Chapter 43 – Anything For A Good Night’s Sleep
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"Well you see..." Soumis began explaining. 

"When I volunteered to be a part of the search force to get them, they seem to be well prepared as they scattered in different directions upon leaving, thus forcing us to only chase one at a time." He continued. "We looked and asked everyone that saw them, and after a while we managed to find a lead..." Then he's gone silent for a sec. 

"What happened next?" I asked to continue the story. 

"Uhm...yeah, then—" He looked disturbed for a bit before continuing on. "We eventually managed to see him and after a chase he was driven to a corner..." He gulps down. "We were supposed to get him by then but he..." He then holds his hand to his mouth and tries not to throw up. 

"...Eh?" I was surprised. "What happened next?" As I try to know what happened. 

"—Just remembering it..." And Soumis finally managed to secure his dinner and began to tell what happened next. 

In short, "He... Exploded." Specifically. "...On his crotch."


Needless to say we all had the exact same reaction. 


"Wait, in crotch you mean his dick?!"

"Why did his dick explode?!"

"You mean like it exploded, as in, it's gone now right?!?"

"He's a eunuch now..."

Although I was one of the few that didn't ask many of the ones that were questioning Soumis in a rapid fire action are mainly his girls; though overwhelmed at first Soumis managed to answer them all. 

"...Yes that's right, his entire crotch area exploded, leaving a gaping whole where his hips used to be..." Soumis continues. " least tried to interrogate him but the resulting shock and bloodloss of his gluteus maximus had him made frothing sounds as his last words before dying from all the blood and guts leaking out of his body..." Then Soumis bowed to everyone and that's the end of his explanation. 

""Wait—!"" Of course such a story could not end with just that without any questions now so they? 

While all of us, mainly the prostitutes, were questioning Soumis afterwards I, on the other hand was thinking a dangerous prospect. [If those guys were exploding. Then what could have happened to the girls if the manasite was still inside them...] I chill ran through my back. 

"Mori-nee?" Itia noticed that dread, "Oh sorry about that Itia." I pay her head. "I was just thinking that we managed to avoid a very dangerous arrow there when we removed them at that time." I told her, but it seems the girls at the back heard them to and... 


They quickly understand what I meant by it. 

It was silent for a moment but not before, "Clap! Alright everyone!' Marina brought her attention to us. 

"I'll be opening the bar soon so why don't we celebrate that we all managed to overcome this situation!" She shouted. "The treat's on me!"


"You meant it!"

"Thank you!" 

The girl's were surprised at first but couldn't hide their excitement of free drinks and some night food. 

Though, "...But we don't really look great right now." The one that broke the ice was Rudas. 

Followed by, "Yeah, we stink!" Visoko. 

Then the atmosphere had gone down and everyone's gloomy again, "T-that's alright—" But to save Marina some trouble. 

"I'll help you out." I casted an orb of water in my hand. "I don't mind taking a shower together." I said to them, [I want my long awaited bath now for a while.] I thought to myself, and... 

"""Yay!""" They all easily agreed. 

[Plus I can get bathe with all these beautiful girls.] Hey I didn't say my magic is free you know? 

"That settles it then!" Marina walked to us, "The five girls and you two parent and child would be taking a shower while we get ready to open okay?" It's a simple enough order so we immediately executed it. 

Of course since the girls were still just recently recovered I help their still quite weakened body to the bathroom. [Though there probably won't be any further ecchi stuff happening.] Unless if they're really horny I don't think they would want to put anything inside them right now. 

And just as I was helping one if the prostitutes to get up, "Hmm?" I can feel two hands grabbing my clothes from behind.

And when I looked, "Itia? Mary?" It's the two youngest ones in here. 

"I want to join in too Mori-san!"

"I want to clean your back Mori-nee!" 

They all want to join as well. 

"You shouldn't bother Morus-sama like that." Kumo objected to Itia's request. 

And, "You need to help out Maria!" Marina objected to Mary's request. 

"Sigh..." I couldn't really get into chatting with them right now so. "...Fine, but only if you can convince them." I said before continuing to carry the girl beside me. 

Although it might be mean to not help them like that but, "I'm sorry hun." "That's alright~" There's a girl that's quite feeble right now so I couldn't chat that much. 

[And I don't really think they'll get their respective approval right?]




"Over here Mori-san!"

"...Mmn Mary stop being so greedy!"

Dead wrong. 

[How did the two of them convince Marina and Kumo out of all people to come to this shower?!] For Kumo it's me and for Marina—

"Hyaa~! How'd your breast get even bigger this time!"

"Wow look at those two!"

"Jeez Rudas that ain't massaging my legs!"

"Huh? Is my body sliding up and down your feeble legs not enough for you?"

[This place is an hentai scene!] Of my own creation of course. 

This place used to be the lodging area where the girls were treated earlier. We would have used used the bathroom if not for how many we are bathing at once. And so with my magic I made a makeshift wall on the doors so no one could peek, made the room soundproof so no one could hear outside, and closed off the gaps in the room so water couldn't leak out except for one spot and finally,

"I wouldn't asked where you got this Morus but this thing is super convenient!" Polovina stood just under my magical item equivalent to a showerhead; a device where I put my mana and converts it into running water. 

"Yeah I travelled a lot before coming here so having that is essential." I answered. 

"Wow the place you came from must be super advance." She looks in wonder of the magical item. 

"Wow, I wanna hear more about your stories Mori—owie!" Mary tried to look at me but accidentally made her eyes come in contact of the shampoo-conditioner that I was washing her hair with. 

"Oh Mary go to the water and clean your eyes out." Itia breathe a sigh and help her guide to one of the magical shower heads. "Okie..." She obediently complied. 

"Oh kids..." I saw them off and as they were in the shower they were also naked, I feel indifferent towards it. [It reminds me of my own sisters back then.] I remember that when my mother can't move I was the one that washed them in the bathtub when they were little. [Those were good times.]

However, "Mori-sama can I request to wash your head as well?" Just the appearance of Gabril's holy spheres suddenly appearing in front of my face definitely made me react in a way that God definitely finds sinful. 

"Come here you, stop popping up everywhere!" I grabbed the two moons orbiting in my face and crash landed my hands on both of them! "Hyaa~! Mori-sama!" She reacted accordingly. 

However, since I knew her true nature as I pervert. "Sorry Gabril, I haven't really talked to you at all today." I said to her in a low voice, as to have her hear it. Still groping her though. "T-that's fine Morus-sama..." She answers while squirming.

"I wish to become your pleasure s-so please...!" And finally, "I am most happy if I am your pervert...!" Moans. 

[Then I have no choice but to quench this pervert's lewdness!] I thought like flipping a switch. 

"Sureee~~" My demonic side activated after all her moaning as I push her down the ground. "Lemme just have a taste—" But just as I was straddling on top of her. "Hyii~!" Something sensational crept on my back. 

"Your not the only one wanting to taste—" It's Polnyya, who's licking in-between my cheeks first before creeping her tongue up my spine, then. "Here you go!" She was the one that pushed ME down the ground. 

"P-Polnyya?! Why?!" She betrayed me! 

"Why?" She coyly answered. "Well in my decades serving men I also developed a proficient being a masseuse. And from my experience alone I never seen a woman who's always arching down like you do Morus." She said to me.

And I couldn't deny it. [Yikes, my mannerisms are still like that of a guy's.] It seems I'm still man on the insides. 

"It's bad to have a posture like that you know." And she's lecturing me now, I need to finish this. "I know, I know, it's a bad habit." I tell her. "So please, fix my back." And submitted to her whims. 

She looked at me, "You know~ not to be rude but you really do have the attitude of a man." It's about time she noticed. Sigh. 

Then I felt her own body on my back. "But that's also what made us all fall for you Morus." Laying her entire body weight on my back, she whispered that sweet things to my ear.

"..." I didn't answer. 

Why? [That actually made me blush.] Seeing a woman with a dynamite body like her on top of me and say something that innocent and romantic at the same time? The gap moe is too much and I actually didn't turn because my face is too red. 

"Hehe~" But she noticed. "My man tactics work wonders on you Morus." From her experience she knows what kind of reaction I'll solicit since I have the heart of a man! 

And so... "Everyone! Morus's body is really stiff right now from saving you all! Compensating by helping her out is the least you can do!" I actually prayed to my useless god Goodman for the first time. 

"W-what did you do?!" I got up on my knees after praying and looked at her with panic. 

"Don't you want this?" The cheeky milf Polnyya said to me with a wink. 

"Yeah but—ugh!" I knew I couldn't reason with a bombshell like her so I finally submitted to my fate. "They're crawling to you as we speak." And she hit the final stroke in my non-male body. 

"Fine!" I accepted my fate. But not before doing what I want to do with her for a while that is—"Umph!" I turn around, spread my legs, and sat on her fluffy breasts.

"Good girl~" She pats me, "But you know..." She whispered to my ears. "Besides your back the other reason I teased you is that you have such an exquisite ass. I couldn't help but feel jealous." She told in my ears. 

And now that she said it. "You're right..."

I remember back when I created Morus, I never really wanted to have big breast so I made the size big in real life, but not too big in terms of fantasy, though perky for sure. 

But my ass is the one I worked second most aside from my face. I worked hours in the creation menu making the perfect ass shape as possible. 

And now— "Yeah." I look at my arch and see the base. 

Then I looked at the swarming girls in front of me. [I'm ready!] I ready myself.



"Wow, they are having fun with Mori-san!"

"No Mary, you're too young."

"Too young?"

"Yup, too young, so we can only watch."


[Yup, although I can join I'll lose my confidence. But you, you are too young Mary.]

"Hey, how are you two?"

"...Rudas, right?"

"Yup! Wanna play?"




[She's one of us.]

Mary and Itia made a new friend.


Meanwhile in God's Realm. 

"Hm? That's new."

There's something different today. So he checks. 

"Rin—Morus sending me a prayer? That's new."

This is not only his first prayer from Morus but his first prayer from anyone at all. In fact this is his first prayer as a god named Goodman. 

"I am mildly excited for once." He opened the prayer. "Maybe I can even bless him—" Then he was interrupted by the prayer itself. 

"I am the protagonist! Why am I being the one being assaulted! I should be the one that "accidentally" molests my harem! This isn't how its suppose to work—!"

It's Morus, no; Rin, in his original male voice, saying that prayer.


Goodman prematurely turns off the prayer. 


It's the first time he felt this emotion. 

"What is my purpose being here?"



"Morus-sama? What has happened to you?" Kumo looks at me with genuine concern. 

"It isn't something to be concern about." I try to tell him off but it's only just barely working. 

[How many hickeys have they out on me!?] If I was a guy I would be labeled as a man slut! 

"I want to add my own mark as well..." I'll pretend I didn't hear that Itia.

All over my body are marks of the girls being a little bit too frisky on me and now I have to contend with everyone knowing that I like girls, [This isn't too bad actually.] As men might stop hitting on me as much. 

But we need to move to the topic at hand. "Why have you brought us here Mori-sama?" Gabril asks as she looks at the bar next room. 

They are almost done with preparation and may open at any time now, and here we are; here in the former treatment area and former showers, to which I put the magical shower heads back on my bag. This now empty room is where I put Itia, Kumo, and Gabril inside for an emergency meeting. 

[I know you want to join so I'll make this quick.] I breathe a sigh as I know this will be painful for me to say. 

"You three, this is a serious order." And just like that the jovial trio went into full gear mode, staring at me without any emotions. [This is so fucking painful.] I really don't want to do this but.. [Some people have just crossed the line.] And at our core, we are irregulars in this world, something that shouldn't exist but are. And we are fully capable of doing things that normally shouldn't happen. [I need to use this advantage or else people I care about in this world will be harmed.] Just like what happened to my girls, I own a part of them, and I need to take action when something that I own is hurt. 

I take a deep breath, fully putting the actions these three will be able to take with me. "Please, eliminate the four remaining worms that was still allowed to live in this world." I order them as machines. "I want most of them dead with a few be reported to the guards, but make sure they would rather choose death afterwards, as you use this to conceal your handy work as you give them in." I gave the three of them a health potion. 


"""Yes master."""

They spoke without a speck of their individuality. 

[I couldn't not stand this.] My heart sank deeper than I could imagine. 

"E-eh?" Kumo was surprised that I hugged him tightly. 

"Morus-sama—" Gabril as well. 

"Wait—" And Itia too. 

I gave the three of them one big hug. 

"Itia! Kumo! Gabril! Please listen!" I accidentally ordered them. "Not as your master, but as me, just Morus." But managed to avoid that. 

"Remember this you three, remember, you three are the most powerful beings beside me in this city right now. Capable of killing everybody without any resistance." I told them the truth. "You should be killing machines right now." The unfortunate truth. 

But, "I know you three more then that." I back off and look at everyone. 

[I must fight this truth.] I determine myself. 

I start at Itia first. "Itia, my little Itia." I grab her cheeks dearly. "You, although jealous of Mary you treat her as if you were her own sister. And I saw you talking with Rudas earlier as well." I back off and grabbed Kumo's cheeks next. 

"Kumo, although you are the most abrasive one and the most resistant to change. I realized that even you were capable of forming acquaintances via the girl with the messy hair, Petriska. Value that." And finally, Gabril. I wipe my eyes a bit as I go to her. 

"Gabril, although a pervert, I know you are the one that's always thinking of me. But you have also formed friendships with many of the prostitutes from the Nest." And I back off and look at the three of them as a whole. 

"I know that I am forcing myself onto you three once again. But this is my sincerest wish to you all." I look at them as my tears are about to fall. "You three are powerful, yes. If before I only thought of you as that, powerful and nothing else. But right now, you are much more than that." I'm actually tearing up. 

"You should value the bonds you have as much or more as your raw strength. You three have bonds and friendships that in my opinion are inseparable and be of importance..." While crying, I tell them what I truly feel. 

"You three are not just killing machines okay?! Not Kumo, not Itia, and not Gabril. You are people, people like the ones behind this room, people that have feelings, emotions, personality, friendships. Those are people." I continue. "Before I thought you three had none of that, but now." I smile and open the door to the next room. 

"Hey! You four! Come out here this instant!"

"Itia, let's play!"

"I wanna check your breast size Gabril!"

"Hey get some muscles Kumo!"

Then I close the door once more. "See?" I look at three of them, their face silent but twitching. [One more push.]

"Come here you three." I hug them once more. "To be honest you three are my family in this world, Itia you are bOb, Kumo you are Arin, and Gabril you are Kurumi...." My chest tightens. "...I-If I can't find them...t-then you three are the only memories I have of them l-left..." I teared up very much when I said them. I said before that I'll find them no matter what right? Why am I faltering now? 

"I-I guess..." I try to let go of them now but, 




They all called me in their own unique little way and hugged me back.

"We promise."

"That we'll."


"""That we'll make ourselves happy."""

They all spoke the same. But this time because of unity and not uniformity. 

I look at the three of them and they all seem to be tearing up just like me, and I never seen all of them cry like this before. [It seems I've gotten through their thick skulls.] If this were me I would have done the task alone and not let the three of them do it. But this time I fully trust they won't become what I feared.

I pull back and see their faces and posture all different from each other. "Alright." And I tell them of our mission again. "The reason why I ordered you three is because I trust you three will be able to do it." I have no doubt about that since the beginning. 

But the problem is. "Still though, remember, this is only an option in the most grave of circumstances when our enemies have crossed a line. Remember, they crossed a line when they did this to my girls and so they shall receive it." 

And remember. "Do not be someone that thinks all people have crossed the line." That is what I fear the most. 

Not the act of murder itself, but the act of murder without remorse, especially those that you've formed bonds with. I do not want to see the day these three killing someone that they had previous a previous bond with, without any feelings at all as if the bond doesn't even exist. That is what I don't want the three of them to become, at least feel guilt when killing a loved one. That way you are still a person inside. 


"Of course Mori-nee! That is just cruel!"

"That is not how Morus-sama conducts herself and so is a shameful display to act. As I strive to become as great as you."

"Wow~ now that is a more miserable existence then even mine.

I smile. [Even if I didn't say their names I know who each of them are.] I know I'm breaking the forth wall but shut up. 

I turn around and open the door. "Let's enjoy ourselves for now shall we?" I look at them. 


In this case the three of them were too excited to say anything more than that. 

Hey everyone! Yeah I thought I'd put the next part of the chapter here but the ending was just so perfect that it'd ruin the moment if I added anything more. So I apologize for another slow chapter plot wise. But I can't help it! I really love characters just talking like this, it's become a meme at this point but I just find them just talking to each other so much fun to write! 

But yeah, I think this chapter is now rivaling the chapter with Itia for being my favorite chapter post-hiatus. This one has both sweet, funny, and heartwarming moments but Itia chapter is just too darn cute! I couldn't help it so I might ask what's your favorite chapter, this one or with Itia? You can even say a different chapter but yeah, these two have the most feels so far XD I might even do a poll lol ;3

And also, this chapter, the heartwarming part, may even be fueled by my rant inside my head about most protagonist. Either they are totally pacifist or Kill Kill McEdgy. And in my opinion most people would act like Morus would, with their powers they could kill, sure, but she warns the three of them and shows compassion and make sure they don't end up all killing and stop. Showing compassion and hesitation from Morus like that is something that I don't really see in any other MC, (maybe they find it hard to write lol)  and just gravitate to the two archetypes above. End of tangent lol. 

Anyways I hope you like this and enjoy the chapter, arigatou!!! :D :) :D 

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