Chapter 16: The Awkward Friends
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◆Sano Itsuki’s POV◆

Ever since Sano started going out with the popular school idol, he didn’t have much time to hang out with his fellow friends. After what had happened to them when they tried to interrogate Sano, especially to Maeda who Inoue tased. They got scared at Inoue, because of her odd and violent tendency whenever she gets separated from Sano. 

“I’m sorry, Itsuki-kun. Can please take lunch without me today? I wanna hang out with Miya-chan here today. I really wanna know more about her.” Inoue said to him, holding Hasegawa’s arm so as to not let her escape.

Hasegawa’s face turned pale and was sweating out cold sweats, her eyes showing a hint of asking for help when her gaze met with Sano. Sano only looked away, trying to act dense. 

Seeing that he is trying to avoid what was happening, Hasegawa looked at Sano with anger. Sano simply didn’t want to anger his lover.

“Ah, is that so? Well, have fun both of you.” Sano replied, completely avoiding eye contact with Hasegawa.

 “I’m sorry, Mi-chan. Your sacrifice will be remembered.”

“I’ll remember this, Itsuki. I’ll get you for thissss!!!!” Shouted Hasegawa inside her mind, as she was being dragged on by Inoue’s whim.

“And that’s how it is, guess I’ll be eating with you guys today.” Sano said, as he faced his friend's direction.

“Rare for Inoue Aimi herself to leave you alone for a day. Well, that’s great for us. We have yet to know just why she, the popular girl of the school would go out with you.” Akiyama said, continuing where they left off the last time their interrogation failed.

“Well for that question...I don’t really know myself, she just said that I was...different to others...Aimi just started asking me to go out with her out of nowhere....(forcefully though).” Sano replied, looking away from his friends' envious gazes.

Seeing his actions, they became very suspicious of his words. Maeda continuing with the conversation.

“You really hurts, how she easily attacked me with that taser.” Maeda’s eyes was showing both contempt and fear.

“I’m really sorry about that...but you guys are at fault for that, you guys really angered Aimi at that time.” Sano replied, feeling really sorry for his friends.

“Well true, I ain’t denying that. I’ll just let it slide.” Maeda spoke, changing his mood entirely. While he was still a little mad about it, he knew he was also wrong. Letting what happened to him slide.

Their conversations went on as they took their lunch together. All of Sano’s buddies asking him various questions what happened and how he got into a relationship with the school’s most popular girl.

As they were conversing, Maeda got into a long silence, thinking of something…

“....Ah! My condolences, my dear friend Sano-kun...” Maeda said, making Sano dumbfounded of what he meant with his words.

“Condolences for what…?” Sano asked curiously, as his friend made him peak his curiosity.

“...Your girlfriend, Inoue-san….she’s definitely a Yandere…” Maeda answered, quivering as he looked at Sano’s eyes, getting more afraid at what he just realized.

“””Eh?””” The three of them dumbfoundedly said in their voice. They were speechless at what Maeda just said.

“...Yeah, I guess that’s understandable. My condolences to you too, Sano.” Kimura added, agreeing with what Maeda just said.

“Yep, I agree to that too.” Akiyama said last, making Sano a bit annoyed at what his own friends just stated to him.

“Why the hell are you guys just agreeing by yourselves here!? That’s rude to Aimi!!! Well I can somewhat agree with Aimi being violent though!!” Sano tsukkomi’ed frantically to his friends.


Akiyama puts his hands on Sano’s shoulders, smiling at him and speaking in a very gentle manner, “Sano, just accept it. You garnered the attention and love of a Yandere.”

Those words and the annoying gentle smile of Akiyama just made Sano even more annoyed as he talked with them.

He now realized just how very annoying his own friends can be.