Chapter 12 – Merchants Unite!
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"Tis' my decree, the humanoid races of the elves, dwarfs, and beastkin are humanity's friends and allies." Is what Kurumi, the god of the humans, declared on her {Divine Link.} A very powerful transmission spell which sends that message to every believer she has. 

Me and Kurumi are friends under the table, so I fully support that notion. But she said that I'm also one of the reasons she sent that message. 

Initially, Kurumi was a human-only player that only helps humans, of course it's only roleplay but that is what the Endless History portray her as. She didn't outright hate the demihumans but didn't care much of them either. So she declared them to only be enemies if they attack first. 

But then, through the writers, and also partially me, a demihuman. The devs began writing the human NPCs that were not good to use Kurumi's name as a justification for enslaving the elves. To which then a subordinate player of hers turned rebel and started aiding the slave traders. Which eventually led to massive demihuman slave markets.

Of course when she heard about this, being the righteous person that she is, was enraged and set out to destroy each slave markets one by one with herself being the commander. 

The resulting rebellion turned up casualties on both sides as many humans betrayed Kurumi and joined the traitors. They used collars to control the elves' magic and made the rest of them meatshields, they used the dwarves'earth magic to erect walls and various beaskin made into slave warriors. I also took advantage of the situation to raid and conquer her country's coast but at the late stages of that war me and all of Flying Orcas agreed to send in reinforcements to help Kurumi quench the rebellion in secret. 

After that rebellion, Kurumi started trading more with the humanoid countries, with the term 'demihuman' becoming a derogatory word so humanoid was used in official exchanges, becoming official with the devs changing the character selection screen when you join in from demihuman to humanoid. 

She accepted the Avians, bird-people, as her own as thanks for their help in the rebellion to which they evolved into angels. 

But still she only trades with those that are firmly on the light side, so those that are neutral like me and those on the demon side are still enemies. But our skirmishes have grown less thanks to the reinforcements I sent. 

But all in all, the humanoids are firmly Kurumi's allies. 

[So the fact that it's happening again gives me headaches.] I thought as seeing the exhausted look of my friend Kurumi in my head after the rebellion makes me rage inside. 

[I can't let them use your name again Kurumi, I can't let them use your name and your religion for their selfish means.] I thought as I open the door inside the Merchants Guild. 


A carriage was parked next to the great merchant guildhall, the centre of trade and commerce. 

With it's illustrious marble walls, fine statues and sculptures of the guilds named from it, the beautifully crafted roofs which was made from the hard, sturdy woods local to this region, with flags of the merchant companies and guilds flown above. Then finally the exquisite marble that came from this city's ancient ruins. This is definitely the fineness work of the merchant and artisan class, and rivals one of the great works in the nobles' district across the river. 

I stand in awe everytime I look at it, and my heart as a merchant flutters everytime the thought of that my family contributed to the construction of this magnificent work of art.

"Aiiiee~!! It's Myidari-sama" "I wonder what are they doing here at this time?" "I wonder when I can get to call him sir~" The ladies passingby noticed our presence and immediately started talking to one another. 

[We're doing our jobs...] I sigh in disbelief to their reaction. 

But it seems one of my associates notice my sigh and began scratching his old beard, "Ho ho ho they're right you know? We should at least celebrate the fact you've become my son-in-law now." He says while giggling maniacally like the women earlier. 

"Shut it old man, we're still merchants first and foremost so we cannot stay home and spend our time for celebrations while our rivals are in there making money and hurting our reputations." I said while snickering him down. [Has that sharp wit you have lost within you in age old man?] In truth I was the one that studied under him while I was just beginning to learn the craft, but now... 

"Don't look at me with pity Myidari, I'm just enjoying my life more now that I'm in the twilight of my years, you'll understand when you get to my age." He says while giving me the sharp look he has back in his prime. [Nevermind...] It seems I still got years ahead of me to surpass him. 

We chatted our way as we walk by this structures beautifully erected wall, with the wooden arches and planks mix with the ancient marble pillars mix the old style with the new. 

"Then you should think of who'll be inheriting your wealth then hihihie..." The one who made that brutish laugh is my now step-brother. "Oh shut it you piglet son! Like hell the great Molsch will give my wealth to the likes of you, Chelskivek! It's like cutting ham from a pig!" And it seems their relationship even worst than mine is with him. "Well I'll just wait till your body's in the dirt Molsch!" Enough so that he won't even call him father. 

[You two are father and son for god's sake...] Everyday I'm thinking more and more that their excessive greed is the only thing keeping them from ripping their family apart. 

"Sigh... But still Myidari, it will hurt our reputation if we don't celebrate this momentous occasion...." But aside from that, Chelskivek is the most self aware and etiquette minded out of all of us. "You aren't chosen as the family head without reason you know?" He says, sighing repeatedly.

"It's because you're fat! That's why our family name is at the bottom!" Molsch interjected again. "I know that so that's why I didn't make a fuss about him becoming the head!" He shouted back, the two of them arguing once more.

His talent in familial relations and keeping up with appearances is something that even his father couldn't ignore. As even right now with the extra cash from the dowry he still wore modest clothing fitting for our position. 

We open the entrance of the merchant guildhall, passing by the waitress greeting us while we walk and talk across the halls of this magnificent building. 

"...How about a night party then...?" A forth one joins the fray. 

But I let him join in. "That might be a good idea Tremann... Yes alright, let's set it up later then. You're using more and more of your brain nowadays you know." My real brother Tremann. He's always been the musclehead between the two of us so he's acting as the bodyguard, but... "Thank you brother, I'll be learning from you as well." He also quit the royal knights to join the family business. 

"Well keep honing that keen senses of yours to our products." He's a musclehead so I never thought about him becoming a merchant until recently. 

He nodded. [Well it's good that he doesn't talk much.] My brother is what you call dumb to lack a better word. But at least he knows that he's dumb so he doesn't say his thoughts much to avoid embarrassment.

But then Clap! "Hiieehh...!!? Tremann what are you doing?!" Chelskivek shouted. Shock by the fact that Tremann burly arms almost squash his face. "There's a fly on your head, so I caught it. You see?" He then shows the squash bug on his palm, to which Molsch took advantage of of course. "Hahaha..!! A pig indeed!" To mock his son. 

But at this point I didn't bother with those two, but more importantly. [Those senses are terrifying...] Unlike Chelskivek's self-awareness, Tremann's ability of noticing things from others is what caught me off guard. He might have that talent when we were children but it was most definitely enhance during his military training. [If he's to translate that into business then...] I first noticed that ability when I drop some gold coins and he managed to tell the difference in weight just from the impact alone and discerning that one of them is a fake. 

I shiver at that thought everytime. [Well it's my job guide these three idiots into use.] I thought as I take a glance at them once again. 

"Huh?! You want harlots in the party! I knew you were a pig!"

"I'm not a stereotype father!"

"...I want booze."

[...Ignoring their faults, they're still family.] I thought. The ignorant but experienced step-father Molsch, the ugly but courteous step-brother Chelskivek, and the dumb but talented brother Tremann.

And me, the young and inexperienced family head Myidari. 

[As the only sane one here I need to straighten them up.] I thought before sighing. Fixing Molsch and Chelskivek's relationship and making Tremann less aloof is gonna be a herculean task. 

But with our two families, my Kaorfarnnein and their Kupechesk conjoining into one. Our ambitions are infinite. 

As we walk by the halls, looking over the paintings of the rich history of famous merchants in this city, especially the one with my ancestor's name on it, while passing by the doors in which trade is conducted. We reach the double-doors of the reception area. 

But before that I join in to the three's conversation again. 

"Sigh... We can't hire those demihumans huh?" Said Chelskivek, snickering at them. 

"Yeah those Kurumist are starting to get really out of hand." Is what Molsch responded, agreeing with what his son said for the first time. 

"...Those guys have been causing ruckus even back at the capital." Is what the usual silent Tremann said. 

"Shh... Let's rant about them back in the mansion okay?" I said, warning them of the consequences. While looking around to see if there's any wearing the halo. 

[What is the Marquis even doing to stop them?] They have been harassing the Guilds and Merchants, bribing the nobles, and discriminating the demihumans living here. As a foreign religion acting like they own the place we that are proud of this city's pantheon of gods, they disgust me honestly. 

"...But there isn't really such a convenient thing as a person to stop them." I mutter. As I laugh to myself. 

I open the double-doors. [There's no hero now. There isn't a single person in this whole city to fight them on—] But the thought was interrupted by the familiar voice of this building's receptionist.

"Myidari-sama!" She shouted across the room. "You have an appointment with someone!" She scream to the whole room, getting notice by the other merchants.

The receptionist walks quickly towards us and bows her head. But the thing that surprised me the most is. 

[Who's that person?] I thought, as I take a close look at the person behind her. 

She has long, flowing ink black hair, reaching her back as she wears a rogue-like outfit. But upon a closer inspection the clothes that she has screams of high quality-made materials. The leather is so black it's almost mistaken as black wool. The weaving is complex and complicated, even the stitches are intricately woven in a beautiful pattern.

Plus, [What gorgeous eyes.] A fiery red with royal purple eyes. I stare at those eyes, almost enchanted, but look aback as her whole face can be described as a grey, sinister, almost bewitching cold beauty.

[Who is she?] I wonder. As I look behind me and see that hey are also in awe. 


"A Gold and Jewelry merchant?" The receptionist asked in response, as she looks down the brown paper and look for names. 

Before I go inside I have told Mary to not go with me inside since I'm gonna be talking about some important businesses that I don't want her to get involved in, to which she luckily said there's someone she knows in the area and decided to play with them.

I asked for these two specific merchants since those are the items I'm gonna be selling them. 

"You're in luck!" The receptionist said as she happily looks at me. "The two merchant which trades those products have conjoined into one family." She explained. 

[Is this my lucky day or fate?] I thought to myself. As the two merchants I'm looking for is now one family. [Well their products are pretty similar so I guess it's not that much of a surprise.] I conclusively thought. 

The two merchant families that she told me about are the gold merchant Kaorfarnnein family and the jewel merchant Kupechesk family. 

From what she told me the two families agreed to become one for pragmatic and financial reasons, as the Kupechesk agreed to marry their first daughter to the young heir of the Kaorfarnnein family. To which the first son of the Kupechesk family seemingly agreed and supported the decision, so the transition had gone smoothly. 

I ask to her why she knows so much but just said that news travels fast between merchants. 

She said I was lucky that they don't have any meetings right now since they are currently being beset by letters of congratulations from other merchants.

And so, just as she was writing down the appointment. "Oh!" She suddenly scream, as she looks  what's beside me, I look behind as well to see four people on the entrance. 

"It's them, please follow me." She said as she quickly calls for another girl and leaves her post. 

[That easily?!] I thought, thinking no way I got them this easily. 

But it's the truth, I follow behind the receptionist as she greets the man in front of the four.

As there were so many at once, I couldn't get a good look at all of them so the best I could do is generalize them to as; handsome man, tall man, fat man, and old man. 

"Well I'll be guiding you to your seats now so please follow me." The receptionist says. 

"Sure." I agree. 

As we walk together the handsome man is the one that introduced themselves to me as the representative. "Well I'll go first, my name is Myidari. The current head." He nods to me slightly before looking at his family. 

[Myidari huh...] I thought, as he reminds of the young trainees the company used to assign me with. I have a weird reaction. 

"This tallish figure is my brother Tremann." His hands go to the towering man, which he just says a simple, "Hello." Myidari sighs but gets back on his composure. 

"Hello as well." I respond. To which he nods again. [He kinda reminds me of myself when I don't drink any coffee.] I giggled unintentionally, to which he became flustered.

Then he looks at the last two. "These two gentlemen are my step brother and father respectively, Molsch and Chelskivek." The old and fat man each reply immediately. "He's not my son!" "Father! We're negotiating right now!" Then they bicker at each other. 

"..." Now I have nothing to respond. [They do remind me of the fights me and my sisters had as a teen but we never showed it in public.] They have zero relativity. 

Myidari quickly squints his eyes and looks at me like the arguing behind him didn't exist. "Since our two families joined we call ourselves the Kaorfarnnein-Kupechesk family for now." He pauses before looking at me again. 

"Well then ma'am, what's your name?" He ask me. 

I immediately reply. "My name's Morus, a traveller that recently came to this city." I said casually. 

Then they stop for a moment, the old and fat men's arguments stop and look at me with serious faces. "...A traveller?" "Not another merchant?" "What could she be selling us?" The three of them voice their opinions, even the tall Tremann spoke. 

But the one silent most of all was Myidari, before he got his composure back and look straight at me. "Look missy, let's make this quick. I dunno what business you have with us but I trust that receptionist's judgement so I will agree with this for now." He pauses. "But if you show us nothing less than excellent I will ask you to be kicked out and complain to the guild master for wasting our time." He explains. With the three behind him similarly agreeing as well. 

But the women that was threaten with her job, the receptionist was unfaze as she shows us our room.

It's not only cause she's a professional, but I showed her an example of my goods. 

"Sure." I look at him unfaze as well. 


"T-this is... Beyond excellent..." My eyes bloodshot at the sight of the literal gem in front of me. 

Or rather, a golden gem. [W-what craftsmanship...!] It's a brooch, but it's much more than that. It's a golden dragon holding onto a red gem, swirling around it and protecting it with it's gaping mouth. 

[H-how much is this actually worth?] I wonder. This brooch that can fit on my finger tips, if I look closer each of the dragon's scales have been selective cut into a refine shape, each spine made into a unique forms as to give a sense of movement. The head, the teeth, the tongue, the way it's holding onto the gem with its slender body. Every single part of this work is flawless, no half-assery in here whatsoever. 

Although it's a small thing, that is what's most impressive about it. The precision and accuracy and the way you need to be ultra careful in hitting those tough-to-hit spots and just enough power to not break it, the skill and the patience. Even as someone who admittedly never look closely into the production of my goods, even I knew the skill this has to take. [Is this the work of dwarves?] Is the only answer I could come up with. This level of quality is something that no human could made, and I say that as a gold trader that specializes in this sort of thing. 

I took a deep breath and put back down the masterpiece of a masterpiece. If it was just this I would have gladly hired you or made you a trade partner but...

"...Oh! Oh?! This is.. What is this madness!" She has more. Molsch has almost gotten a heart attack and is just barely gripping to his sanity as he practically rubs his face on a ring with a snake and a giant high quality emerald attached.

"...Hiiiuuueee... What an electrifying smell..." Chelskivek is spraying his palms on a perfume bottle before closing it and immediately smelling it through his nose. Almost like a new kind of drug. 

"...This... Is pure gold..." Tremann meanwhile is grabbing and holding up and down a gold ingot and repeatedly muttering things like there's no impurities in it. 

"U...uhm... What do you think...?" While the woman in front of us, Morus, is looking at us with a blank face. 

[This woman... She made us merchants instantly frolic beneath her feet....] I thought in self defeat. My pride as a merchant slowly being eroded by her presence. 

I made a deep sigh again. Looking at her, "So... What do you want us to do with these?" I ask her with a low voice. 

When I said the words I did back earlier when we're outside this room, I wanna punch that past me right then and there. [Oh god...] We merchants are usually dismissive to the likes of her, a wandering traveller, since the products they show aren't worth any value to us. Plus we're usually very busy talking to each other so we treat the likes of her with disdain. 

But now I question that very notion. [No! She's an irregularity upon an irregularity...] She brought us items that even a king would be mad to get their hands on, multiple of them perhaps, as she's not even fazed with there presence. [She must have more of these if she's willing to give them out.] I thought. It seems that her story of her being a faraway noble that I first thought as a joke is not entirely false after all. 

"Well trade them of course, duh." The woman, Morus, said causally like it's the most regular thing. 

I was taken aback for a moment but, [I must stay vigilant.] I determined myself. 

I take a look at each of my family. The Kupechesks and the Kaorfarnneins, and look at the woman with the same thought as them. 

[ [ [ [Who could she be?] ] ] ]

Hey guys! Me here! Sorry I just publish this today and I'm sorry that the story extended a bit. It took a lot longer on the merchant pov than I thought it be XD but I hope you guys will be nice to this new characters, I realized that they won't be interesting characters right away so I decided to use the my best character interaction skills to make them bounce off one another and be of help by their strength as the "merchants" so they would be interesting as one whole unit. Then making individual stories for them in the future ^^ so yeah, be nice to these guys lol and good bye bye!