 10K!
[MiserableMouse] Bingo! @GoldenOrca You owe me membership when they open!