Chapter 21 – Royal Encounter
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Me, Kumo and Itia continue to walk around this glistening street of the Nobles' District, looking for any place for us to seat down and talk about our plans in the future. 

[But this place is like another country almost.] I look all around to see the contrast this has towards the busy streets of the Commons' District.

The materials are marble and stone that are polished and organized, highly decorated and colored with red, blue, and yellow colors. Frescos of swirls flowers and angels embellishing the walls and columns with horizontal lines with shape patterns holding onto the entablatures of these buildings, within wall sculptures of scenes can be seen plastered onto them. 

The roads and surroundings are clean as well, with paved cobblestone roads with stretching throughout and thin pillars with small lamps scattered about next to the streets. 

Unlike the marketplace earlier this District mostly is filled with specialized shops and dedicated stores. 

This place of space and openness is definitely different from the tight closed corridors of the Commons' district of earlier. 

The people are definitely different as well. From their dresses to their way of movement, they're definitely more wealthy than the humans earlier. 

[This place is definitely a treasure trove of information.] I happily thought as I report these to Morus-sama. 

Speaking of people... "Fufu..." Gabril is eavesdropping on a conversation between two finely dressed women walking towards us. 

"Have you hear? One of your candidates has actually had an affair with a maid."

"Hmm really, well I guess he's out of my list."

[There's someone listening to you.] I thought with amusement. 

The two women are discussing things irrelevant to me as I look at the angel spying on them, but they too noticed me looking in their direction as well.



They were left speechless as we are about to cross in each others path. 


But it seems we were too close. "I'm sorry madams for blocking your way, please." I said with a sly smile. 

It seems they stopped for a moment and our shoulders has met up while crossing paths.

[I heard butlers are very courteous.] I thought to myself as I now my head and give them the path.


"..Why thank you..."

The two flamboyantly dressed ladies quickly nod their heads and scuttle away while holding up their skirts. 

[Humans are so gullible.] I thought as I see them swinging their hips as they whisper amongst themselves. 

But, "Hmph!" One girl isn't happy with the transaction. 

"You shouldn't lower your heads to humans!" It's Itia, hugging my hands tightly as she walks faster making me stumble a bit.

Of course Gabril notice this, "Ho ho hoo... Is someone a bit jealous?" And took full advantage of it. 

"I am not!" Itia denies it while hugging me even tighter. 

"Hehe don't worry Kumo just like em more mature." Gabril teases as she holds on to her breast.

"Get those things away from me..." Itia tries to hold her words.

[In the end you will lose this fight Itia.] After all Gabril's invisible and your not, so you look like the weird one over here. [The humans will notice your behavior sooner rather than later.] I thought as I look around and see many humans staring at our direction. 

"So Itia..." I start to have a conversation to hide Itia's weird behavior. 

And all three of us talk until we find a place to rest. 


Gabril tried to check out the two girls a bit before coming back. 

"Kyaah~! He's so handsome!" 

"I know right!" I said to my friend. "It wouldn't be strange if he's a prince!" She says as she squirms like a worm.

I nodded in agreement. "Yeah but it seems even his hair is of the right color as well!" I agree with my friend's statement. 

I nudge in closer to her. "Don't you think that..." But she knew what I have to say. "No girl! His hair may look yellow but it's clearly orange!" She said in response. 

I nodded as well. "...Yeah..." I pause. "But he's so dreamy though~" I hold my cheeks red. 

"Yeah..." My friend also pauses. "Now I want him mine or at least give my chastity to him..." She holds onto her face close. "Now I understand the feeling of an affair..." She muttered.

I wonder in thought as well. [Wonder who he could be?] He has a long perfectly sculpted face with sharp eyes that glow as red as a rose, with glistening orange hair each strand neatly lined up, with manners and how he conducts himself is like that of princes of old. [I'm sure there will be a lot of competition...] I thought with a snicker, as I glance at my friend that's also a potential rival. 

She then looks at me, "I've never seen him before so he must be new to El Niño." She said. 

"Yeah..." I nodded to her as well. [There's also that girl he's with...] Although I didn't get a good look at her, her white skin and silver hair is definitely foreign in this place. She may still look like a child for now but in the next years she'll be the envy of all woman. "...Tsk." I made a sound with disappointment as I thought of that man already having her. 

"Oh prince you are already stolen!" My friend also cried out as she must have notice her as well. 

"Well even if he's a wealthy commoner his looks will be the gossip of the city very soon..." I mutter. 

But her cry attracted attention. "Hello." A man behind us suddenly called out, along with the sound of multiple metal clanking. "May I ask who this 'prince' is?" A voice told us. 

[Crap.] We got in trouble, as I look at my friend who immediately shut her mouth with her hands. 

[We're not friends anymore.] I thought with a snicker. 



"Here you go ma'am."

"Thank you." I gently grab the cup of coffee as the waitress smiles and bows before leaving. 

Right now we finally found a good area to rest upon, a small but quaint cafe located on the corner of a road. There's not much people here and plus we like coffee so me and Kumo decided to this'll be the perfect place to call our plans in the future.

"So first off, sip! what shall we do from now on?" I ask Kumo as I take a drink of the cup. 

"Hmm... It's obvious isn't it?" Kumo pause for a moment to savor the taste. "We must return Morus-sama to her former glory." He looks at me with a serious face. 

[That's right!] I nodded. 

"Morus-sama ruled the entire landmass of Atlantis and it's surroundings." Kumo pauses again as he reminisce those days. "So it is unacceptable for no one to know the Morus Sibylissa name." He concluded. 

I nodded yet again. [Of course.] Not just for our pride but Morus-sama is one of the most powerful beings, where no human across the world wouldn't know her name. [Even if it's the future it is preposterous that they do not know that name!] I thought deeply in my heart, as that name made me Itia.

"But how will we achieve that?" I ask Kumo now too. "I believe that Morus-sama explicitly stated that we shouldn't take anything by force and act discreet so we could imitate the humans." I said to him with a burrow in my eyebrows. 

"Isn't it obvious Itia?" Kumo made a grin as he looks to see the scenery outside of this cafe. "We will just have to raise our status in this world as well." He confidently said as the breeze of the wind is flowing through him. 

I smile at the words Kumo said, "You mean like nobles?" I ask him. 

To which Kumo looks back at me, "Yes, that too." He pauses. "Isn't it obvious Itia? What Morus-sama is doing right now?" He ask me. 

I giggle at him for a bit. "Of course." looking straight at him. "Morus-sama has already begun earning this world's wealth and not using the coins from back then, and the fact that Morus-sama has been making connections to human merchants is the best evidence for this." I knew of this information since Gabril reported to us as well. 

I took one last sip until the coffee is empty. "You think I wouldn't know of this already Kumo?" I said to him as I lay on my back against the chair. 

"Fufu... Of course I know, I'm just relaying the information that's all." Kumo made a dry laugh as he said that. 

"I'm not a kid you know?" I also look outside and see the stone buildings of the humans. "We have already used Morus-sama's likeness..." The gears have begun to turn. [I wonder where Morus-sama will take us?] Either way, we will follow her no matter what, there is no until for us servants. [...I like it to be fun though.] I thought as I blush a bit. 

Kumo smiles and looks outside with me as well. "Of course, this is the first step to make Morus-sama's name known to this world once again." He said to me in a calm manner, like anticipating for what's to come. 

[He must have realized it as well.] I thought. As from the words of Takaar and even the altars there is no mention of Morus-sama's name anywhere. Even though there are many divine beings that Morus-sama knew of that became gods in this world.  

[Well that's just something that we have to find out as well.] Morus-sama should be at least worshipped in this future world as well. "...Maybe we aren't looking enough..." I mutter. 

But it seems our talk in this cafe is now, "...Are you ordering another drink ma'am and sir?" The waitress of this cafe ask while bowing her head. 

"Oh we apologize for taking up this space." Kumo said as he quickly stands up. "Here is our payment." He goes to his pocket and leaves one large silcer Dracha on the table. 

I also stand up and leave as well as I look at the waitress staring at the coin with large eyes. "T-this is too m—" But she was interrupted by, "That is our tip for you, so please take the change." He said as he walks out of the door. 

[What a sly dog... Or spider?] I thought as I quickly follow Kumo suit, but not before looking at the woman with a gaping mouth and standing there like a statue before I close the door shut.


The sound of the cafe's doorbell made as we left. 

After we left me and Kumo are just standing next to the building talking in a little spot. 

"Where should we go now Kumo?" I ask. 

"Isn't it obvious?" Kumo said to me before he looks up.

I look as well and what do you know, it's a familiar sight. "I'm here~!" Gabril flew down fast with a salute. 

"Gabril, have you investigated the source?" Kumo ask Gabril. 

"Yup yup!" Gabril answer as she puts her hand up.

"Oh yeah..." I already knew what she's going to talk about. 

"The source of magic came from there!" Gabril pointed something as she flew over the cafe. 

[Magic...] When I stepped out of the carriage earlier I felt some mana floating around that didn't come from us or Morus-sama. Even though it feels like an insignificant amount for us to not even think of it back then, but in a place with no mana at all I could not help but notice it. 

[Which is why Kumo asked Gabril to check it out.] I thought. 

"When I checked it out it's a tower next to the this city's palace, so I eavesdrop a bit and found out that it's called the Mages Guild." Gabril said as she flown back to us. 

"Mages guild huh..." I look to the side of the side behind the cafe and what do you know, next to the palace there's an extra tall tower next or attached to it where I can feel an air of mana circulating. "What do you think?" I look at Kumo who's in contemplation right now. 

"Hmmm...." Kumo is in thought right now. 

While Kumo's busy right now. "Hey Itia-chan~" Gabril had filled up my void. 

"What is it perve—" I was about to talk like I usually do but yes Gabril is lazing around as usual her eyes tell another tale. 

"Imma ask a serious question this time~" Although her time's the same she's staring at me all this time. 

"...What is it?" I ask of her, since her behavior's so far is different than the standard Gabril that I know and not love. 

"Well you see..." Gabril floats closer to me. "Do you really not mind me being an angel Itia-chan?" She ask with the same dumb face but with the intent as serious as Kumo is. 

[I could not answer her like I usually do.] Being a.k.a pervert. "Well it is true I despise angels and anything related to the halo but..." I bit my lip for a bit. "You are created by Morus-sama herself." I said to her. "So you are a servant of Morus-sama and therefore a companion for us." I said honestly. 

But in my head. [Unlike us you are actually created by Morus-sama from hand.] Although I do not know much about her I know for a fact that she was created by hand by Morus-sama. Unlike us which she just found out in the world and became her servants that way. [You are actually closer to Morus-sama than to us.] I thought deep within my heart, with my pride not being able to accept it. 

[Every part of you is thought of by Morus-sama in her mind.] Your hair, body, eyes, mouth, wings, limbs, every being of Gabril came from her mind. 

I clutch my heart at that fact. [I'm so jealous of you.] Maybe that's why I hated you like I did. Since your perversion is a product of Morus-sama.

Seeing my face, "I-I'm sorry!!" Gabril bowed her whole body down to me. 

"What..." I look on with confusion. 

"I made you sad Itia-chan!" Gabril shouted while still on her knees. 

"N-no..." I try to help her get back up.

"Sorry sorry." But she keeps squirming not to stand up. 

[I need to tell her...] Gabril acted like this because of me, she needs to float up again. 

"Please don't apologize Gabril!" I shouted at her, "I-I'm sorry for being so selfish okay!" I continue to shout. 

To which her head stands up again. "...Selfish?" Gabril tilts her head as I see tears on her face. 

"Yes..." I pause. "We're Morus-sama's servants and yet we're acting like this..." I continue. "I just think that... You're lucky that's all." There, I said it. 

As I look at her again she has a face of wonderment. "No!" But she came back. "You're the lucky one Itia!" Gabril pauses. "You're the one that stayed with Morus-sama's side this whole time..." She continues as she clutches herself. "While I just entered her life willy nilly from Kurumi-sama..."

"I feel like I committed a big sin for my loyalty is with two masters and I... I..." She starts tearing up. "I was just so scared that it won't be enough and that you would hate me for it, that I don't have loyalty and be left aside..." She holds her face. "It's been aching at me all this time, which is why I di—" But that was the moment.

"No." It's Kumo to the rescue. 

"Kumo...?" Gabril looks at him. 

"You have already shown exemplary work ethic and devotion to very order that I and Morus-sama has given you." Kumo pauses, "In fact I was so confused at first as to why your will to work from my orders is the same as Morus-sama's orders, but now that I heard what you said...." He goes down and reaches for Gabril's hand. "Even if you have another master with you, the fact that Morus-sama created you means that you'll always be loyal to her and unless you did anything to harm her..." 

Kumo grabs Gabril's hand. "We will always be Morus-sama's servants." And pulls her out of the gutter. 

"...Jeez!" I can't just stand here and not speak so I did her the best fanservice. 

"Hyah~!" Gabril was surprised by my attack. 

"As a servant of Morus-sama don't you look so unsightly!" I said to her as I hug her waist tight. "Why did you say it right now if all times?" I said in a muffled voice as my face is on her lower back. 

"...It just bottled up inside me ya know..." Gabril said in a meek voice. 

"Jeez..." I said in response. [She smells good.] I avoided her attempts before but now that I'm touching her skin she smells like rose petals in a fluffy cloud. 

[But I really am selfish.] Not only did I hug her unwillingly but I also didn't consider her feelings as well, only mine. 

[She's far more human than me...] I unintentionally hug her tighter after that thought. 

[I guess I'll need to learn from her then...] I thought with determination as I unconsciously burrow my face on her silky back. 

"What are you doing Itia?" Kumo looks at me with confusion while. "Haaha...! That tickles!" Gabril has laugh again as she arches her back. 

"S-sorry!" I immediately pull back and clean up my face. 

"Ahem! So anyways....." I look at Gabril, to which she squirms again. "Oh yeah~ sorry everyone, I just really want that out of my head so yeah...." She grinds her legs. "My mind is a lot clearer now." She looks at me happily. 

"Of cour..." But it seems she's looking at me too happily. "Hehe~ but I don't want you to change your attitude Itia-chan~ I need to repent for having another master... Haahaa... and your cold stare at me like I'm some sort of a cheap whore makes me so....!!!" Then regular Gabril came back in a big way. 

"Innffeerrriioorrr...!! Auaaahhh...!!!" 

"..." She squirted right in front of me. I saw the exact moment as she lifted her skirt in front of me and rub and drill and put her fingers inside spreading her legs apart as I saw a splash of liquid coming out of the hole  before she fell her face into my feet with her tongue out. 

"P-pervert..!" I regretted ever caring about you! 


[Now it's back to normal.] I thought as I see the two of them having fun. 

Although I didn't see what Gabril had shown to Itia I don't really care about it so I move on from the two. 

The more pressing issue right now is, "Alright, we'll be checking out the Mages Guild now!" I said to them, but it seems that the two of them are more immersed in it than I thought. 

"Fucking dumb cunt!"

"Ahh~! Soowwrriee....!!!"

"Sigh..." I scratch and ruffle my hair as it seems it'll take a while for the two of them to listen to me. [You two do know that there's information on those towers you know?] I thought in regret.

"...Oh." As I tussle my hair I notice something. [My hair's gone back to blonde.] I thought when I take a look at the strand. It seems that the spell ended. 

"I guess I'll have to wait for Itia to calm down now to change it again." But still, [I wonder why Morus-sama said that I should change it's color.] I already have a girly human appearance so I think it's a bit unnecessary. [Oh well....] I'll obey every order. 

"Hey Itia!" Just as I try to call out her name. 

"Ye—" Itia  was about to go to me until... 


I saw something crashing to her side and they both fell to the ground, as I look at the source, it's a human. 

"Owie..." Itia hit on her bum. 

But more importantly. "Your Highness the Prince!" A person shouted. 

"""Prince...?""" Is what we all three of us said at once. 

The Prince.

Hey guys! Sorry for the wait, was sleepy and a bit unmotivated yesterday so I only finished today so yeah, here it is! Man I never thought that this would focus on Gabril at all, just the prince but I guess that's how it is then ^^

Anyways this should have been at the previous authors notes but Unicorn has been changed to Einhorn, why? I just like Einhorn better, I found unicorn to be a pretty stupid name, I mean what does a corn have to do with a horse? Food but there's already hay so yeah, Virgin Unicorn Vs Chad Einhorn :D

Tis a pretty long chapter 3222 in fact, than the other ones so yeah XD I hope you find a lot of character development in this one so yeah, bye bye guys and arigatou!!! ^^^^